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File 14626941966.jpg - (61.21KB , 1440x900 , Ragnarok2.jpg )
57950 No. 57950 ID: c2499b
Does anyone play Eve Online and streams them and uses Twitch? If you do please let me know. I love to see your game play.

Please send me your e-mail to:

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>> No. 57958 ID: d8ab9d
File 146273471794.jpg - (37.12KB , 500x566 , 1390138740123.jpg )
I'll just have a seat over here and see where this goes.
>> No. 57968 ID: 5a6ad6
  Here Ill save you the effort of finding an Eve streamer
>> No. 57969 ID: 82a3e8
Ive always wanted to play. Every time I do people who said theyd lend a hand dont ever get online, and the learning curve is about 1% gradient too steep for me.
>> No. 57970 ID: 9723b1
Why would anyone play Eve Online?

It's the most boring game in the fucking universe, even in the fictional universe it's staged in.
This game was more like work than my actual work.
When I just couldn't freeware it anymore I sunk $150 dollars into it and got barely minutes of actual enjoyment.
It was so much work when I uninstalled it I felt like I deserved a retirement check.

No check was forthcoming from CCP, so I just paid a hooker $50 for a blowjob with a two finger surprise.
Time-wise the BJ was exactly the same length of enjoyment I derived from months of gamplay.
BJ was actually superior quality enjoyment because this game never made me spooge until the scum was pink.
Far less work.
Half the price.
And I got to do something nice for a disadvantaged single mother.

Fuck that cancerous "game", I'd rather play Roshambo with a construction worker.
>> No. 57972 ID: 90a126
File 146277666671.png - (16.84KB , 600x315 , said by mandy.png )
Pretty much how I feel aboot it. It looks like a fun game.......if you got friends, if you got the money and time to invest in it (I've heard from several people playing freeware these days in nearly impossible), and if you can overcome the learning curve which from what I've heard is quite severe.

The friend thing is what really gets me for most any MMO, all of my IRL friends are douchnozzles who bail on me anytime I try to interest them in a game save consolely ass shit like L4D (which don't get me wrong, is a fun game but isn't exactly deep) or are dirty console peasants.

And I've been having a real deep urge to find an MMO to play. I haven't actually played any since.......fuck probably pre-expansions WoW.
>> No. 57976 ID: 385f49
File 146281582922.png - (2.06MB , 1920x1028 , 2016_03_17_20_03_22.png )
Congratulations, you have found your first(and only) EVE player on this board, and I can safely say you won't find any streamers out there. Or anywhere other then on Twitch itself.

Streamers are fags, streamers are good hunting targets and streamers have to dedicate their best time for audience, or they got none. Your average EVE player probably has a job, or a wife, or even kids and he plays EVE in his free time (average 1-2 hours out of 4 for every day) to get some difference going. Let's say, instead of going to the pub. About 8 years ago I even saw one of my colleagues playing from the workplace - it is the only game you can play in AFK if you wish to do so.

>I sunk $150 dollars into it and got barely minutes of actual enjoyment
Oh wow, what a looser. That is exactly how you DO NOT play this game, so you've got what you deserved.
>> No. 57977 ID: 385f49
File 146281787768.jpg - (202.72KB , 1920x1018 , 2015-10-10_00011.jpg )
>Every time I do people who said theyd lend a hand dont ever get online, and the learning curve is about 1% gradient too steep for me.
If you really wish to play a game you need to prepare yourself to long-term planning - at least for several months. No money can buy you momentary progress in the game and if you just aquire coolest things on the market (they usually cost 10-100 times more than regular stuff) you will only become a very shiny target.

That means you will have enough time to learn all the basics, then all the advanced mechanics on the game. CCP has worked on on initial reception of newbies somewhat, so probably first week or two they are going to carry you through the easiest part, then you will be on your own, using sources like UniWiki, zkillboard, evesurvival and etc.

I started my career as miner and I ran missions and gained skills, and in a free time I was reading the theory. Then came the day when I decided I was full of "safe" and boring highsec life style, and moved to wormhole space, where I reside for over a year, with a small corporation that used to manage two star systems, but now only concentrated in one.
>> No. 57987 ID: 59256c
File 146285193051.jpg - (105.99KB , 616x562 , ss+(2016-05-09+at+10_45_03).jpg )
implications of opsec, OP
>> No. 57990 ID: 0dcdc8
File 146285375544.png - (495.19KB , 510x692 , 144862128841.png )
>Does anyone play Eve Online and stream

This all day.

Never would I give up my position, how much ISK I really have, what I was flying and the mods on it, or any of the contract scams I pulled or anything of that nature on a stream.
>> No. 58037 ID: 5a6ad6
File 146358760313.jpg - (56.05KB , 907x712 , 52db51e6ec.jpg )
Jita 4-4 You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villany in the galaxy
>> No. 58043 ID: 385f49
Strangely enough, this is also a safest place in the cluster. It contains most of game's wealth, it is virtually indestructible and it is top priority to everyone to watch over it since if it's contents will be lost, the game would be as good as dead.
>> No. 58047 ID: 5a6ad6
File 146379153552.png - (7.70KB , 287x277 , 4788ce43d0.png )
For sure. Though you can still get dead in Jita but it is much much rarer to see Jita ganks these days.
>> No. 58049 ID: fd0828
This would be interesting as an Eve social experiment. Sort of like how that guy has had a game of Civilization II he's run forever and it ended up with 1700 years of nuclear war between 3 supernations.

You could run a transparent Eve stream and try to make it work against the additional difficulty of people knowing where you are and what you're doing. I imagine it'd make for incredibly conservative play and you'd reach a glass ceiling too.
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