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No. 57722 ID: a4c0e9
  Haven't had a thread in a LONG time, most of you probably thought we were dead. I don't want to make a thread on /k/ quite yet but I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still working on the game (amazingly).
>> No. 57723 ID: a4c0e9
Also, feel free to ask questions. For those of you who don't know EDN is the /k/ fps game. I'll link all our social media and our website for more information.


>> No. 57724 ID: 06a0fb
What's the engine, will it be native 64-bit or 32-bit, and what graphics hardware are you running for the vid?
>> No. 57725 ID: a4c0e9
I'm running a pretty good laptop, but the performance is great regardless so far. Will be compatible with 32bit operating systems and I'm working with unity3d.

Laptop is running an 880m for graphics (4GB GDDR5) 32GB DDR3 RAM and an I7 processor (can't remember the exact model but it kind of bottlenecks the rest of the system). The game runs really well on pretty much any modest system on full graphics settings however, so nothing to worry about there.
>> No. 57734 ID: 06a0fb
Awesome. It's looking good. A very Q3E/Xonotic kind of feel to it. I like it.
>> No. 57736 ID: a4c0e9
That's sort of what we're going for, sort of quake/doom esque gameplay. Even the SDK I made for the level designer works very much like doom builder and I'm considering releasing it with the game.
>> No. 57741 ID: a4c0e9
Still lurking btw
>> No. 57744 ID: 1238bc
You're doing God's work, sir.
>> No. 57788 ID: cfaec1
Here's a helpful table for when your users bug you about what the game can run on.


That game looks very clean, I bet with low settings it can even run on integrated netbook cards.
>> No. 57826 ID: a4c0e9
Absolutely, not very CPU intensive. You do need a good GPU to run it well on high but that's due mostly to post processing, plus we have real time global illumination which can be quite taxing.
>> No. 57856 ID: a479ff
What happened to that little multiplayer demo from a while ago?
>> No. 57995 ID: a4c0e9
People are still fucking playing it lol, we ended up completely scrapping it because there's no fucking way we can afford to sustain any decent sized multiplayer game on our budget. Those little multiplayer demos could probably host max like 20 people at any given time.
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