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No. 57858 ID: 254d85
  Aquinas spoke of the mythical city on the hill, soon that city will be real, and we will be made it's bitches.
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>> No. 57861 ID: 82a3e8
Why does the co creator of doom and quake have such an abysmally shitty car?
>> No. 57865 ID: 8c5d06
It's a a "fall from grace" and "return to the basics" narrative devices, Carmack used to have a ferrari back in the day.
>> No. 57866 ID: 05c8aa
File 146132831039.png - (411.25KB , 504x676 , qD7Jr.png )
Romero is a massively creative guy, but creative guys don't do very well without their technical side, the yang to their yin.

Romeros yang Carmack on the other hand is a purely technical guy without a single original bone in his entire body.

Since their split Romero works at gas stations producing no great works of art, and Carmack has a seven figure job but he produced nothing truly new.
>> No. 57867 ID: 6abab0
Just because they did something great in the past, by no means guarantees anything good in the future.
>> No. 57868 ID: bbfe61
This isn't John Carmack, this is Adrian Carmack, they are not related other than being founders at id.

Adrian is an artist not a programmer and Romero is an environment designer more than anything, I'm sure they can find good technical help, could be good.
>> No. 57869 ID: 6abab0
File 146135743662.jpg - (208.33KB , 530x424 , john_530_big.jpg )
>This isn't John Carmack

Hopefully that didn't need to be pointed out. They look very differently.
John is full time on the Oculus Rift (and still rich as fuck since he has kept pumping out succesfull games and made good money from selling stuff he was involved in).

>could be good.

I'm skeptical considering how long they've been out of the game.
Most of the stuff Romero touched has gone down the shitter after he has left iD.
Adrian was actually fired from iD and I have never heard anything from him since then.
>> No. 57870 ID: cee9e2
Romero is a primadonna rockstar and shouldn't be trusted with anything.
>> No. 57871 ID: b49dcc
There are two carmacks involved, one is in the video, and one is a longtime friend and co-worker of Romero.
>> No. 57872 ID: 81e283
File 14613892325.jpg - (67.08KB , 410x500 , Daikatanabox.jpg )
> Romeros yang Carmack on the other hand is a purely technical guy without a single original bone in his entire body.

With out John Carmack's technical side this pile of shit came out of John Romero's ass... and took forever to come out.

>> No. 57880 ID: 6abab0

Yeah, not touching that one...
>> No. 57882 ID: 254d85
>Are you going to make us your bitch again?
>How about we just make you all a game.


Yeah the lack of anything beyond concept art is concerning to say the least. Compare with Overload from the Descent creators for example. But on the other hand it's not like he's going all Chris Roberts and trying to sell .jpegs of space demons.
>> No. 57883 ID: 254d85
  Romero got a famous game dev to help promote his Kickstarter!

Unfortunately, it's Randy Pitchford.
>> No. 57886 ID: 70d38f
File 146186344131.jpg - (63.87KB , 600x383 , frabz-First-well-kill-it-with-fire-Then-well-run-i.jpg )
>Gearbox Software
>> No. 57887 ID: 254d85
There's a rumor going around they're doing a new Duke episode in the original engine (along with the Bombshell prequel episode) and had John St. John record "Bazinga" lines for it.
>> No. 57888 ID: 90a126
File 146192897520.jpg - (63.99KB , 780x426 , Lay+off+the+donuts+duke_ce7951_5245650.jpg )
While I wouldn't much mind a new Duke game John St John can eat a rotten asshole.

Really all of Gearbox can eat a rotten asshole. They haven't made a good game in years and I'll never forgive them for fucking up Aliens Colonial Marines so they could work on some cell shaded piece of shit garbage written by a cuck.
>> No. 57890 ID: 254d85
The kickstarter has been canceled and will be relaunched once Romero makes a demo/content that isn't new Doom maps.

Though the original Duke 3D was full of cringey pop culture references, so I'm sure Gearbox will do it justice. Make Duke great again, Pigcop lives matter, actually it's about freeze ray ethics.
>> No. 57891 ID: 90a126
File 14619730024.jpg - (22.25KB , 630x325 , she can stab me____wait.jpg )
If Anthony Burch was still working there that probably wouldn't be a joke. Gearbox is still a bunch of SJW fucknuts but Burch was the biggest and fucknuttiest cuck of those fucks.

I will say his sister is fucking bangable. She can suck on my balls of steel.
>> No. 57892 ID: d87160
>But on the other hand it's not like he's going all Chris Roberts and trying to sell .jpegs of space demons.

"How are you going to finance finishing the game?"
"By making new ship concepts and art."
"How are you actually going to fund finishing those ships from the concept art?"
"By selling you even more ships that don't exist."

Right now Bernie Madoff is sitting on a cold piece of concrete crying and cursing at himself for not getting involved in crowdfunding and video game venture capitalism.
>> No. 57893 ID: d87160
>but Burch was the biggest and fucknuttiest cuck of those fucks.

By the way, he's not joking or throwing around "cuck" like it's the new "autist" here. Anthony Burch is a literal cuck. As in he has an open relationship with his wife, willingly, and watches her bring guys back to fuck. I don't know if he stereotypically sits in the corner or the guy guying it is a black man named Tyrone, but yeah, he's a cuck.

If you really want to see how sad and pathetic someones' life can be, look up the video of Birch's wedding. It transcends "cringe." It's as close as humanity has gotten to witnessing a blackhole of cringe form. Even the retarded guy that draws Sonic fanart and has a disturbingly detailed wiki could cringe from it.

There is a reason why "at least you're not Anthony Birch" can be used to cheer up anyone. Well, except for Anthony Birch. Imagine someone whose entire life has gone as swimmingly as Jeb Bush's political campaign.

Pretty much this. Anyone that can fuck up a game dedicated to Colonial Marines is not trying and no longer gives a fuck.

The only company that is even shittier at this point is Konami.
>> No. 57894 ID: db411e
His wife left him and took his WiiU. He's honestly one of the most pathetic people that I can think of.
>> No. 57895 ID: 82a3e8
I flirted with her at screw attack gaming con having no idea who the shit she was. Then friends drug me to sit on a panel for some "hey ash whatcha playing" and it was her. I was like "whoa bro".

Id pork her.

Burch can cuck all he wants, the videos are sometimes enjoyable.
>> No. 57897 ID: 70d38f
>Pretty much this. Anyone that can fuck up a game dedicated to Colonial Marines is not trying and no longer gives a fuck.
I must elaborate that my personal grudge for GS is not for the Colonial Marines (for several reasons, including Alien Isolation). My problem is Homeworld sries - even though it's initial iteration failed miserably, I would prefer it to stay in that condition rather than get released in the form of steaming pile of dung that is in every sense worse than 10 years old Tiberuim Wars.
>> No. 57899 ID: 40fc42
He basically forced his wife to be in a "open relationship" so he could have sex with other women, but it ended up with him whining about how she was having sex with other men but he wasn't banging other women, eventually she left him and took his Wii U. Then he tried going gay, but couldn't get any gay men to fuck him.

(if you're asking why gamergate didn't come to defense of this poor man who was betrayed by his whore of a wife who cheated on him and stole his Wii U despite him supporting "the right politics", this was way before all that, it's about ethics in forcing your wife to fuck other men)
>> No. 57900 ID: 691674
Why the fuck do you guys know so much about the personal life of some random fucktard? Sjeez...
>> No. 57901 ID: 82a3e8
Good question.

Id hardly call his wife a whore if he forced her into an open relationship and she took advantage of that. Quit living in the 1920s.
>> No. 57906 ID: 90a126
File 146205654364.jpg - (101.92KB , 563x1226 , nu2Mipb.jpg )
Because its heilarious. Some guy who wanted to be in an open relationship to bang broads instead gets cucked, then his wife leaves taking his video game machine, and he tries to be gay but fails at that too. And it happened to one of those piece of shit SJWs who insists on inserting poorly written SJW approved characters in video games.

Don't get me wrong, I've nothing against gay people or other "SJW" topic people in video games but not as a poorly written "gay" character or "trans" character but a character who is gay or trans, not a walking stereotype solely defined by whos pants they want to get in. Someone like Juhani from KOTOR who was gay but was also a well written character who didn't just come right out and blurt "itsa me, the gay character, imma number 1". You found that the pussycat liked pussy organically and you didn't even have to find out if you choose to skip all the dating bullshit.
>> No. 57925 ID: bec165

Sorry, I only fight to the death.

Juhani was bi...
>> No. 57926 ID: 90a126
File 146258325397.jpg - (344.94KB , 848x404 , dick sucking lips wasted.jpg )
You sure? I could have swore Juhani didn't want to let any Revan without a pussy pet her pussycat. I think in the unpatched console version she could be sexed by both but the later patched versions she was straight up lesbo.
>> No. 57985 ID: b79dcf
What a shit answer to the question. It implies all authors who have trouble writing the opposite sex don't consider women to be people. And it can be applied equally idiotically to everything.
>how come you write good villains?
>well bradshaw, i've always considered villains to be people
>how come you suck dicks george ridiculous retard martin?
>well bradshaw, i've always considered dicks to be people
Question is as stupid as the answer considering this dumbass doesn't write good characters, they are all twilight tier mary sues. His only innovation is torturing them to hell, but there's no story arc there, he just tortures them, he doesn't even write it as a tragedy.
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