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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 146092215726.jpg - (19.49KB , 480x360 , your stolen goods are now forfeit.jpg )
57836 No. 57836 ID: 90a126
So I thought I'd go play Oblivion. You know, that game starring Tom Cruise, some cute Ukranian chick from Quantum of Solace, some cute redhead bitch, and some Morgan Freeman.

I have a couple questions, should I answer yes when the evil robot lady asks me if we are still an effective team? Should I play the obligatory canyon chase level with the obligatory Statue of Liberty? Should I embrace the teaching of Xenu?

No but serious Opchan recommended mods to make it not look like so much anus and maybe add some cool shit.

I've never actually played the game before, part of those games I missed while I had nothing to play it on and as the very definition of a slowpoke gamer I'd like to give it a try now.

Also anybody know if its possible to port shit from Fallout 3/NV to Oblivion? There seems to be guides to do so for the opposite way, Oblivion to F3/NV but nothing to bring Fallout 3 or New Vegas assets to Oblivion.
>> No. 57837 ID: 8be205
>Also anybody know if its possible to port shit from Fallout 3/NV to Oblivion?

Not as far as I know. Armor/clothing meshes are assembled differently for Oblivion (needing to be multi-part to equip the hands, upper torso, legs, etc.) and Fallout (pretty much one-piece body and a head items.) You can assembled the meshes from Oblivion into one full mesh for FO3, but it's very hard without a lot of work to break it into multiple parts and then assign it the right identifiers for each location.

Some weapons, I believe, can be ported from FO to Oblivion but the textures need downgrading for the most part due to Oblivions console-first nature requiring most meshes be below certain width/height sizes to fit into XBox 360 and PS3's 512mb ram limitations, and the firearms will be wonky because of the much more limited projectile physics simulation.

So, pretty much, stick to stuff made for Oblivion for mods. Also dependencies might get fucked for a lot of older mods which authors have abandoned.
>> No. 57848 ID: a03eb7
  Play Morrowind. It's much better than Oblivion and OpenMW is looking pretty good so far, someone has even managed to even integrate working multiplayer. Basically people made a new engine and are porting over morrowind in it's entirety.
>> No. 57850 ID: 8be205
That is awesome.
>> No. 57927 ID: 072b94
I haven't played it in years, so I don't know which mods are still around and compatible with what.

The Unofficial Patches would be a good start.

From what I remember, the important mods were the huge overhauls, FCOM would somehow combine them all into one super-mod. I was very bandwith limited at the time, so I played with the TIE mod. It used all standard components, but removed the enemy and loot scaling. Enemies would be very dangerous from the start, and becoming actually fair once you leveled some.

Unique Landscapes had some utterly beautiful scenery. Eerie forests, scenic coastlines, stunning canyons, and actual farms.

Deadly Reflex was good for a laugh, and decapitating or cutting people in half.

Magic mods were cool for adding new spells and actually making magic useful, but they also made you insanely powerful. I would cast a speed spell on my horse, and it would run faster than the world could load on my admittedly weak machine.

Open Cities would remove the gates to cities, making the world more free flowing, but it had lots of incompatibilities with other mods.
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