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File 145420201423.jpg - (496.87KB , 1920x1080 , fractured-space-corvette.jpg )
57318 No. 57318 ID: 5ad515
Fractured Space is free this weekend on Steam. I've been watching it for awhile and wasn't really sure what to expect, but I'm pleasantly surprised so far.

It has obvious parallels to games like World of Tanks/Armored Warfare, in its economy and ship progression (you grind different factions and gradually progress to new ships through that, as well as grinding better/alternate equipment on certain ships), and also some aspects of the gameplay (you have to swing your turret around, fight bloom, deal with guns with different effective ranges, balancing different armor values on each side of your ship, etc).

It also has certain aspects that feel similar to a MOBA, like the maps possessing different lanes, each team fighting for control of the enemies main base, and each ship possessing different unique abilities that are best used to synergize with other ships. For example, one ability on one of the starter ships is a dual purpose AOE heal and missile countermeasure that works really well at giving your "tank" a few seconds longer to live when under a particularly heavy barrage. There's also a "return to base to reequip" mechanic, though unlike most MOBAs, it boils down to choosing one attribute to increase every 3 levels, rather than a huge selection of individual pieces of gear (which would be weird for a spaceship game anyway).

The teams are also small (5v5 currently) which further stresses the necessity of proper teamwork and good positioning, similar to a MOBA.

It's pretty damn fun and the only complaint I can muster against it so far is that pretty much every match turns into a steamroll for one side or the other. But this is really a problem endemic to every MOBA-style game I've ever played, so I'm not really sure what the solution is.
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>> No. 57320 ID: a4acc8
What do you mean free???
>> No. 57322 ID: 5ad515

It's a Steam "free weekend" meaning you can install and play it without buying it until late Sunday/early Monday (depending on where you are in the world).
>> No. 57323 ID: 5ad515

Actually I rescind that, apparently if you join during the free weekend you get to keep the game. That's pretty neat, though considering the games economy is clearly modeled on other F2P titles (like WoT/AW) I imagine releasing it for free is just the next step in their development cycle.
>> No. 57330 ID: 33338c
File 145430888934.jpg - (208.98KB , 1280x768 , 304650_screenshots_2016-01-06_00001.jpg )
I'm a bit late to the free weekend party, but I'd be much more inclined to suggest Sunless Sea, particularly if you like story and roguelike gameplay. Plus eldritch abominations, some excellent dark and dry humor, and having to manage crew terror as well as supplies and fuel.
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