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No. 57229 ID: 3d25a3
  Is anyone else still playing this?

finally unfucked my router, and have been playing mwo.

And jesus christ, and I doing well.

I just dropped into a CW attack with 8 of my fellow Steiner PUGs, and 3 random unit members. This was the song I played at the start. Glory ensued.

>3 pugs on other team
>the rest are in a pair of units
>it'ss not Jade Chicken trash either, but ghost bear and smoke jaguar
>fuck me
>drop in king crab
>pug in a helmet, 8 bit sunglasses, and glorious cameron star warhorn
>painted comstar white
>wander off to a blind, powerdown.
>at least one of our guys is all trial mechs
>fuck me
And now we wait.
>clanners get organized, hit us from two sides, we take losses first
>fucking SHEETS of LRM into their backs
>close in
>Timber Cunt-no big deal for an ac-40 KGC-000
>there's a highlander II-C with him
>fight of my career ensues
>desperately maneuver my giant fucking crab to protect my back from the timber wolf, and keep the highlander in my field of view
>I'm alone, against two of them
>fight long enough for my team to slaughter the 10 clanners that are brawling
>lose my laser
>lose an AC-20
>well, no need to manage heat now
>blast the side torsos out on the timber wolf
>highlander is pissed off and i'm down 60% of my weapons and at 47% armor
>CT is orange
>He's an LRM nigger and a clanner
>charge the lrm fuckers on the next assault and die, mech is too fucked up to be viable

>drop again
>hellbringer and timberwolf LRMING my guys in the back
>from the same spot
>I'm in a crab
>50 tons of dual AMS, medium pulse laser, and memes
>rush the fuckers, get behind the hellbringer, PINCH HIS SHIT
>pinch the mad cats face off
>inform clan scum that all LRM boats will be pinched
We went on to completely stomp organized clanners with nothing but pugs.

My mission is now to pinch clanners until my CRB can grow into a big, strong king crab, just like The furry wrecker.
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>> No. 57230 ID: 06a0fb
havent felt like playing many games here recently. thanksgiving through new years is always the busiest time of year for me and I've jsut been wiped out.

I played a bit before christmas, whenever they dropped the MAD, but havent done much since.
>> No. 57231 ID: bdae0c

Is MWO hard to get started in?

I understood only parts of your green text in honesty.
>> No. 57234 ID: 0d5577
Not so much. I watched a few tutorial video by 'Critical Rocket' and I was G2G.

Most of these 2-3-4 letter words you will learn in 30 minutes. I would highly recommend to suffer through the trial mechs in the first 25 battles. After that you will have a general idea what you like to play and find a viable build for it here:
(You should read most of the articles here anyway.)

You won't be a special little snowflake with these builds, but at least you will not fuck away your starting money to something entirely useless and stop playing after 10 matches.
>> No. 57235 ID: 3d25a3

Plus, the trials right now are actually fairly good. There's usually at least 4 very solid mechs in that mix.

The game isn't hard ot figure out-
Standard engines are only killed by cockpit or center torso loss.
XL die to side or center torso.
clan xl is CT, OR both sides.

Blow a component off, and the guy loses any weapons mounted on it. Take a leg, he gets really slow, really fast.

Lasers have burn time, keep it on the part you want to damage, ans jerk your own mech around when being hit to spread it out.

LRMs do not do damage inside of 180 meters. They also require a lock to be held-they are not fire and forget, and if the other guy breaks lock, will simply fly to where lock was lost.

Clan LRMS do damage at all ranges, but not as much up close.

Clan machines-the little fucks I was so proud of stomping on-heavy lighter weapons with much better range.

More firepower, their XL engines are much tougher, better range, but they overheat fast.

PUGs are pickup gamers. People like me who just drop in and fight with no pre-planning at all.

The game really isn't hard to get into-I was getting kills in my first 20 matches.
>> No. 57236 ID: bdae0c

I have downloaded it and I am watching a couple videos, doing a little reading.

Could be fun but I'll have to see if it suits me.
>> No. 57237 ID: 06a0fb
just a note for picking a mech, lights are nightmare mode. Just because they are cheap does not mean they are easy. They are fucking GODs when you find one that clicks to your playstyle and can take the equipment you need.

Just be prepared to die a lot playing them until you get that chassis.
>> No. 57238 ID: 3d25a3
This. Take a heavy with a lot of energy hard points to start-energy is the best weapon type right now, and it's piss easy to use.

Heavies hit hard, are usually decently hard to kill, and can move if you want them to.

The Zeus is also a fun machine if you're deadest on assault weight. Mean, but still mobile.

Mediums are very dicey-They're fast enough to get into trouble, but not tough enough to survive it.
>> No. 57248 ID: 0d5577
Stick with your lance, even an assault mech will die alone very-very fast.

Most of the PUB matches are about getting into a good defensive position, free-kill the noobs charging your ranks, then flank(with your lance) the passive/timid enemies. After that, it is usually over.
>> No. 57252 ID: bdae0c
So I have be playing a few hours now, around 4 including menu time and dicking around. So a good handful on matches.

Played with assaults, heavy, medium and lights. Tried basically all of the trial mechs. Basically what both of you have been saying is true and been good advice.

Lights I am just not good enough to keep them moving and alive yet haha. They might be worth while if I get better at terrain use and orbiting cut off players.

Mediums are as waffle said, you can get into trouble you can't handle easily. I like the enforcer though with cannon and lasers. I have found that one of the trial mechs to be a very survivable set up.

Heavy mechs, specifically the Timber wolf, seem to be where I work best. Lots of damage dealt, survive rounds more often than not and can keep up with line of advance.

The assaults are fun as fuck but sort of situational the way I have used. I have done well enough in the trial ones like the atlas and king crab but I prefer the timber wolf heavy so far. Still though, really fun to play once you catch up and throw yourself into the fray.

Staying with the lance until things calm down seems to work very well alright, especially when I realised how much of a fool you can look with a light mech running around you taking chunks of you at will haha.
Also the ASM people saving you and that.

The pug matches are starting to play basically as you described messor.

All in all I'm actually enjoying it a good bit. Lots of pew pew, having to think of using the terrain (being in defilade during movement, placement of weapons on mech and whether they will hit the terrain or friendly), a bit of communication and squad level tactics.

I think I could get into this a bit. Need to spend all tasty noob bonus cash well so those links from before will be helpful. Probably a timberwolf with lasers all over the place or soemthing, like waffle suggested more or less.
>> No. 57257 ID: 06a0fb
Make use of the Smurfy Mechlab to prototype builds before spending you delicious Cbills

Or Li-Song Mechlab program for offline, on-desktop builds.

>Probably a timberwolf with lasers all over the place or soemthing, like waffle suggested more or less.

You're going to need to save for a while. Clan mechs make use of more advanced tech, beyond the IS industrial capabilities according to the lore, and as such cost quite a bit more than IS mechs.

A base Prime Timberwolf, the original build variant, is going to set you back 15,178,647 Cbills, before any upgraded equipment and loadout changes. After your first 25 matches earnings and cadet bonus, you might have 10,000,000 on a high and lucky outlier. That'd be enough to get you into lower-weight IS heavies, and you'd still be a mil off the cheapest Clan heavy, the Mad Dog/Vulture.

I'd really suggest the IS Black Knight as a cheaper option that's able to throw lasers like a champ while being within your initial budget constraints.
>> No. 57258 ID: 0d5577
Good to hear that. :)

I was able to buy a "maxed out"(weapon and cooling) Ebony Jaguar with the noob-bonus cash at the beginning.

But yeah, a Timber Wolf would be too much. If I can recall it correctly I had the money to buy it but would left me with nothing to spare. So that's why I got the EBJ.
>> No. 57259 ID: 06a0fb
Cadet bonus is only 7.9 something million. Without lucky, massive earnings in your first 25 matches or premium time, that'd still be 5 million short on the cheapest EBJ at 12 million something.

For a brand new player, that'd be a tall order without going another 50+ matches after the cadet bonus ends.
>> No. 57260 ID: bdae0c
File 145367923559.png - (3.81MB , 2560x1440 , 342200_2016-01-24_00001.png )
This was my 25th match I think. Probably my best so far, proud of my kills and damage inflicted.

That mech lab link is seriously handy for laying it all out. This shit is a little overwhelming on the face of it since I don't want to blow my cash on a shit build.


So I don't know if they have upped the cash or if I got lucky but my Cbills is at 22,101,284 currently.

I was getting cadet bonuses and that also I got 48 hours of premium time whatever that does (24 hours left).

I have 100 mech credits and 3793 of the experience points as well. What are these good for?

I am so lost but I must learn to enable myself to smash more mechs.
>> No. 57262 ID: 06a0fb
>So I don't know if they have upped the cash or if I got lucky but my Cbills is at 22,101,284 currently.

Jesus fuck. They have upped the earned cash. By a lot. I've been playing since mid-2014 and my TOTAL earnings that entire time, with only a month of Premium time spent back in August last year is 87 million C-bills, in 100 hours of total playtime. Fuck. It took me forever to grind out all my mechs under the old payout system.

Premium time is Pay-to-Win time. Massive earnings bonus, XP bonus for upgrades in the chassis and pilot skill tree, and placement preference in solo queue. Also, the ability to create private matches.

Mech Credits are like Gold or Lions or watever in World of Tanks, World of Warships, War Thunder. Pay real money for tokens, unlock Hero or Champion mechs, which can't be bought with in game currency and confer bonuses and have special weapons layouts. Also, mechs when introduced to the game are Pre-order for cash, then available to non-preorder players for MC, then for C-bills in game.

XP you spend in the Pilot Skill Tree, to activate passive bonuses on mechs, like increased turn rate on your torso, better heat dissipation, or on weapon upgrade parts like Medium Laser Range, AC/5 Cooldown, or special aprts like 360 Degree Target Retention. GXP is General XP, can be spent anywhere. Purple-named XP, or whatever color they've made it now, is chassis-only XP, and can only be spent on that variant for upgrades to it.
>> No. 57264 ID: 06a0fb
>Premium time is Pay-to-Win time. Massive earnings bonus, XP bonus for upgrades in the chassis and pilot skill tree, and placement preference in solo queue. Also, the ability to create private matches.

That doesnt explain it as well as I had hoped. You pay real cash for Premium time, in different increments. You can also get premium time by buying mech mastery packs, pre-ordering mechs, or earning it in challenges.

I should probably spend some of mine. I've got 6,000 hours banked from hero mechs and mech pre-orders.
>> No. 57266 ID: 06a0fb
Sorry for triple post. Is there any way to link to public profiles on MWO's site to link stats and shit?

I'll share mine, you can laugh or whatever. I don't care. Low tier-3, but I don't play enough to have maxxed my tier level yet. I've got like 70 matches in since the Tier system dropped. Pirhana says you need like 2500 matches recorded to normalize your tier to your actual skill level, according to the algorithm they're using. better than the old ELO fucktardistry.
>> No. 57268 ID: 3d25a3
I can't agree with this enough. I've absolutely wrecked clan heavies in a black knight.
>> No. 57269 ID: 3d25a3
Short video of me pissing all over a timberwolf in my black knight. New to this video shit, so you're missing about 30 seconds of me harrasing him at max LPL range to draw him in-and me ignoring him to shoot at that cunt with the gauss rifle.

That circle he tried for is textboof timberwolf tactics for a brawl.

It doesn't work on black knights.

Also, I virtually always recommend ripping their ST off. The loss of speed and firepower means you WILL win the duel-and even if you lose, the fucker is out of the fight.
>> No. 57270 ID: 7b3562
Yeah, like I said you can get a lot of money "nowadays". I bought the EBJ from my starting money right after I got the last noob money bonus.

I didn't played that much after that but I'm one PILOT TIER better than you start out.
Also, didn't played any Clan War yet. I was under the impression that I have to have a nice dropship setup to not yelled at for being a retard. But it turns out (>at least one of our guys is all trial mechs ) I was wrong. :D

Also, anybody playing it in EU?
>> No. 57276 ID: bdae0c
Nice little video, really highlights some of the subtle movement techniques and discriminate targeting, based on mech adversary, that I am missing yet.

So would you lads suggest taking my 23 mil and getting something more affordable like the black night and kitting it out with the surplus.

Or with that cash should I go for the dearer mech. Wish I could try out a blacknight, might look up more videos to get a full run down.

Clan or IS? Which is the way to go.


I am EU based but do you mean something else regarding clan war and the location other than servers ping?
I have just been pugging it up.
Fairly hooked now.
>> No. 57278 ID: 06a0fb
Clans are higher tech, harder hitting, more survivable but much more expensive and generally dicks. In the lore, they're vat-grown clone cousin fuckers.

IS is... Pretty much what you'd expect. Typical space faring bullshittery devolving into factional warfare and lost technological advances and stuff. But they AREN'T vat-grown clone cousin fuckers, so that makes them better. (also, they won the clan invasion in the tabletop lore, so, go with the winning side.)

In then end, its more a choice of your preference on lore badassery and mech styling preferences. Check out the Battletech Wiki for more in-depth info on mechs and factions:
>> No. 57279 ID: 06a0fb
Double posting again, sorry. Forgot to offer advice on the whole mech purchase question.

With 23 million you can kit out a pretty good MadCat and begin grinding out mech skills and stuff. This is where choosing cheaper mechs from the IS side might be an advantage though.

To move on to the second tier of the Mech Skill/Pilot Skill tree, you need to hit basic proficiency on three variants of the same chassis. That means if you want to get the mech skills maxed for T-Wolfs, you need to save up the 15+ million credits for another 2 variants as well.

Buying a BL-KNT is cheaper per chassis, leaving more money for weapons and upgrades like DHS, Endo or FerroFib armor, and engines. Then you still have money left to buy an entire other IS mech, or another BL-KNT, or whatever.

Both will serve you well, its more a matter of do you want to be able to try out more mechs besides the one you are grinding and the trial mechs, or is one mech for the moment ok? Oh, that's another thing. Aside from the Origins Clan mechs, Clan Mechs are locked to a single engine and you can't upgrade the speed at all unless you get to Tier 2 Proficiency and unlock Speed Tweak. Take that into consideration too. You're going to be travelling a lot slower in a Clan mech, generally, than IS mechs in your same weight class because they can switch engines at will.
>> No. 57280 ID: 3d25a3
They're winning now, too. Clan space is currently cut into isolated pockets, and i've been having a blast shitting on jade falcon players whenever I can.

IS mechs are ultimately more cusotmizable, and SOME of the weapons are actually better in practice.

As far as meta goes, clan mechs win.

If you're not going full meta, fuck clan mechs. Dicking with loadouts is the true joy of mechwarrior.

Buy an IS mech, poke around reddit/the forums/here, and buy different things as it strikes your fancy.

Bear in mind, i'm actually low tier. I'll see if I can upload me dueling a moron in an enforcer in my crab-equal weight and similar loadout-he lost because he didn't twist in between firing.

Some of what I did was correct, ish-part of the reason you see my torso turned so often during maneuvering is because I know there's a mech to that side, and i'm trying to throw my arms into his line of fire-the knights CT is huge, and all my firepower is in my side torsos.
>> No. 57308 ID: 3d25a3
Short video.
Should show just how fucking useful torso twisting is-I wlak out with my profile red, but no structure damage.

we have roughly the same firepower, but the other guy isn't twisting, so I can core him out faster than he he can kill me.
>> No. 57310 ID: bdae0c

I have finally started to get that reflex procedure into my skull. It's helped massively. Especially with waiting for cooling because I am sort of shit for managing my heat sink lacking mech.

I recorded a video of a match testing software and hardware. I was pleasantly surprised at the end of the round when I have a load of points, considering it was a mess at times.

I'll post it unlisted on youtube. Please excuse the laggy/juttery quality as my HDD is a touch too slow I think for recording. Enjoy my disgusting slideshow basically.
>> No. 57315 ID: 3d25a3
You may want to make a heat efficient weapon group, especially if you're brawling a lot.

Anytime i'm using LPLs, I set two to an independent group. Reason being that LPLs are super heat efficient for the damage they put out, so I know I can shoot them consistently and keep fighting
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