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Patches and Stickers for sale here

No. 57665 ID: 576963
  So this just happened and it's looking better than I thought.
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>> No. 57686 ID: 4c768d
Just gave it a try, pretty fun and has some decent maps. Maybe Tripwire will notice and decide to take their head out of their ass and release US v Germans already, considering they already a couple maps and most of the models for that documentary series.
>> No. 57688 ID: da34c8
>US v Germans already

this is literally the officially sanctioned Western front mod, there won't be full official Western front sequel. Tripwire already gave the mod team all the assets from those documentary animations and prerecorded US army speech lines made when they were recording for Rising Storm.
>> No. 57689 ID: 576963
Before anyone complains about the G43. They already know about the sights and they're working on it.
>> No. 57690 ID: 4c768d
Getting up the beach on Omaha is a pain in the ass

>killed by mg from 384m
>killed by Mp40 from 240m

But man does Carentan bring back that CoD 2 nostalgia
>> No. 57691 ID: 254d85
  On a similar note, Verdun just added a fuckton of content.
>> No. 57692 ID: 71cd0c
File 145915361980.jpg - (32.16KB , 500x350 , 1449285071050.jpg )
>dapper top hats

I'm reinstalling. ;)

>> No. 57693 ID: 4c768d
  While we're on the subject. Day of Infamy came out a couple months ago.


Basically a Western Front mod for Insurgency, not sure how often it's getting updated though
>> No. 57694 ID: 82a3e8
>mod of a mod
Yo dawg.
>> No. 57707 ID: 369bd6
File 145931007435.jpg - (433.97KB , 1280x960 , ScreenShot6 copy.jpg )
technically Insurgency stopped being a mod and became a standalone game. But mods of mods have been a thing back in Battlefield 1942's day. Desert Combat had several mods (DCX comes to mind), and Forgotten Hope had Secret Weapons which brought some of the craziest ideas of WWII to life.
>> No. 57713 ID: 5e1aab
>Desert Combat/Forgotten Hope
Oh man, the times I had.
Although overall I think I spent more time on Eve of Destruction.
>> No. 57721 ID: 9dcda2
Reminds me of the good ol' days.

> spawn
> SCUD kills everyone
> spawn
> MLRS kills everyone
> spawn
> tank kills everyone
> spawn
> AC130 kills everyone
> spawn
> mortars kill everyone

I don't think I ever played a round of Desert Combat that wasn't a shitshow.
>> No. 57733 ID: 369bd6
I either don't recall or blocked those moments from memory. I recall the frantic firefights of Sea Rigs, the blackhawks coming in under heavy fire over Lost Village (no Para), a night map were the CAR-15 and VSS reigned supreme, I remember holding a small isolated flag on El Al against a combined ground and air attack. Also the A-10 was fun.
>> No. 57792 ID: 0014cb
Bought RO2/Rising Storm during Christmas 2014 Steam sale.

Downloaded, installed, played about 2 hours worth of matches where I would simply spawn and die in under 5 seconds because I'd immediately get cut down by MG fire upon spawning. Promptly uninstalled, tried to get a refund, couldn't.

For all the praising I saw about RO2, that game can go fuck itself. RO1, despite Arad being seemingly the only map ever played, was infinitely superior. Bought Insurgency on a whim and it's better than RO1/2 could ever hope to be while getting a fraction of the recognition.
>> No. 57794 ID: 4c768d
>played about 2 hours worth of matches where I would simply spawn and die in under 5 seconds because I'd immediately get cut down by MG fire upon spawning

that's my exact experience with RO1 lol
>> No. 57796 ID: 576963
  >I should NJP all of you
>> No. 57800 ID: 53e7c0
I think you guys are being a little critical. That's been my experience in just about any combat-oriented FPS type game for years.
It's why I'v kind of gravitated to more "hardcore" type stuff like ARMA, and am interested in Squad, etc. and don't play arcadey shit lie CoD, TF, etc. anymore.
If you can literally throw a knife/axe/grenade from the spawn without taking a step, and hit enemies; your maps are too fucking small.

Battlefield 4 was a shitstorm of shitty coding and botched decisions and management. I'm still shot feet behind cover, near 10-15 seconds after I ran behind it, on a Cable modem.

Plus they make a point of advertising these games as so "tactical" and "realism mechanics" then it's all look at this sooper awesome gun never made, Desert Eagle bullshit; oh look we're Swedish so we'll make the AK5 amazing even though the last time Sweden was involved in a war we paid Nazis not to invade; full auto fire while sprinting nonstop around the map; but an LMG is worthless unless prone and with a bipod; you can carry only 2 grenades, an either a defibrillator or an undermount grenade launcher, but an engineer can carry a full combat loadout, 5 AT4s, and an EOD bot or C4, etc.
and what's backblast lol? especially in a scout helo? So that a scout helo can have triple the firepower of an attack helo?

I don't mind not necessarily "not true to life" but at least be consistent (in BF4 the Desert Eagle did 80 dmg when first dropped IIRC but main infantry rifles do about 30) .

Also they need to find some sort of mechanic where spawn camping can't happen, like you guys suggested, and you can't just be swamped by a mass of X fresh spawns all at once just appearing out of thin air and wrecking someone who has been fighting hard to cap a point just by virtue of he can't aim and fire in 7 different directions simultaneously. It's 2016 guys. We can do better than the same map mechanics with the same problems as BF1942 (released 2002).
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