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Patches and Stickers for sale here

No. 57807 ID: 037541
  I cannot contain my need to play as Hungary. This looks awesome. Sadly HOI3 cannot fulfill my thirst for this style of gameplay. HOI4 is just so vibrant and rewarding compared to the bland and boring HOI3.

Anyone else been following these streams? Anyone else going to be day one purchasers?
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>> No. 57808 ID: e07445
I might buy it in 6 or 7 years when they've released all the DLC they stripped from the main game.
>> No. 57812 ID: 4c768d
I remember I bought HOI3 on sale thinking I would get really into it, after doing the tutorial and watching some videos online I still have no idea what I'm doing, and have only put about 3 hours into it over a couple of years now
>> No. 57821 ID: 53e7c0
the best way to get into a game like that is find someone who plays and actually sit in the same room and play the game with them.

Sucks, I know, but what can you do?
>> No. 57825 ID: 037541

I tried learning HOI3 on my own and it was a complete failure. Luckily I found a homie who plays and I steam broadcasted my start of a campaign and he walked me through it. Now I understand for the most part the game and it's a lot of fun. I played a good bit as brazil taking almost all of South America. Now I am playing as Hungary and took Austria, Czechoslovakia, Romania and Bulgaria. Thinking of puppeting Poland to stop Russia and Germany from going to war.

But that's HOI3. HOI4 is way more intuitive just watch a couple of their single player videos and the game is way easier to figure out than HOI3 ever was. Also it's way better visually and a lot easier to understand because of that. Also their is a grand battle planner in this that gives bonuses if you wait for long enough for the AI to draw out the plans and you can essentially let the AI do the troop movement 100% for you while allowing you to micro or macro manage at the sometime.

The game is a huge improvement over HOI3. You can even do a COOP campaign where two players play together as the same nation!
>> No. 57830 ID: 254d85
HoI3 was really a big step back from HoI2 IMO, even if you're just looking at it from a user accessibility standpoint. I think I eventually ended up reading/watching a bunch of tutorial Lets Plays but I never really got that involved with HoI3.
>> No. 57844 ID: 4c768d
Yeah always liked the idea of the game, will definitely check it out some more when it comes out
>> No. 57853 ID: edd03a
You can all shut your whore mouths, HOI3 is pretty good. It did take a few hours to research all the important bits of the game you need to be aware of, but basically after my first play through I had learned enough from the guides and my own fuck ups to competently handle the game. I've probably done 10 play throughs since then and only picked up another 5% of handy info, which are unnecessary tricks like leaving a transport in the water between two impassible provinces; it forms a "bridge" that your land forces can walk over.

I quite appreciated the ability to automate as little or as much as I want. I also enjoyed the shifting restraints on national behavior; you were rewarded (or punished) for working towards a strategy over a long period.

The only thing I didn't like, other than my AI armies needing their hands held, was the surrender system. On one play through as Germany, I took Poland/Western Europe, held on for dear life until I beat the Russians back to the Urals, then launched Operation Sea Lion. It was late in the war at this point, so the Japanese had taken a lot of British territories. After destroying the Royal Navy with naval bombers, I landed forces at a larger port in the middle of the country and cut it in half. As forces moved out of position to respond, and landed a second mechanized force in the south at Portsmouth, and blitzed London. So bam, they surrender...and all remaining British territory went to the Japanese.

I haven't followed HOI 4 closely, but I have looked in on the development from time to time. I've played hundreds of hours in HOI 3, so I'll likely spend a couple days watching HOI 4 gameplay after launch, and if it isn't plagued by bugs or lame gameplay I'll definitely pick it up.

In the meantime I think I'll do an HOI 3 play through as France.
>> No. 57855 ID: 254d85
Counterpoint: HoI3 didn't have Kaiserreich.
>> No. 57857 ID: 037541
Well said bud, highly suggest watching the OP video it is amazing.
>> No. 57859 ID: 33f815
>Glorious Hungary conquering the Evil Empire of Austria
This is relevant to my interest

But probably I won't be able to steamroll Soviet Russia with Tigers in 1938 this time, unlike in HOI 1(or was it 2?). :(
>> No. 57881 ID: 037541
Part 2

All those Trump memes...
>> No. 57898 ID: 1e7925
sort of afraid to get this game. Looks awesome, but I also forsee many lost hours playing... ugh... must... resist...
>> No. 57902 ID: 037541
The amount of time I have lost to these videos means I must recoup it by playing this game.
>> No. 57948 ID: db411e
I almost forgot, you can play from CK2 all the way to HOI through save converters. But due to Paradox having a massive hate boner for alternate timeline shenanigans WW2 will probably never fire because you need France, the UK, Germany, Russia, and Poland to all exist which normally doesn't happen after 1300 years of game play.
>> No. 58004 ID: 037541
  Holy fuck that amazing defense of Poland.
>> No. 58110 ID: d0041a
The game is out what are your impressions?

I personally liked HOI2 more than 3 lay it on me straight because I'm about to jump on this
>> No. 58117 ID: 037541
I had only played 3 and yes it was fun it was extremely visually unappealing, there were too many tech trees and figuring out the divisions, using planes and ships was just notoriously bad/hard. Diplomacy was iffy and the whole neutrality system fucking sucked.

Supplies, resources and production work amazingly in this game it is so much better then HOI3 it is crazy. Trade works super nicely and the mix between civilian factories and military factories is super helpful. I really like how you now have production lines for equipment and numbers for different types then just "supplies" as a single resource. You dont just produce supplies you produce basic infantry equipment, planes, tanks, support equipment, artillery, ect.

Planes are super simple to use. Assign to airzone (ex: All of Mexico is one air zone) ships are the same, one flotilla can be assigned to up to three sea zones. Those sea zones are just as big as the air zones. Diplomacy is more clear. Division designer is dope, you gain experience and that experience allows you to edit your divisions. You can make them anyway you want. Like if I wanted to give only the most basic equipment to a select division design I could and they would only use the basic equipment. If I then want that same deployed division to get the nice equipment I set it and bam they now will be reinforced with the good equipment and the basic will return to storage.

Battle plans are AMAZING, the AI is great at fighting your wars for you and reshuffling your lines. Honestly it is a must to use front lines and offensive battle plans. You can micro once those plans are launched without effecting the plans. I hated the theater and HQ system of HOI3 and the ai was terrible at fighting a front for you here I put 100% faith in the AI. My friend won a campaign as China aka killed all axis with zero micromanagement of battles. He just launched his battle plans and sat and focused on make new battle plans and making sure everything was being produced correctly. He was so excited about it all he forced me to watch his stream to show off.

I could go on but this game is awesome, if you had any HOI experience in the past you will love this game. Highly suggest watching some of the gameplay videos just in case.
Highly suggest this guy he is the really good player from all the videos in this thread. 2000+ hours in the game so far and is a QA tester for HOI4. Highlights much of the good of the game and he sold me day one.

I started a El Salvador campaign with historical mode off and on medium difficulty, I took all of Central America except Panama. I then staged a coup in Mexico then when they had almost won the civil war I started I then invaded Mexico and took it all for myself. And I had less divisions.

Dude just get the game, but expect to lose hundreds of hours. In two play sessions in the middle of finals week none the less I have put in 10 hours. Each play session has been 5 hours long and I was playing as little o' El Salvador at that.
>> No. 58118 ID: 037541
File 146548813070.jpg - (587.52KB , 1920x1080 , ElSalvador.jpg )
And yes I have the biggest air force in the region. It's my work around for having no man power.
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