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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 145694449323.jpg - (156.28KB , 1519x1078 , vive-price.jpg )
57541 No. 57541 ID: f44962
So two things.

1. My summer Holiday is going to be spent home
2. I will be traveling to places you cannot imagine, to see the C-beams glitter at the Tanhhauser gates, all these moments in VR, like tears in rain.

Man I was expecting a premium after the Rift debacle but pulled the trigger anyway, got my confirmation email 7 minutes after preorders launched so I'm pretty confident I'll get mine shipped on the fifth of April.

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>> No. 57588 ID: 87db0a
>Peripheral more expensive than my PC build

Dear christ. At least tell me someone from HTC will personally come to your house and blow you.

Sadly, I haven't gotten an opportunity to demo or play around with any of the new VR systems. It also seems to be one of those things where unless you see it personally, it's hard to grasp/explain what makes it so alluring.

The fact that both the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift require stupid levels of performance to be used as how most people are going to want to use them (both require a 970 or 290 for optimal use) and VR is seeming more and more like an HDTV in 2000 or something - technology just not ready for even most enthusiast consumers.
>> No. 57607 ID: 8c5d06

I have a holiday fund that I put a hundred or so euros each month and take a trip once a year somewhere nice, This year that fund was spent on VR I know the price is pretty salty but this is the first consumer generation of VR hardware. Just think of it as a really expensive monitor and it's not so bad.
>> No. 57636 ID: f44962
  I need this in my life
>> No. 57651 ID: 369bd6
File 145857362197.jpg - (692.54KB , 2560x1440 , Mig21_Green_1.jpg )
That looks really awesome, but if they can't figure out the jittery-ness I don't see it working out well for FPS and anything requiring precision. I wonder if it would work with something like DCS with it's clickable cockpits, or if the need for a HOTAS type controller would be too great.
>> No. 57653 ID: 3bf2ae
The folks at ED are currently doing intensive testing on their 'laser pointer' system for the clickable cockpits. From what I've heard from the devs, the VR experience is really tremendous.
>> No. 57655 ID: 385f49
I would like to react on this video with an image, but I don't have a Gaben face with high enough resolution. I'm still cobsidering it is a gamble situation, but just in case I'm going to need to bury my wallet for the next 18 months.
>> No. 57657 ID: ebb4ba
File 145861906621.jpg - (7.53KB , 227x220 , 1454469936071.jpg )
>989 cuckbucks for a meme
>> No. 57738 ID: 385f49
  The daemonic laugh coming from the depths of HTC can't reach my ears, but I can hear it in my head.
>> No. 57739 ID: f44962
File 145961681294.jpg - (5.00MB , 5312x2988 , 20160402_193809.jpg )
Yeah, Oculus really shit the bed with their launch. Every day that goes by I'm happier I avoided the Rift preorder. Roomscale is the future and Oculus touch controllers are coming at the end of this year.

In other News my VR room is ready for action.
>> No. 57740 ID: 82a3e8
Desu kawaii Fin-chan
>> No. 57745 ID: beb81b
Am I the only one imaging lamps being accidentally cut in half by katanas and the neighbors closing their blinds when they see the Finnish Samurai bedding his virtual waifu?
>> No. 57748 ID: 254d85
>> No. 57753 ID: 5e1aab
At least he wasn't jacking off.

Although it's only a matter of time.
>> No. 57754 ID: b86cd3
I'm expecting we'll get a video of somebody getting their shit stolen while using one on a train.
>> No. 57755 ID: 5e1aab
Oh man, for sure. People hardly pay attention to their surroundings as it is, but people with these strapped on are in for a whole new ordeal.
>> No. 57756 ID: 6e9258
>>57739 >>57745
>Am I the only one imaging lamps being accidentally cut in half by katanas
I imagine a person like Hiro Protagonist in his virtual reality gear, with his game controller tied to a steel rebar piece, trailing around the room, occasionally striking it through the wall or TV because 15 by 15 is a lot less spacious than it is needed for proper training.
>> No. 57775 ID: 254d85
  >"fuck those birds"
>*club airhorn.mp3*
>> No. 57777 ID: 5e1aab
File 146013300282.jpg - (9.25KB , 292x257 , laugh.jpg )
At 10:15 I laughed so hard I nearly puked.

Thanks for that.
>> No. 57779 ID: 85e30a
Nigger, there's larp armor hanging on the wall to my left, and that's less gay than that room.
>> No. 57780 ID: 4c768d
So can someone explain to me the appeal of VR? The games don't really look fun and why spend $100s of dollars when it's only like $12 to take a ride in an F22 combat flight simulator at the local aerospace museum?
>> No. 57781 ID: 5e1aab
>F22 combat flight simulator
>Local aerospace museum

Where the fuck are you?
>> No. 57782 ID: 8f35bf
>So can someone explain to me the appeal of VR?

I feel ya dawg.
I ask myself why not just spend the money on the actual experience IRL. such as a rollercoaster, martial arts, shooting full auto weapons at ranges, ladyboy hookers.& shoot outs with south american drug smugglers.

I know staring at a VR set will give me a headache, but I wonder how bad it is for your eyesight.
>> No. 57783 ID: 90a126
File 146021809720.jpg - (244.31KB , 620x583 , 127627-nes_power_glove.jpg )
>So can someone explain to me the appeal of VR?

Similar to the appeal of any 1st person experience, to view something that is kewl without having to be there if its even possible to be there.

You can ski the slopes of some pornstar, fight aliens climbing walls at the behest of Emperor Trump, and have a walk around Mars (which as someone who does that regularly I don't see exactly what people are excited about with that, its an empty wasteland with the occasional demon hiding behind a rock trying to jump-scare you) all from the comfort of your home and all while paying considerably less then you would on the actual experiences (save getting your ass to Mars, the UAC and the Marines will pay you do that, as the last survivor of a base overrun by zombies and demons who eat all the Skittles in the fucking snack machine I can honestly say I wasn't paid enough for this shit) when possible.

Personally I don't see the appeal. Its like strapping a monitor to your head, there isn't much a difference between it and just having the screen infront of you. Well other then the eye strain and headaches from carrying around some newfangled gizmo on your face and the wallet strain from paying for it and a machine powerful enough to run that bullshit. Even with all that bullshit it isn't even virtual reality, it is literally strapping a game to your face. You aren't any a virtual world, experiencing it as if you are there anymore then you are when you fire up the last Call of Dooty or Turbo Turkey Puncher.

Maybe if it was cheaper and wasn't so damn bulky it might be okay but even then, its not actual VR. When we get holodecks or holotanks or we can jack into a computer system or whatever to the point where it really is like you are putting some more snow on the slopes of some slut or telling Mexicans that America is being made great again with maximum firepower, its just not the experience I and most other people are looking for.

As it is now its a slightly improved version of fucking Virtual Boy. Hell I'm surprised nobody has modded a Virtual Boy to use modern VR hardware like how people mod Power Gloves and Lightguns.
>> No. 57784 ID: 9dcda2
> Turbo Turkey Puncher
>> No. 57801 ID: f44962
File 146055705086.jpg - (99.19KB , 1051x485 , shipping.jpg )
Goodbye reality, nice knowing Y'all. They'll probably find my desiccated corpse in a few weeks.
>> No. 57802 ID: 4c768d
maybe once they get some actual games that aren't just "oh hey shoot these moving targets" or tap this musical note shit I might be interested.

It's not an actual F22 simulator, like one of those virtual rollercoater machines, except one guy flys, and one guy guns
>> No. 57803 ID: 3d5a44

A brief timeline of yesterday

7 pm. Vive box is delivered
8 pm. Setup complete
1 am. Whoa, I was in for what felt like an hour

-Took about an 45 min, would have taken longer if I didn´t have a mounting solution ready (contractor poles and pole clamp mount)
-Room calibration was fast and easy but the first time I did it the floor was calibrated so I was underground, second round got it just right and no problems since
-My chaperone area is about 3m x 2.5m or 10 x 8 feet

Headset and controller tracking
-Rock solid so far, can intentionally occlude controllers but have to go into corner of tracked space and intentionally hunch over and bring controllers right up to my chest for tracking to spazz out.

FOV, Resolution and Screen Door Effect
-FOV is good but you do get a the "scuba mask" effect, you can forget about it for a while but occasionally notice it again, this seems to happen most in spaces where there is not much to look at, sych as the VR tutorial soundstage after it's complete
-SDE is there though much less so than the Gear VR for example, partly due to better textures and geometry afforded by the PC platform partly thanks to the optics. Same as with the FOV you can forget about for a while and then get reminded about it.

Games and experiences

The Lab by Valve
-A collection of 8 varied games / experiences
-A collection of 4 real life scenes done with photogrammetry, can walk around small spaces and look around, Nice looking but ultimately meh.
-Robot repair, a portal experience where you try to repair ATLAS from portal 2 and get to meet GlaDOS, very nice but linear experience, GlaDOS is really much more intimidating when she is in your face and you realize how freaking big she really is.
-Solar system and anatomy demoes, downright boring, you can take a look at CAT scans of various parts of the human body and walk around a solar system model, throwing planets around gets boring quick
-Core Calibration, Portal meets angry birds. Very compelling physics based destruction game, the core personalities are 10/10 and really give the experience a lot of spice and humor.
-Castle Defense, pick up a bow and shoot at invading barbarians before they destroy your castle gate. Extremely compelling, you pick up the bow and arrow and it just works. get some wrist weight and make it a workout.
-Secret Shop, a room scale demo where you are in the DOTA2 shopkeepers shop, mostly just looking around at different things and a huge monster rips open the roof at the end.
-Xortex, The cherry on top of the cake. Your controller is a drone in an arena, you shoot at enemies who fire slow moving bullets at you, basically a bullet hell game in 3D. The pounding techno music and flash of lasers are just right. Words can't describe how pumped I was when playing this game.

Hot dogs, horseshoes and hand-grenades.
-An early access game that gives you several different types of guns and explosives to play with, an AR, two different pistols, a revolver, double barrel shotgun, M79 "blooper" and different hand-grenade and dynamite sticks. The weapons are well modeled and you need to use them as real weapons, namely put in the magazine, pull the charging handle (don't ride it or you need to use the forward assist), bolt catch etc. currently it's mostly a collection of shooting ranges and a wave based target shooting mode. I plan to use this to demo VR to my friends since it has the most compelling interactions with objects of all the games I've seen so far. Manipulating virtual objects in room scale doesn't sound like much but it's insanely fun for some reason.

Next up this evening is Elite Dangerous with my crappy joystick and I finally got my bundled code from HTC for Job Simulator, budget cuts and hover junkers IIRC.
>> No. 57809 ID: 9dcda2
File 146067767826.jpg - (60.43KB , 800x600 , trespass 2011-05-01 02-44-06-88.jpg )

How long before someone makes a Trespasser game?
>> No. 57811 ID: 8be205
>Next up this evening is Elite Dangerous with my crappy joystick

This is the kind of stuff I'd like VR for. Vehicle driving sims, like ED and Rise of Flight/IL-2, SimBin race games, and shit like Squad, Arma, and other headtracking FPS games. RPGs and shit might be fun with it too, or games like The Witcher or definitely Mount and Blade.

The whole motion controller rig stuff can suck a dick until force feedback can be added in a real-world analog manner.
>> No. 57816 ID: f44962
  Russian roulette is fun
>> No. 57842 ID: 7d8bca
Ordered mine late, so it gets here next month. Bummer.
>> No. 57843 ID: f44962
Trust me the wait is worth it.
>> No. 57876 ID: 7d1c98
I think this shit's still a good 3 or so years away before it's actually worth owning for anyone who doesn't just have an early adopter fetish.

I do believe in the tech and I think someday it will dominate the market, but maybe more around 2020.
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