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No. 57862 ID: 4c768d
  Anyone else playing Battlefleet Gothic: Armada? This game is fun as fuck. Pretty fun space/tallship RTS, with an added bonus of being in the Warhammer 40k Universe. You basically create an admiral and level up/grow your fleet of spaceships. Campaign is Imperial Navy only so far, but in Solo Skirmish and Multiplayer you create separate admirals allowing you to play different factions or have different types of fleets within factions.

Still in beta but I've only encountered some minor stuttering during cut scenes. Also all the Imperial navy ships look the same...but that's just a lore thing...
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>> No. 57863 ID: 82a3e8
Its not still in beta. It was just released today full launch.

I tried to pirate before I buy, but pirated copy hung on loading, so alas. Ill probably wait, and occupy myself with mordheim while I wait for more stuff to be released for bfg.
>> No. 57864 ID: 4c768d
well that explains why I was able to progress more in campaign and Eldar were available lol

Loading the game did take a while for me the first time with no indication of what was happening, so the pirated version may work
>> No. 57873 ID: 0a0a1a
File 146144019816.jpg - (63.16KB , 680x680 , 1461370677167.jpg )
>space RTS
>stuck on a single plane

I don't care if they say it's "intentional" it's still retarded. Lost Fleet/Black Jack Geary video game WHEN?
>> No. 57874 ID: 037541
I have fun with it. 8 hours in all in Beta. Gonna try the campaign soon, that was pretty fun. Kinda get semi bored with skrimish against bots. Might try just pushing all the way down one faction. Been playing up to lvl3 on every faction so far.
>> No. 57875 ID: 82a3e8
Having loved the shit out of homeworld, god I was not good at that game. Then again my regular opponent (irl friend) was pretty much mlg pro at it.

Gothic would be even more awesome if it was homeworld esque, but maybe they went simple for more play ability
>> No. 57878 ID: 5ad515

Battlefleet Gothic was a tabletop game. Tables are, generally speaking, single plane. This is a video game adaption of that system (though obviously modified highly to work in a fast-paced, real-time way), a system which furthermore relies heavily on the concept of "space broadsiding"; which, for reasons that should be obvious, wouldn't work very well if ships were scattered all over a 3D plane. Not every space game needs to be some hyper-realistic 6-degrees-of-freedom simulator experience.

Actually, I could argue very solidly that every "realistic" space combat game you've ever played is an absolute abortion of proper physics and realistic science fiction anyway, regardless of whether it represents a three-dimensional plane or not. Real-life space "combat" will, without a doubt (barring some crazy horseshit like Mobile Suit Gundam's "Minovsky particles"), take place at velocities and distances far too extreme for the human eye or even the human mind to have much of a role. Even naval combat today is predominately beyond visual range and almost entirely handled by computers, and that's warfare with current technology built to work within the constraints of a gravity well and atmosphere.

So whether or not the game has third dimensional maneuvers shouldn't really matter at all considering the entire concept of giant space battleships duking it out at visual range isn't realistic anyway, so you just come across as a pretentious, scientifically-unaware pedant.
>> No. 57879 ID: 8be205
>> No. 57889 ID: 691674
File 146195852283.jpg - (325.02KB , 1366x768 , battlefleet_gothic_armada-06.jpg )
So, is this game any good now that you guys have played it for a while? How's the campaign?
>> No. 57896 ID: 691674
Eh fuck it. Bought it.

Hopefully won't regret it.
>> No. 57905 ID: 4c768d
I like the campaign, has story missions than side missions over different systems in the Gothic sector. Basically trying to defend against Abaddon's 12th Black Crusade, and fight off other xenos.

Seems to be a lot of other stuff like losing planets to chaos, worlds having forts/defenses, But haven't gotten super far so not sure if any of that has really come into play.

Just a heads up, there was a game breaking bug/cheat that recently started popping up. Basically you'd be in the middle of the game and lose your camera and the game would crash in a fatal error. Apparently this is a cheat or some kind of exploit, but the devs have responded and started VAC banning so it may be fixed now/soon haven't played in a few days.
>> No. 57908 ID: 691674
I'm not enjoying this as much as I thought I would. It's not a bad game, but gets frustrating easily and the "story"/characters are just stereotypes. I was hoping for a more interesting story, I guess. More backstabbing.

I'm resorting to RAM ALL THE THINGS (and spam boarding actions) with a few long ranged ships in support.
I'm frustrated by the pause thing not being a full pause, though I understand why they did that.
>> No. 57916 ID: 691674
File 146254446632.png - (84.26KB , 409x189 , no.png )
Finished it. Turns out to be very repetitive & often frustrating.
The dialogue that is supposed to make it all work is also subpar.
It's also called Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, but there's no mission were you actually have a HUGE fleet at your disposal. I was hoping for the final mission to have a retarded amount of ships in it, since most missions up to it only allow you to take a few ships.

It's extra retarded to have enemy ships go to -1 HP on their hull, but by Deus Ex Machina warping out anyway. At least make them warp out at say 25% or let them pop the 10 second shields you have as well to allow the suspension of disbelief to do its work.

Meh. Would not recommend. There's an endless things to improve in this game. From story & dialogue, to better logic (like unable to reuse the same ships within a given term, so you're forced to make use of your fleet), to fixing inconsistencies (when your ship steals info from the enemy and warps out, finding itself 'lost in the warp', you somehow have the info & the story continues? how the hell is that possible?) and bugs (crashes & stuttering mostly). Overall feels unfinished.
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