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No. 57220 ID: 095a2b
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>> No. 57221 ID: 90a126
File 145337983714.jpg - (25.64KB , 481x480 , Grand_0c8514_1519345.jpg )
I prefer GTA 5 in several ways though GTA 4 is fine too in other ways.

GTA 5 is of course prettier (you can now say no shit Sherlock), the gun play of the enhanced version is infinitely superior (better then some actual FPSs), the cars drive better, and the story is some ways more interesting then 4 tired revenge plot. The characters are far superior. 5 had three playable character that were all likable in their own ways, even relatable. 4 had three playable characters too (with the expansions) and only one was really likable and none were relatable.

To expand on a earlier point, the convoluted story of friends missing and thought dead but not, family life gone wrong, being fucked over by the feds, trying to make something of their self, and whatever Trevors story was about was better then the revenge, criminal underworld shenanigans, and cousin troubles that Nico had to deal with.

Speaking of cousins, no dealing with fucking anybody in 5. Going out drinking with buddies and shit wasn't mandatory to get the fucks to not hate you and they never actually called you up all COUSIN LETS GO BOWLING COUSIN LETS GET DRUNK TOGETHER COUSIN LETS PLAY SOME DARTS COUSIN COUSIN COUSIN or having to listen to Jacob speak some retarded foreign baby talk language.

The environment is better in 5, with it having some variety, and the customization of characters is moderately superior. speaking of environment, GTA 5 is alot more colorful whereas GTA 4 had a brown filter like most games of the time.

GTA 5 was also far more stable then GTA 4 at launch.

The main things GTA 4 has superior is ease of modding and doesn't need a supercomputer to run it. Modding for 4 was simple, for 5 you gotta do a bunch of bullshit to keep the servers from continuously overwriting altered files. Rockstar has a dick up their urethra against modding for 5.

Generally though GTA 5 is just an improved version of 4, updated for newer systems and shit but mostly builds on the same base. Even alot of the same assets were prettied up but carried over from 4.

And for the last time Roman, I don't want to go fucking bowling!
>> No. 57223 ID: ebb4ba
God damn that video is retarded.
>shoot random person in either leg
>still standing in GTA IV

>police chase on foot
>GTA V they're standing back in a somewhat cohesive line and using their guns
>GTA IV they're in a clusterfuck 10-100 feet away and shooting at their own men

>cloth awning can support 170lb man hanging on it

>man being dragged by car
>GTA V falls after a second or two of being dragged
>GTA IV thrashes around like a ragdoll for twice as long
>> No. 57224 ID: 095a2b
The environments in 5 looked prettier and were larger, but, most of it is empty deserts and fields and there are almost no buildings or interior areas to enter, even on properties you own. Compare that to 4; multiple safe houses, multiple bars and restaurants you can actually enter for mini games, the fast food restaurants were actually open and working, apartment buildings, stores, hospitals, laundromats, police stations, the infamous bowling alley...

Watch from 15:30 to the end of the video for example.

GTA 5 looks pretty but is like a theme park town, you can't enter anything except for a small handful of convenience stores. And only 1 strip club that looks terrible while 4 had what, three of em? R* update patches should just be a constant stream of updated interior areas and buildings to enter.
>> No. 57225 ID: 095a2b
And what's up with the ultra hostile AI in the GTA 5? Like it shows in the video, simply standing near NPC's will cause them to run away or start a fight with you. And the freakin cops simply just shoot if you look at them or greet them, literally. I forgot how much complex the cop AI was in 4, they actually escalate based on what you do, not start shooting for standing within 2ft of them.

And the police chases, man I forgot, they actually used to do the shit you see on TV trying to box you in or use a pit maneuver, in 5 like in the video they just ram your car from behind and that's it. WTF eh?

I wish we had some of those features back
>> No. 57227 ID: ebb4ba
The hostile AI is just stupid. If you act like a normal person the AI act normal. Holding a belt fed machine gun or deliberately walking into people is not normal behavior. If you knock someone over and say "Why hasn't someone shot you yet?" it's pretty realistic that they act hostile.
>> No. 57228 ID: 095a2b
Standing next to people on a subway platform and they all run away and one guy starts fighting you? Look at your phone near pedestrians and they cuss you out and punch you? Standing more than arms length from two cops for too long and they draw pistols and open fire?

Maybe LA is like this and I just had no idea!
>> No. 57233 ID: 3052f4
Rockstar isn't known for a good AI or physics system
>> No. 57240 ID: 7397cb
the LEO in gta5 are merely trolls.
Remember when the paramedics actually used to revive dead AI?
>> No. 57241 ID: 9eea57
That behaviour seems pretty standard for modern society.
>> No. 57255 ID: 095a2b
Yeah man, in 5 they all just run up and say the same thing 'looks like we're too late', stand for a bit, then drive away, every time.
>> No. 57326 ID: 4b75da
The thing I really hate about GTA V that is relevant here is that basically any damage to a pedestrian kills them. Even the taser is lethal, ridiculously enough.

Meanwhile, in GTA IV, you could shoot a cop until he fell and writhed in agony on the ground and sometimes they would actually get back up. I wish more games would have dynamic health of NPCs. Perhaps leave it so that a proper headshot is instant and guaranteed death, but let the NPCs absorb hits sometimes and struggle and adapt. Instead of a rifle bullet to the leg killing a guy, have him crawl and roll around while still being a threat.
>> No. 57328 ID: 095a2b
So true, GTA 4 was great for that. People would often 'wake up' after being knocked out if it wasn't from gunfire or an explosion, meanwhile in 5 you hit some one once and they basically die. I think the physics engine had alot to do with it too.

I hope R* sees this video and literally takes notes.
>> No. 57351 ID: 9eff3a
I remember when it was only on PS3/360, that the police would actually take quite a few shots to go down, and most of the time, would sit up and keep shooting, and another one, would come form behind a car/cover, and try to drag the injured one back...what ever happened to that after the next-gen/PC release? I never saw them do it after that.
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