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PBE Shield Stickers and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

No. 57917 ID: 254d85
  Turns out the Battlefield WW1 rumors are true.
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>> No. 57918 ID: 82a3e8
Body wasnt ready.

Body involuntarily shaking.

Ive got shellshock from the trailer
>> No. 57919 ID: 67a968
>Same map structure
>Excessive loadouts

Looks like the usual bullsh...

>Ends with a zeppelins as 2142's titan mode tease

>> No. 57920 ID: 8be205
>Excessive loadouts

>Looks like the usual bullsh...

You never played Dice's first game, Codename Eagle, did you?
It was WWI but with technology about 15 years too advanced for the time (1917, Eastern Front.) Helicopters, Fairey Swordfish biplanes, armored aircraft carrier zeppelins.

Battlefield has pretty much always been like this; excessively huge and oddly equipped loadouts, maps forcing everyone into clusterfuck killboxes.
>> No. 57921 ID: 90a126
Ehh, could be interesting. Certainly makes me a bit more excited to play it then any Cod or Battlefield game since......fuck probably MW 2.

I just find it a bit hilarious that Battlefield is going into the past while Cowadooty is going into the future.

I'm kinda glad its WWI considering I can't recall a single decent WWI game.

Still ain't going to buy it new though. Not until its 20 dollars or less.
>> No. 57923 ID: 5d0636

I'll be waiting until it's nicely established after launch before even considering buying it. Didn't buy BF4 because of how just OK bf3 was and how retarded bf4 was for a long time after launch.

Not to mention I hate buying anything EA on PC so they have to overcome that resistance for me personally too.

That said it could be fun as I like some pseudo WW1 stuff time to time. The setting of world war 1 is contemporary enough to have a lot of relatable technologies and stories but to my mind just old enough to start having a touch of mythology about it.
>> No. 57924 ID: 254d85
File 146257954869.jpg - (50.39KB , 640x480 , mvc_009s-tfb.jpg )
Yeah people always tend to go "hurr trenches" but that seems to be mainly a British attitude or something. Outside of the European front 1915-1917 there was a lot of actual maneuver warfare going on, and at the start and end of the war in Europe there were some major mobile offensives going on. So if they play fast and loose with history, and focus on close quarters trench raids and tank warfare for stuff in Europe, it could be pretty cool.

Though I wonder what they're going to be doing for guns. I expect there will be plenty of Black Ops/The New Order style "prototypes" thrown into the mix and stuff light phosphorus coated sights and low-power scopes in leu of the usual attachments.
>> No. 57928 ID: 369bd6
File 146258756548.jpg - (262.78KB , 1024x768 , Lochnagar_Crater_Ovillers_JPG.jpg )
I am a bit bothered by how sped up the tanks are. Those early tanks could barely break 5mph, so a slow jog, yet they have it chasing people down and roaring off from a complete standstill. Also the Michael Bay exploding wood and paper biplanes. After Bf2 they seem to have gone full retard with the destructive effect to the point it seems hopelessly cornball. (9mm rounds exploding concrete, knifes vaporizing doors, everything is filled with flour and fine dust)

Also...a white stripes song from 2003? They couldn't do some sort of era appropriate remix? 'Over There' by Skrillex or something? Or one of the old cheery recruitment songs juxtaposed with flamethrowers, gas attacks, and artillery barrages.

Image is what happens when you combine 60000lbs of explosives and a covertly dug British mine under a German position.
>> No. 57929 ID: c6ab04
>In WWI and WWII, rocket propelled explosives were still in their infancy, and tanks were basically impervious to lobbed grenades and other explosives. There was only one point of weakness- the cannon barrel that lead directly to the people inside. Realizing this, the practice began of sneaking up to the tank and lobbing a grenade directly down the barrel. To counter this, tank operators began raising their cannon angles to the full aperture to avoid these attacks. It was too high for the white man to jump. It was president Abraham Lincoln who noticed that black soldiers alone were capable of this incredible feat: dunking the grenade into the hoop of the cannon, so he immediately emancipated them and sent them to the Western front. This practice later developed into the sport we call basketball.
>> No. 57930 ID: 82a3e8
10/10 would dunk on the kaiser again.
>> No. 57931 ID: 0a9273

ok i had a giggle.
>> No. 57932 ID: db43be
  Verdun was here, you're all a bunch of slackjawed faggots.

>I am a bit bothered by how sped up the tanks are.

Everything in the trailer was sped up.

>Also the Michael Bay exploding wood and paper biplanes.

When crashing into buildings they generally bounced off & broke.

>Or one of the old cheery recruitment songs juxtaposed with flamethrowers, gas attacks, and artillery barrages.

Vid related. :)

Full version:
Over in France there's a game that's played
By all the soldier boys in each brigade
It's called Hunting the Hun
This is how it is done!

First you go get a gun
Then you look for a Hun
Then you start on the run for the son of a gun
You can capture them with ease
All you need is just a little Limburger cheese
Give 'em one little smell
They come out with a yell
Then your work is done
When they start to advance
Shoot 'em in the pants
That's the game called Hunting the Hun!

First you go get a gun
Then you look for a Hun
Then you start on the run for the son of a gun
You can capture them with ease
All you need is just a little Limburger cheese
Give 'em one little smell
They come out with a yell
Then your work is done
When they start to advance
Shoot 'em in the pants
That's the game called Hunting the Hun!

I met a soldier and he told me
It's just the latest thing across the sea
It's the game that is new
They're all doing it too!

First you go get a gun
Then you look for a Hun
Then you start on the run for the son of a gun
You can capture them with ease
All you need is just a little Limburger cheese
Give 'em one little smell
They come out with a yell
Then your work is done
When they start to advance
Shoot 'em in the pants
That's the game called Hunting the Hun!

First you go get a gun
Then you look for a Hun
Then you start on the run for the son of a gun
If you want to bring them out
Offer them a little bit of hot sauerkraut
They come over the top with a pip and a hop
Then your work is done
When they stop in to eat
Cut off their retreat
That's the game called Hunting the Hun!

First you go get a gun
Then you look for a Hun
Then you start on the run for the son of a gun
You can always make them pain
Let them know there's going to be a pinochle game
They come over the top with a pip and a hop
Then your work is done
When they first show their face
Crump 'em with a mace
That's the game called Hunting the Hun!

>> No. 57934 ID: db43be
File 146262760071.png - (13.27KB , 1171x121 , 1462626425877.png )
Euhm... About that...
>> No. 57935 ID: 254d85
wow it's almost like it was a war fought on so many fronts it involved the entire world

a "world war" if you will
>> No. 57939 ID: 9b809b
I knew this would offend somebody.

If you take offense at the fucking Harlem Hellfighters you've got a certain virulent strain of issues.

I mean next you'll be whining because the zeppelin reminds you of the one time you read a fat acceptance tumblr post
>> No. 57940 ID: 1a91fc
File 146265231843.jpg - (462.75KB , 745x420 , chosin.jpg )
I really want to see a Korean War game. Ideally about the Frozen Chosin.
Yeah it is the Marine in me that wants to see it but think about it.

could someone make this into a meme and see if the Nation of Islam types on twitter believe it?
>> No. 57941 ID: 1a91fc
File 146265328631.jpg - (212.63KB , 1203x1024 , 6c82045dc2299cc95819c1bc347f790d4873c82a.jpg )
I think the problem is that the creators are hamfisting things.

Without actually worrying about "diversity" you would end up with a diverse range of characters if you followed historical accuracy.

A game that is just about the 369th would be awesome if done right. I would drop the $$ for it.

You also have the "Bedouin woman" that is obviously an unlubed double hamfist going straight for your butthole. I mean it isn't like there are a shortage of badass women from WW1.

Take Milunka Savic for example. Google her. She was the epitome of badass. They could have essentially recreated her real life story that is rather inspirational.
>> No. 57942 ID: 53e7c0
Exactly. DICE was probably out getting more presentations on how "manspreading" on the Swedish train system and lack of diversity is the cause of all society's ills.
Meanwhile I'm still shot deep behind cover like it's still the Beta, and I've moved once and have triple the internet speed from when I first got the game.
>> No. 57943 ID: 4c768d
What happen to Dice realizing they were shit at making singleplayer campaigns after BF4, they made it sound like they weren't gonna do another one
>> No. 57944 ID: 53e7c0
Seems like now they have the mission to "educate"; mild sarcasm aside, they probably have a new director or something who decided different.
>> No. 57949 ID: 41e92c
>I knew this would offend somebody.

Offended? Hardly. I just find it hilarious. You've clearly got an agenda when your presentation shows exclusively that. But whatever, I don't care about it. I've never liked BF to begin with.

There's a lot more Indians and Maghrebans in WW1 than blacks. Yet, we don't see no social justice fuckers pushing for them to be in the games to "educate people".
It's ironic that WW1 was actually far less racist than WW2. The foreign colonial troops in the trenches were viewed as almost equivalent to white national troops and were therefore given the same care & rights when it came to equipment and leisure time. This is in large contrast to WW2.

As for the Bedouin warrior woman. I doubt they'll take the opportunity to highlight how badly we fucked them over with the Sykes-Picot agreement. And I do hope they show what Bedouin warriors were used for: diversions, sabotage, harassment. Any decent engagement wiped them out because they were uncoordinated and unused to stand up fights. They also refused to be entrenched to (temporarily) protect cities or harbors.
Take anything T.E. Lawrence wrote with a bigass grain of salt.
>> No. 57951 ID: 691da8
  Looks like they took some inspiration from Verdun and Rise of Flight.
I saw a variety of aircraft in the trailer:
Sopwith Camel
Fokker Dr.1
Bristol F.2b
Handley Page O/400 (crashing into the ground)
Sopwith 1/2 Strutter (trying to attack the battleship)

Hopefully the aircraft have a correct flight model.
>> No. 57952 ID: a569d7
File 146271666240.jpg - (231.59KB , 999x1273 , p16630coll2635-1000_jpeg.jpg )
Nothing about this game was ever going to be realistic (look how the planes explode and how fast the tanks are). But out of relatively few units in the US Army famous specifically for WWI, the Harlem Hellfighters are up there at the top. I don't understand being angry about diversity in an incredibly diverse war--this isn't like trying to shoehorn a black guy into Medieval Scotland or something. This is basically the least "agenda-y" inclusion possible. It's like being angry a Civil War game mentions the 54th Massachusetts.

They're also notable because the segregated military wanted to keep black men out of the infantry (because it was too heroic. Seriously). One of the few black units they allow on the front lines wins the fucking Croix de Guerre.

I agree the Bedouin woman is an odd choice--I would have gone for a baddass lady ambulance driver level. But the YOU WERE GERTRUDE STEIN THE WHOLE TIME surprise twist ending would probably offend people even more.
>> No. 57954 ID: 9dc901

Obviously the game and storyline will be a bunch of spectacular unrealistic bullshit in any case.

Am more interested if they finally fixed the bullet hit detection lag (probably not).
If they will dump the spyware Origin client (definitely not)
And if they intend to dump launching the game from the browser (also probably not).
>> No. 57956 ID: fd680f
Are those still huge issues? I haven't been able to play new Battlefield (old laptop).

I'd probably still get it, at least after price drops. I fucking love this era and the Mount and Blade WWI mod died too quick. Hopefully I can get a new pc cobbled together in time.

(Verdun looks amazing but I don't think my laptop could even handle the steam page)
>> No. 57961 ID: 254d85
Not really. Most of the major issues with BF4 were fixed in mid/late 2014, and the game was updated to support 60 and 120hz tickrates for the netcode around this time last year, and I want to say the "head ducking glitch" was fixed around the same time but I never had any issues with it.

The other two complaints are pretty much just fudd whining about how "STEAM IS MALWARE WHY CAN'T I PLAY HL2 WITHOUT IT?!" and having to use the browser app instead of GameSpy Arcade.
>> No. 57962 ID: 82a3e8
>I doubt they'll take the opportunity to highlight how badly we fucked them over with the Sykes-Picot agreement
I get where you are coming from, but Jesus Christ its a battlefield game, not a history channel special (pre alien channel/pre hitler channel).

Imagine a metal gear style unskippable 3 hour long cut scene explaining the ramifications of foreign powers designing the borders of foreign countries.

Oh god that would be hysterical
>> No. 57963 ID: 4c768d
>Also...a white stripes song from 2003?

>Seven Nation Army

America, Great Britain, Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russian, France, Itlay

Seems about right as those were kind of the major players
>> No. 57965 ID: 9dc901

The bullet hit detection lag has been around since BC2. Only there it wasn't as pronounced. And even after they promised they'd fix it and claiming they had "improved" it numerous times, it's still there. Case in point is video from 2015, which is after the date in your claim. Moreover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=giH0JqoVNdU it is Quite prominent in Hardline apparently as well, and this guy says it's not as bad as BF4, which is lol when watching the video.

>The other two complaints are pretty much just fudd whining about how "STEAM IS MALWARE WHY CAN'T I PLAY HL2 WITHOUT IT?!" and having to use the browser app instead of GameSpy Arcade.

I guess you need glasses or you can't read. Or think.
Steam and Origin are two different things. One is proven to go trawling through your whole hard drive, while the other is not.

And I guess having an in-game browser is too much to ask for, right? I mean, what other game has that?
Instead you have a dubious plugin and a browser that has to constantly run in the background for what?
>> No. 57966 ID: ff0dcf
It doesn't really take a lot to hint at it, though.

I mean that's the thing--there's a difference between just alluding to a thing and glossing it over completely.

Example: I'm damn sure the Harlem Hellfighter level is going to mention segregation in the Army. They probably aren't going to pause and go over Woodrow Wilson's ideology. You're probably going to see a Y girl. You aren't going to get a documentary on women in the war.

Honestly I like Assassin's Creed's approach to this (at least 3, the last one I played). They don't make you go through a documentary but there's a big (for a game) index of terms that goes more in-depth than you'd expect.
>> No. 57973 ID: 254d85
And from my experience, the game was more than playable by the time Naval Strike was released.

Here's a video since you apparently don't understand why the netcode had issues. Additionally I will point out that Hardline is a additional fork of the game and (IIRC) uses a older fork of the Battlefield netcode, similar to how CoD: Black OPs used a version of the IW Engine (and as I'll always point out, is just a highly modified Quake 3 engine) that was older than the version used in Modern Warfare 2, and got spun off into it's own "Black Ops engine" version because apparently it's easier for Treyarch's people to have their own fork.

>I guess you need glasses or you can't read. Or think.
>Steam and Origin are two different things. One is proven to go trawling through your whole hard drive, while the other is not.

Quit clutching those pearls. All the "omg ea is stealing your filezzz!" turned out to be, after all the Kotaku-esque sensationalism, the software scanning for installed games and setting/save files. And it's been known for years now that Steam also scans your harddrive and DNS history as part of Valve Anti-Cheat's functions, but apparently that's not a problem for you.
>> No. 57974 ID: ebb4ba
File 146280971567.jpg - (89.39KB , 600x349 , 932.jpg )
>it's a "people are surprised that a bunch of swedes are raging cucks" episode
>> No. 57975 ID: 9dc901

I'm not a programmer, I'm an end user. And explaining why it happens does nothing to fix it, now does it? A normal day of playing Battlefield is like the laggiest day of playing ArmA.

>And from my experience, the game was more than playable by the time Naval Strike was released.

It was always playable. Depending on your tolerance to lag.

>Quit clutching those pearls. All the "omg ea is stealing your filezzz!" turned out to be, after all the Kotaku-esque sensationalism, the software scanning for installed games and setting/save files. And it's been known for years now that Steam also scans your harddrive and DNS history as part of Valve Anti-Cheat's functions, but apparently that's not a problem for you.

It turned out how? By EA's press statements, yes. Meanwhile if you look through process monitor what Origin is accessing and compare it with Steam it paints a different picture.

And again, this is comparing it, not saying that Steam isn't spyware. It's just that Origin is that much worse, but you had to defend spywaring by invoking the softer option because you are apparently very OK with it.
>> No. 57988 ID: 0cb322
I still play BF4, with my brother. I'm still killed by time traveling bullets, after the enemy player is dead; deep behind cover like indestructible buildings, tanks or other junk, etc.

This is moving from out in the sticks where DSL was the only option to one of the largest cities in the country and my internet speed is literally 3x what it was before.

In all reality, BF4 was a rushed and unfinished product, more so than BF: Vietnam. They're also "Call Of Duty" -ing the title too much. I brought it up in the thread about Squad, but a lot of their recent design choices have been poor. BF4 design decisions, BF Hardline, etc.
They have DICE exclusive loadouts, camo, etc. but working hit detection, fuck it. Ship the product?

As far as design decisions, as far as basic game design; it's 2016. It's time we found a mechanic besides random spawn around a point and hope you don't get killed if you're spawning in, or hope have enough ammo and few people decide to spawn at the point you're at if you're capping.

Totally ignoring any netcode problems, in game mechanics are just a total clusterfuck. "Assault" can't carry a medic bag and an underslung device, or more than 1 grenade (or be white lol zing!), but "support" can carry an XM25, ammo crate, and an belt fed LMG? AN engineer can carry a carbine and 5 AT4s, or a Stinger or 9K38 Igla and 5 rockets, etc.?
Desert Eagle, really? Or MP412 Rex which doesn't even exist?

With how passengers could use weapons from a Scout Helo it was way more heavily armed than an *ATTACK* Helo? When the Desert Eagle was introduced it was doing something like 80 damage. A normal assault rifle was doing about 35 at that time, I think. I can't even recall how many balance passes they did on guns and accessories, to the point that you have all these weapons and shit but they've been nerfed all to the relative same level, defeating the purpose of having multiple weapons at all IMO, and the accessories mechanics don't even work like they did at launch, now with blanket recoil and dispersion and return to zero times that are impossible unaffected by accessories, etc.

That being said, the graphics were great, and I still much prefer their level design to any nasty dog-cage sized Activision and InfiniTreyarchWard are shitting out,
I like Battelfield, but I wasn't really a fan of the the Bad Company series, and BF4 was a step in the wrong direction. Hardline was the first from the series I had no interest in, since BF1942. I don't give rat's balls about Star Wars so that $80 reskin didn't impress me either.

I'm intrigued by Battlefield 1, as I'd basically written of the series to Activision-tier bullshit and faggotry like the Madden franchise, but I'm definitely waiting and it better be damn good for $79.

And Clio, just in general, my problem with DICE's/EA's hamfisted-ness with race. It stems from the fact they removed the white assault entirely in BF3 (African Americans are about 9% of the infantry) literally shitting all over one race, and then saying "we made it "inclusive"". I didn't really care, until when people protested, DICE and EA got their panties in a twist saying that the "digital character's race didn't matter"... but if that were true then why, months into development, did someone spend all that time coding it into the game? (shittily I might add, because your character's forearms were still white, etc.) You can't literally shit all over one race and then say race doesn't matter and expect to be taken seriously. That's just as disingenuous as me holding up Afghani womens' test scores as evidence of women being intellectually inferior to men.
Unfortunately it seems like a lot of modern progressivism has become that way, regardless of the side of the Atlantic: It doesn't matter how hamfisted it is, as long as the rhetoric is okay.
>> No. 57989 ID: 0cb322
so many errors too many to correct. Please ignore, I'm on a laptop. Battery's low and my laundry's done.
>> No. 57994 ID: b86cd3
>Battlefield 1, at the time of publishing, has just over 1,107,000 likes, slotting it just behind Beyonce's Drunk in Love music video. Its also got a positive like:dislike ratio with just over 20,000 negative votes. It's worth noting that Battlefield 1 has not been added to the linked YouTube playlist, so this information may not be completely accurate.

>On the other end of the spectrum in more than just name, Infinite Warfare sits at nearly 1,400,000 dislikes. Not only does this make it the most disliked trailer of all time, it makes it the fifth most disliked video in YouTube history. It's ahead of Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" and closing in on "Gangnam Style" by Psy. Again, it's worth noting these numbers may not be 100% accurate.
>> No. 58003 ID: 254d85
Probably has more to do with the Modern Warfare remaster only being available in a $100 bundle with Infinite Warfare. Or maybe people are actually getting tired of all the futrewar/modern war shit.

>Call of Duty has gotten so bad they have to force people to buy the new games by bundling them with the good ones.
>> No. 58005 ID: 691da8
  I'm hoping for a remix of this track for the main menu
>> No. 58006 ID: 691da8
  Trailer analysis from the Great War channel.
>> No. 58062 ID: e517e3
Facepalmed at the teaser trailer because it just seems like another gimmicky theme/setting Battlefield game (like Hardline) that will put more effort into being pretty window-dressing with EA marketingbux than a truly enjoyable game.

I get it. Battlefield 3.5 was a fucking disaster and is filled with cheese. This? This, however, isn't fixing the problem. It's also ignoring things like Bad Company 3 and BF2143 which have been desired by the fans for ages. How many fucking Korean War games are there, again?

Also, knowing DICE/EA and how bolt-action rifles being main combat rifles in a game is about as fun and exciting as jamming your hand into a clogged convenience store toilet, they'll probably fill it with shit like prototypes and one-offs and whatnot. Wouldn't surprise me if the Thompson prototype was the first unlock and Pedersen devices were the default starting rifle for both side for some reason.
>> No. 58063 ID: ebb4ba
>a AAA title isn't going to be a boring slogfest simulator abloobloohoo
>> No. 58064 ID: 82a3e8
Mike, what are you even complaining about?

Cause to me its basically

>This is gonna be dumb over the top action
>Realistic bolt actions would be boring as fuck
>They should make an over the top fun bad company 3/2143
>Or they should make a game about an even more unknown war.

Im fairly convinced now that you are literally two opposite people posting at the same time under the same trip name.

Or you are bipolar as fuck.
>> No. 58065 ID: ebb4ba
  An image, or message, is required for a reply.
>> No. 58070 ID: 5e8be9
CoD WaW made bolt actions pretty fun actually

My problem with that game was the AI spamming grenades and sniping from across the map with MP40's.
>> No. 58071 ID: 33338c
>US gets Pedersen device
>French have RSC Mle 1917/Meunier A6 M1916/Ribeyrolle 1918
>Germany have Mauser M1916 Selbslader or Mondragon
>Brits get Farquhar-Hill
>Russians have Federov Avtomat

I'm pretty much okay with this.
>> No. 58073 ID: 53e7c0
CoD WaW was the last one I tried.

In my opinion, it too was dumbed down for console peasants, and had garbage maps.

Perks are stupid and are a huge detriment to lower-leveled players playing against you.

Zombies was fun, but again, relies too much on lucky mystery box "rolls" instead of skill.

Plus, after I learned how Activision was treating the series's creators, I had zero desire to support Activision.
>> No. 58078 ID: e517e3
It's a Battlefield game. You're kidding yourself if you're under the impression that it won't be filled with chokepoints almost tailor made for grenade and machine gun spam which turns into an hour long meatgrinder. Only to turn into an even bigger clusterfuck with 2000 ticket matches.

I'd really love to hear your thought process on how you came to conclusion that my post was "bipolar." That's some impressive mental gymnastics.

What does sound contradicting and bipolar seems to be you advocating a historical setting where the tanks were slower than what infantry could run at and of which few had fully transversing turrets. And where horse-mounted cavalry was still a common thing. And where the bolt-action rifle was the de facto standard... Only to then not only be cool with but support meddling with this historical era to the point where it no longer resembles reality in order to make it playable and have Michael Bay style action in it.

Again, why even bother? Why pick that setting and change it that much? Why even support such a decision to use WWI if you'll just have to change the historical reality that fucking much to suit gameplay expectations. You don't find this stance of yours contradicting and bipolar? Because I sure as fuck do.

As for the Korean War - yeah, it's even more obscure. They also had viable combined arms and infantry weapons to make gameplay interesting. Oh well. Enjoy your Mark V tanks, using your horse-mount and getting the gas mask unlock and using your bolt-action Springfield only until you unlock your prototype Thompson. At this point, you might as well make a multiplayer game of the WWI fantasy scene from Sucker Punch and have strippers mowing down zombie Germans with UMP45s. At least silly/fun shit like that can be excused by way of being intention and complete fantasy. Would probably be more entertaining as well.

Why even bother picking WWI as an era and setting if you're going to modify the setting to that point, then?

Let's not even get into fucking vehicle combat and how "exciting" driving around a British Mark V is going to be. By the time you get the thing to the contested points on the map, half the match will have gone by.
>> No. 58079 ID: 82a3e8
>Entire Post
Bro.. What the fuck? You seem to be projecting and pretending that what you posted is what I said. The only things I have said in this thread is "body wasnt ready, hyped" and "Dude your post is contradictory is fuck".

>At this point, you might as well make a multiplayer game of the WWI fantasy scene from Sucker Punch and have strippers mowing down zombie Germans with UMP45s.
Id be ok with that 100% to be honest. Because I play games to have fun. Not to sit in a trench for 40 minutes before some neckbeard orders my group to charge only for all of us to get mowed down instantly and have to wait minutes to respawn.

>Why even bother picking WWI as an era and setting if you're going to modify the setting to that point, then?
noun: fun

enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.

Ever heard of it?

Please re-read your posts man. Cause now I am seriously starting to worry about your sanity, where before I was joking.
>> No. 58080 ID: e517e3
>Bro.. What the fuck? You seem to be projecting and pretending that what you posted is what I said.

...Except in the same post you said this you also defended Battlefield 1 and any changes to historical setting for gameplay reasons as valid on the basis of "fun."

Which, leaving aside the subjective and nebulous nature of that rebuttal, is conflicting with your claim here.

>Please re-read your posts man. Cause now I am seriously starting to worry about your sanity, where before I was joking.

Oh no. SchrodingerGit who is simultaneously taking two different conflicting stances and doesn't even realize it is concerned for my webpsyche. Oh dear.

Are you a batshit insane hobo, by chance, that found Sneaky's lost phone? Please return it. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.
>> No. 58081 ID: 82a3e8
Bro. Read my post >>58080 You realize those green texts were summing up your positions. Not mine. The only thing I have said good or bad about battlefield 1 is "it looks fun".

I think you seriously misread/misinterpreted what I was saying.

Your shit is so twisted you are starting to confuse me. Thats an unlocked achievement.
>> No. 58082 ID: e517e3
>Bro. Read my post >>58080 You realize those green texts were summing up your positions. Not mine. The only thing I have said good or bad about battlefield 1 is "it looks fun".

Why do you think I'm referring to your greentext summary when I never addressed them? It's not normal to reference conversations that you never had with people.

The only thing I ever referenced in regards to you was you defending WWI being a good idea for a setting of a Battlefield game. It isn't. I explained why.

If you think DICE is capable of pulling off a "historical" WWI game that will, instead, almost certainly look like a bad dieselpunk fanfic alt history take on WWI by the time everything is said and done, let me just point to Hardline and Battlefront. And how Battlefield 4 limped along for almost a year until it was playable. Now they have to pull off a combined arms multiplayer FPS title with weapon systems that were making their debut and with a theater that was a legitimate clusterfuck for what were modern militaries of the time. Yeah, I wouldn't bet money on that.

WWI is a terrible setting for a multiplayer shooter. Battlefield 1 will probably die off quicker than even Verdun did. Probably because Verdun did a better job than what DICE will be capable of.
>> No. 58083 ID: ebb4ba
File 146475442526.jpg - (13.39KB , 229x208 , 1407814825290.jpg )
>it's a "shogunnamedmongoloid proves he's illiterate with his autismal essays for the 17th time" episode
They're almost like re-runs at this point.
>> No. 58084 ID: e517e3
File 146475567365.jpg - (16.34KB , 600x600 , Cgnz0zeUgAEcokc_jpg large.jpg )
At least take pride in or put some effort into your shitposting.
>> No. 58085 ID: 82a3e8
File 146475932278.jpg - (104.72KB , 500x365 , fit6728_mad.jpg )
>dis nigga cant read
>> No. 58086 ID: e517e3
File 146476566376.gif - (3.50MB , 300x300 , emergency first aid for chronic butthurt.gif )
Do you require medicinal care for your chronic condition? Soothing relief is merely seconds away.
>> No. 58310 ID: d4c8ee
  Anybody get into the alpha?
>> No. 58315 ID: 9dcda2
Wow, I'm impressed.
>> No. 58317 ID: 5036fc
been playing it since the middle of last week.

my god the optimization is pretty bad so it makes it hard to give it a proper judgement. The hype is real but there are some major issues with it atm that i would think dice will fix (it is an alpha after all)
>> No. 58318 ID: 82a3e8
I can has alphas?
>> No. 58337 ID: 4c768d
>The hype is real but there are some major issues with it atm that i would think dice will fix (it is an alpha after all)

that's how I felt with BF4, although they did fix the issues, the game still had other major problems
>> No. 58344 ID: 5036fc
Yeah, i have my apprehensions as well.

The only advantage is I can see them now and (hopefully) keep them on the discussion forums and/or see if they actually change things as it progresses from alpha to closed beta to open beta (demo).

I was all ready to preorder it about a week ago (i know, i know, preorder, dont do that. but I KNOW i will get it anyway... cause battlefield, i can assure you it is 1000000x better than hardline and battlefront still at this point), but i am holding off at this point.
>> No. 58537 ID: 4c768d
Insider beta is out

One map, Rush or Conquest, 4 classes without customization

>only sniper has a bolt action rifle and can't remove the scope cause beta
>say anything bad about the game in chat multiple people will remind you that it's a beta and the final game will clearly be nothing like this.
>> No. 58558 ID: c78a4e
>Semiautomatic "bolt action" rifles
>British A7V's dune surfing inna desert
>We wuz trench rats n sheeiiit

Fuck this gay earth.
>> No. 58561 ID: 67a968

I'm really happy that they had an open beta if only because it dissuaded any interest I had in purchasing the game.

Maybe I'll buy Verdun instead.
>> No. 58563 ID: 82a3e8
Weird. Im having a blast with it.

But I didnt go into it expecting ULTRA REALISM in a battlefield game.

Having said that
>Pick up the big mg/trench armor
>Proceed to follow behind a light tank into a bomb point, clear EVERYBODY out.
>Proceed to do this for the next 5 bomb points until some sniper pegged me in the back of the head.
You can withstand SOOO much small arms with that.

Also calvary spawn is awesome. Ride around on horse back drive bying dudes in the face with a lever action.
>> No. 58564 ID: a238db
File 147286405639.jpg - (48.10KB , 607x900 , tumblr_nv5qskD6c21qaj2cmo1_1280.jpg )


ya what was i thinking expecting bolt actions in a WWI game stupid me. my point being the draw of battlefield 1 was the era and setting, for me that is ruined now its the same experiences i could get by going back and playing BF3 or if i had ever played hem BF4 and i expect BF Hardline......

i was not looking for squad i dont need that in a battlefield game though i wish squads and the commander worked more like they did in BF2
>> No. 58565 ID: 82a3e8
Whoa chill bro. Im not questioning your manhood because you dont like a game that I like.

Keep in mind however that this beta has access to only one weapon per slot, per class. If you roll back and watch alpha /reveal gameplay you will see there are a few bolt actions for every class from the looks of it (almost). Sure "no one" will use them because there are semis and autos, but have you noticed the massive gulf in damage with the bolt actions?

If they had 80% bolt actions with rare players using autos or semis the gameplay would be COMPLETELY worthless with the engine. If you want to try that, go to bolt action only battlefield 4 servers (well bolts and pistols). Its... pretty bad.

I for one am enjoying it. I just man tanked with a flame thrower guy supporting me from behind. It was almost like a really bad B rated action movie.
>> No. 58571 ID: 5ad515

Honestly, this.

I was kinda on the fence, mainly waiting to see if it felt authentic enough to allow suspension of disbelief and... it doesn't. It feels like Battlefield 4/Hardline with new maps/weapon skins. 95% of players will be sprinting around with fully automatic weapons, a few with semi-automatics, and then maybe a few snipers with scoped bolt actions. It's the same meta as all the other Battlefield games, doesn't feel remotely like a WW1 game.
>> No. 58572 ID: d4c8ee
>i was not looking for squad i dont need that in a battlefield game

Found the hill wookie.

DICE has been pretty clear in interviews since the reveal that the "classic Battlefield gameplay" is still paramount so I'm not really sure why you'd expect otherwise.
>> No. 58574 ID: b2f730
I'm having a great time getting in some games since yesterday.

A few things need moderate tweaking for the final release. As it is the novelty makes you forgive them but it needs cleaning up. Medic and the reviving situation for one, I love being a good medic in a functioning squad so this stands out to me.

Mostly it is on course to convincing me to buy it when it comes out. Last I bought was BF3 as 4 was a shit show for a year and the star wars thing looked hollow as all fuck. Thought I was done with Battlefield until now like (I'd buy another Bad company yin a heart beat though I suppose).

It has some of the most satisfying killing and gameplay moments I have had in a while. The bayonet charging is superb.

>Sand storm rolls in and I charge down a road with an enemy sharpshooter panic firing his bolt action around my head just before I run him clean through.

>I am rolling through the town with a flame-thrower burning out squads by the room full. They are converging on my, so I am setting the world on fire around me. The last man of the enemy squad burning to death kills me with a spiked club to the face just before he turns into a crispy husk. We congratulated each other for the moment in the chat.

>Dashing across the dunes with on my warhorse and I spot an enemy on horse back as he spots me. Firing at each other with rifles on approach we both go to the sabre charging at each other. Single combat as gentlemen even in this modern war.

I knew it would get me all hyped up about WW1 so I bought a 4 pack of Verdun and gave it to my friends who didn't already have it so we can play that sometimes too and really get the authentic trench war hell fix.
>> No. 58575 ID: 5ad515

Apparently I was taking "classic battlefield gameplay" too literally, I just thought they meant they were keeping the air/tank/infantry gameplay and conquest game mode, not that they meant "we are literally just putting a fresh coat of paint on Battlefield 4, the same way we did with Hardline". I was expecting something interesting and respective of the setting, that's my bad I guess.
>> No. 58576 ID: 4c768d
After playing a bit more and watching more gameplay I'll probably end up buying it. With BF3 & 4 I always felt I needed a way to deal with vehicles effectively, which mean basically only playing engineer. The vehicles in BF1 seem easier to deal with and not as big of a threat, which I like a lot.

Only getting around 30-40fps though, even though I can run BF4 on high just fine. Apparently my computer is only recognizing 6gb of my 8gb or ram, and says only 4gb are "usable". Ordered an 8gb stick so hopefully that will fix my problems
>> No. 58577 ID: d0041a

WW1 "can" be pulled off in a shooter, the problem is you have to seriously rethink shooter mechanics and pacing and put alot of time into the game modes. Verdun is an example that can be built upon. I personally think for a WW1 shooter to be great it would need large servers 64+ players on large maps talking 5km2+ having bots that are worth a damn - and alot of them.

DICE knew going into this they were going to butcher history so why didn't they just make it into an alt-history WW1 that got dragged into the 1920's or even 30's?
>> No. 58580 ID: 9dcda2
File 147304867976.jpg - (315.44KB , 1920x1080 , bf1 2016-09-04 22-51-47-61.jpg )
I never thought being a gunner on a Gotha bomber would be so fun.

The extremely shitty airplanes remind me of Tribes 2. With my bombardier CC Razool and tailgunner Atomic Jew, no vehicle pad was safe. (I was really fucking good at flying bombers in Tribes 2.)
>> No. 58589 ID: 9dcda2
File 147318093825.jpg - (292.63KB , 1920x1080 , bf1 2016-09-06 12-30-51-26.jpg )
Dogfighting is pretty fun.
>> No. 58590 ID: 4c768d
I would love it if Dice ripoff'ed Verdun's frontline game mode, could make it 2-way Rush or something.
>> No. 58592 ID: 4c768d
File 147321740327.png - (218.11KB , 947x478 , 3ybMZIr.png )
>Guy on my team is 70-0 at the end of the game
>everyone accuses him of hacking
>He's in my squad
>decide to watch him the next game
>camping in a tank around different parts of the map
>goes 68-2
>is level 72 in fucking beta
>enemy team doesn't know how to kill him

>that feel when no decent anti-tank
>> No. 58593 ID: 86d09e

Same thing happened to me in Verdun. Usually I'm the one accused of hacking (people just don't understand MGs are quite decent at long range sniping bursts, and Verdun doesn't show you where you were shot from), but this time there was a squad mate of mine doing 70-0 on a game we lost.

So I checked him out. Turns out he's always a huge distance behind our line & just snipes the living shit out of everyone.
>> No. 58594 ID: 369bd6
File 147329062126.jpg - (233.84KB , 1500x1500 , 1471652985280.jpg )
that seems true of a lot of modern games. They seem to balance things for idiots. So anti-vehicle weapons are often complete crap because they expect the vehicle drivers to be some mouth breather who otherwise wouldn't last a min.

EA seems to think infantry anti-vehicle weapons should only be an inconvenience whereas vehicles should counter each other. (like the manpads in most battlefield games) Or maybe they are trying to show how the introduction of tanks took the world by surprise? (ha)
>> No. 58595 ID: 82a3e8
The anti tank grenade bundle wrecks tanks... BAD.

Also those manpad anti tank guns are so fun to use.
>> No. 58598 ID: 5ad515
>manpad anti tank guns

>> No. 58599 ID: 721241

Can confirm. Went 70-2 (between me and one teammate) in squad death match in bf3. Grabbed the IFV, got a gunner. He had voice coms. I didn't. I put in the best driving of my life. Huge clusterfuck in the middle of the map, I roll in and breka it up. Two guys on foot take the middle of the map. The aggressive squads fucked off after naother attempt and changed tactics.
They'd dig in and get cover to fire on each other, and sit around waiting for the vehicle ot park in the open and shoot at them. I'm not retarded, so we always kept moving. the stationary retards would dig in and get nailed by autocanon fire from across the map, hitting dirt with RPGS and wasting javelins.
AT couldn't land enough hits stop me from power sliding down hills into cover to repair. Any lone hero trying to get down to our little corner of the map got run the fuck over if he was downslope.

Cue three squads worth of mines all over the island to finally get rid of me.
>> No. 58601 ID: 82a3e8
>Man portable armor defense
>> No. 58634 ID: d4c8ee
Hey FYI, all BF4 DLC is free until the 19th to promote BF1.
>> No. 58650 ID: d0041a
I think he's referring to the 37mm Maxim autocannon
>> No. 58675 ID: b86cd3
File KnobbySlushyElephant.webm - (3.54MB )
There's a 2.7mm Kolibri in the game.
>> No. 58682 ID: d4c8ee
The campaign is pretty fun on hard. I'd suggest taking a break between episodes, because they're fairly short.

Multi seems pretty good, though as usual shotguns probably need a nerf and Support needs a buff. (And for those who hated Battlelog, it's gone now and there's a in-game server browser, though there isn't a way to change your loadouts outside of a match as far as I can tell.)
>> No. 58687 ID: 9dcda2
File 147702022346.jpg - (97.41KB , 926x626 , bf1 preload.jpg )
I think I was the only person who didn't have issues with Battlelog. BF3, 4, and H, no problems. (Firefox maybe?)


Though I'm not going to have any time to play for a few days. Oh well.
>> No. 58688 ID: d4c8ee
I didn't have any problems with Battlelog either, but some people apparently hated it.

Being able to alt-tab out and change to another server without quitting the game was nice, but the main thing I liked was being able to edit loadouts without launching the game, and you can't do that in BF1 without joining a server. With BF1 there's the new Battlefield Companion thing, but most of the time it doesn't save my loadout changes. (And as I check it now, all of my loadout presets have been reset)
>> No. 58691 ID: d4c8ee
Further thoughts:

Assault is the main CQB/explosives class and the gadgets are as you'd expect: TNT, Geballte Ladungs, a mediocre rocket gun and mines. The MP18 is pretty good for a starting gun, the M1918 has great hipfire if you like that type of gameplay and the Trench is a straight upgrade to it, while the Storm has better recoil. I'm ambivalent on the shotguns and have just been using the M97 Hunter.

Medic, pressing Q while aiming at somebody automatically throws the small health pouches, same with support's ammo packs. The Cei-Regotti feels lackluster, the M1907 is excellent at close range, the Mondragon and Selb are better at range. I tend to set them to 2x magnification instead of the usual 1.25 for irons.

Support really needs another type of gadget. Mortars aren't hugely useful on some maps, same for limpet mines. The starting Lewis is serviceable like BF4's Ultimax, the Hotchkiss M1909 Storm is a great "assault rifle" type LMG for before you get the BAR, the MG15 nA LW is a more conventional belt feld but is worse than the Lewis LW IMO.

Scout's flare gun is the most useful gadget and is essentially the recon balls from BC2, fire it into a area you want to spot stuff. It also burns people to death. I don't like the SMLE, but the M1895 Russian is a great rifle. K-bullets are kinda pointless unless you've got a support feeding you ammo, but I've downed a few aircraft with them.

Sidearms, just use whatever is cool. The assault's Gasser takes forever to reload but is fun. Apparently the higher rank melee unlocks can be used to smash through walls or damage vehicles. Mini and incendiary grenades are worth unlocking. Also bayonets increase your ADS time so you might find it worth removing them from some guns.

Don't spawn in the fucking heavy tank. Both the medium and light are far more useful. Vehicles have loadouts but they're fairly obscured. Haven't tried much with airplanes yet since I'm still working on setting up a good control scheme.
>> No. 58692 ID: 82a3e8
Allegedly it is being bought for me today by a friend cause my birthday was last week and he forgot. ZING.
>> No. 58697 ID: d4c8ee
Stats are up, this is helpful for figuring out what Storm/Trench/Carbine/whatever actually means in comparison to Factory/Infantry guns.

Also I'd highly suggest the Auto-10 for a shotgun unlock, yes it fires slower than the M97 but it hits like a truck. Would also highly advise against getting the M1895 Trench, since it's worse in every aspect than the Infantry.
>> No. 58703 ID: b86cd3
I'm loving the game so far.

Though it sucks that they didn't include the Thompson Annihilator prototype. I figure it'd work as a lower ROF, high damage subgun with a 20 round stick vs the AR-style MP18 and the buzzsaw M1918. But that's what DLC is for I guess. (The Persuader was belt fed and would probably offer too much overlap with the Hellriegel)

I expect the Model 10 is gonna get nerfed hard, sadly. I got the Hunter last night it felt like I was regularly getting one-shot kills under 10 meters and 1-2 shot kills under 30.
>> No. 58704 ID: 82a3e8
Got it yesterday from a friend and I have been enjoying the single player so far.

I loved when I was flying at those airships in the plane guys mission and I was like "Fighter screen soon" and then I was like "Um. Why is my entire screen/the sky filled with parts of red planes" then it hit me just how many were flying at me and I was a little pleasantly surprised.
>> No. 58705 ID: cd5ece
File 147747420160.jpg - (367.01KB , 1920x1080 , bf1 2016-10-25 23-26-17-30.jpg )
Pictured: I'm gonna need a personal injury lawyer after getting rear ended so many times.

I was having issues with my laptop's CPU overheating and shutting down. I pulled the thing apart and re-thermal-pasted the CPU and GPU, which was good for about 5'C and kept my machine from shutting down. Also, there's a thread on reddit that has some tips. I limited my FPS to 60 and that brought down the temperature quite a bit too.


> Make a file name 'user.cfg' and place it in your Battlefield 1 folder, add the following lines:

> gametime.maxvariablefps 60
>> No. 58708 ID: 82a3e8
Im digging the operation game mode.

Airburst = fun.

>Defending a point in a small room in a bunker
>As flame trooper
>ended up like 45 and 2.
>> No. 58717 ID: 6ca38e
IMO, the airburst needs a longer flight time and a longer range. Or maybe do this for the HE and make it a single hit kill in a very small radius. Something to make it highly effective against stationary targets....like all the goddamn snipers.

I mean, I don't mind snipers THAT much, they're fairly easy to avoid and not that hard to kill if you have a decently accurate weapon. But...there are far too many of them, especially when your team is supposed to be capturing an objective of some sort and half your team is dug in on among the rocks sniping instead of doing something more useful. If there was a good counter to them that they can't easily reach it might reduce the number of snipers and actually get them on the objective.
>> No. 58718 ID: cd5ece
The HE mortar is a train wrecker. Protip: You don't have to wait for your view to return before firing again. If you're on target, just mash the fire button.

Sniping is unbalanced, it's too easy and the other class's weapons are too inaccurate. Just what you want in a team game with objectives and tanks, make the most non-team non-objective and non-anti-tank class the most desirable.

My BF1 balance suggestions would be to...
- More crosshair sway for snipers when not holding breath
- Higher rate of fire for medic semi-autos
- Less spread for support LMGs firing in bursts or tapping off single shots
- Make the MP18 a decent weapon (holy shit is it bad)
- Decrease QF1AA range
- Increase assault class anti tank grenade damage (maybe less range)
>> No. 58719 ID: cd5ece
File 147781237363.jpg - (288.87KB , 1920x1080 , bf1 2016-10-27 15-32-45-53.jpg )
Forgot my very exciting picture.
>> No. 58722 ID: 721241
You've clearly never played battlefield before if you think that.

Those fuckers will NEVER stop playing sniper. They're scum, and you should fuck the ones on your team over at every opportunity.
>> No. 58724 ID: 82a3e8
Pretty much this.

Also I did not like sniping in many BF games. I sorta enjoy it on BF1. So good on them for making the sniper rifles worth a damn if you arent super leet mlg420noscopeblazeitfaggot good.

Ive gotten a lot of "most bombs planted" "most flags capped" etc against and with near full sniper team. Pop on mask, toss some gas grenades, wade into gas with shotgun or smg and murdalize.

I could get behind buffing the supports weapons though. I feel like their weapons are mostly worthless but their gadgets are top tier. Which unfortunately leaves a ton of supports back using airburst and not up in the front dropping ammo and bodies.
>> No. 58725 ID: 6ca38e
I've played all the Battlefield games extensively (Except Hardline. I tried to love it but I couldn't). I'm just a dreamer, is all.

Anyway, I'm on PC. If anyone wants to add me its: Operat0rKain
>> No. 58726 ID: cd5ece
File 147788160926.png - (13.39KB , 131x115 , hardest of joes.png )
>> No. 58738 ID: d4c8ee
>hardcore "soon"
>Suez going from 3 to 5 flags
>community event starting on the 16th
>it'll introduce a mode called "fog of war" which turns off the map and soldier tags
>"major update" this month, including server rentals and custom modes
>Battle of the Selle map in December
>> No. 58745 ID: cd5ece
File 147829438861.jpg - (318.86KB , 1920x1080 , bf1 2016-11-04 01-48-54-18.jpg )
Another satisfied customer.

I had a great fucking round as the front gunner on the bomber. Wasting snipers, horses, other planes, AA gunners. 32 and 8.

Target priority:
2. Other planes
3. Snipers
4. Light vehicles
5. Anything that moves
>> No. 58750 ID: 9dcda2
If you sniper fags haven't tried out the Mars Automatic Pistol, get it. It's the original Desert Eagle, and basically as good as a medic semi-auto rifle.
>> No. 58771 ID: c10b88

Bit of a late reply here but I have Firefox and have had nothing but problems with Battlelog for BF3. Haven't tried any BF after that because I hated BF3 (and Battlelog) so much, though.
>> No. 58852 ID: 9dcda2
File 148466448320.png - (99.64KB , 1202x1224 , bf1 stats.png )
Wew. I'm in the top 1% of bomber pilots, rank 1238.

>> No. 58853 ID: 9dcda2
File 148466467363.jpg - (66.08KB , 433x506 , bf1_2017_01_15_20_12_25_819.jpg )
There's nothing more satisfying than blowing up a fully loaded heavy tank with a torpedo.

(Except for doing it to an AA truck. Pricks.)
>> No. 58857 ID: 9dcda2
File 148484891354.jpg - (359.06KB , 3440x1377 , bf1_2017_01_18_12_58_29_352.jpg )
> spawn into the bomber
> foggy
> hop on front gun
> few enough bombing missions in Tribes 2 to know we're too low
> see the building
> hop out, no parachute needed
> dude plows right into the building

This is what accident investigators call "Controlled flight into terrain."
>> No. 58858 ID: 95e359
File 148487588887.jpg - (361.03KB , 4256x2832 , Kiowa.jpg )
>see this
>Literally just got done with a case study of Air France 296
>> No. 58866 ID: 9dcda2
File 148513963695.jpg - (961.96KB , 3440x1377 , bf1_2017_01_22_17_46_13_175.jpg )
Sweet revenge.
>> No. 58874 ID: 9dcda2
File 148591608643.jpg - (402.01KB , 3440x1377 , bf1_2017_01_29_14_37_05_488.jpg )
That's two fighters crashing into me.
>> No. 58908 ID: 9dcda2
File 148820638112.jpg - (555.60KB , 3440x1377 , bf1_2017_02_26_18_27_53_070.jpg )
Took care of that stow-away.
>> No. 58909 ID: 9dcda2
File 148820643668.jpg - (653.67KB , 3440x1377 , bf1_2017_02_26_18_45_29_451.jpg )
Uh, I'll just lay low for a while...
>> No. 58910 ID: 9dcda2
File 148820649377.jpg - (765.33KB , 3440x1440 , bf1_2017_02_26_21_20_14_512.jpg )
I wonder if this flying horse was a bad omen.
>> No. 58933 ID: 9dcda2
File 148963268887.jpg - (531.87KB , 3440x1440 , bf1_2017_03_15_20_43_47_722.jpg )
New DLC is out for premium folks. 4 new maps. 2 are pretty standard country side round maps. One is a narrow valley that's pretty unbalanced, but fucking amazing looking. The other is Op Locker 1917, but pretty fun.

The Chauchat is fucking terrible.
>> No. 58934 ID: 9dcda2
File 148963278533.jpg - (823.27KB , 3440x1440 , bf1_2017_03_14_16_36_44_474.jpg )
New assault tank. It's pretty mobile.
>> No. 58950 ID: 9dcda2
File 149109904653.jpg - (89.36KB , 956x660 , bf1_2017_04_01_21_25_54_262.jpg )
I just went 55-0 with the attack plane. The next round I went fighter and shot down 12 planes, got reported for cheating, and cussed out by 3 people.

It's not that I have pro MLG skills or anything, they just sucked.
>> No. 58953 ID: eb2308
Got back into the game, frontline is fucking excellent. Go play it.
>> No. 58954 ID: 9dcda2
File 149143714429.jpg - (69.41KB , 600x548 , bf1_2017_04_01_19_40_45_146.jpg )
I had a Frontlines match on Verdun Heights that took nearly as long as the actual Battle of Verdun. After 98 minutes the game called it a draw. It was Overwatch-tier frustrating.
>> No. 58955 ID: 9dcda2
File 149143824345.jpg - (64.28KB , 311x311 , fallout the team.jpg )
Also, updated my Origin profile pic.
>> No. 58961 ID: eb2308
There's always one god mode point for each side that takes an hour to fucking break.

Once you do though, holy shit is it satisfying.
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