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File 145299056897.jpg - (310.30KB , 1280x720 , dragons-dogma1.jpg )
57210 No. 57210 ID: 254d85
Anybody else pick up the PC release? It's running really smoothly for me and mouse controls feel fine. I've put in about five hours so far and it seems pretty cool, sort of a Japanese take on the Gothic/Risen style of EuroRPG.

Hot tip: Once you reach the first city a fast travel item is put into your stored inventory at the inn. The game doesn't tell you about this at all.
>> No. 57211 ID: 0ea1a5
Fucking Tremors: Medieval
>> No. 57212 ID: 06a0fb
bought it, havent had a chance to download it yet.
>> No. 57215 ID: 254d85
>Pawn gets knocked off of cliff
"Tis' a troublesome foe."
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