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File 146535345222.jpg - (362.50KB , 1200x1197 , E3 scorecard.jpg )
58105 No. 58105 ID: ade114
Just how shitty will this one be? Will Ubisoft have some sick MEMES? Will EA announce another Madden and FIFA? Will Microsoft beg people to buy their shitty controllers and xbone?

What are your predictions?
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>> No. 58132 ID: 0c0931
And DICE is going to cram in as many implausible semi-auto rifles as they can.
>> No. 58133 ID: 9dcda2
Boner status: Raging.
>> No. 58134 ID: d4c8ee
  The Bethesda/Zenimax board member slams his fist on the conference table. "We need to compete with Overwatch damn it!"
>> No. 58135 ID: d4c8ee
File 146578847680.jpg - (55.32KB , 1060x589 , CkzKzRMVEAAyaCH.jpg )
Another Wolfenstein.
>> No. 58136 ID: d4c8ee
  It lives!
>> No. 58137 ID: 90a126
File 146579429462.jpg - (321.78KB , 1920x1080 , 11077955_10155504034945301_2576978001875964474_o.jpg )
I wanted another Quake but I was hoping for a sequel to Quake 4.


Prey was one bretty cool and the Jango Fett-ish space bounty hunter concept for Prey 2 looked cool but this is just.....meh. I dunno, I just really for some reason don't want another 3spooky5me conspiracy mindfuck shit.

Maybe its the name thats pissing me off.

What is it with video games recently having same name reboots? Doom, Battlefront, and now this. I blame the Xbox One for starting this confusing ass trend.
>> No. 58138 ID: d4c8ee
Supposedly the reason Prey 2 got canceled in 2012 is because they couldn't actually figure out how to make it into a fun game. The concept sounded great, but Human Head has always been a minor studio and I doubt they had the experience and manpower to deliver on it.

Also a friend pointed out that "The Colossus" is the name of a poem on the bottom of the Statue of Liberty, so it's probably safe to assume that the next Wolfenstein will take place in occupied New York. I wonder if it'll be a new character or they'll have BJ survive the nuke.
>> No. 58139 ID: 90a126
File 146579905394.jpg - (38.41KB , 700x525 , thinking with portals.jpg )
I guess thats understandable. The concept would take a skilled team to get right. It was supposed to be like Mirrors Edge but bigger.

A good team could make it a very interesting game but a poor team, as you imply Human Head is, would cock it up.

It really sucks too considering Prey 1 (fuck that I have to say that now) was unique, a bit like Portal (though Prey I'm sure came out first) but with guns and freaky native american ghost powers...also I'm pretty sure tits, while Prey 2 seemed like a unique game too.

I know its only a trailer but reboot Prey or Prey 2016 or goddamn you motherfuckers need to learn how to make up new fucking names you moronic motherfuckers I want to drill you in the fucking eye with my dick until you learn something about originality or atleast how my cock feels in your fucking frontal lobe......ahem, the game just seems like another generic shooter.

I love shooters but all the shooters being the same is fucking boring. I don't want some stupid gimmick but an interesting new game mechanic like Portals (Portal, Prey), a completely vertical city (Prey 2), bullet time slow-mo (Fear), mechs (Titanfall), and other shit like that helps a mediocre game stand out from the rest and not get boring fast.

Thats I think why Far Cry 3 and 4 got so boring. There is no interesting game mechanic. Its go to village, shoot dudes, raise flags, repeat 50 times. The closest thing to a new mechanic was those gay ass boring as fuck Shangri La levels in 4 but they suckkkkkkkkkkkkked. Ubishit apparently didn't think so considering they made a whole game about that bullshit more or less but it did most certainly suck. I didn't even finish Far Cry 4 I got so bored.


As for Wolfenstein, it seems unlikely they would kill off BJ. Making a Wolfenstein game without him seems wrong. And its not a stretch to think he survived. Dude has been touched by the supernatural including the Black Sun dimension and the zombie gas plus probably other shit, guy has survived getting stabbed....alot, shot....a whole fucklot, crashing a space ship from orbit, getting knocked off a castle while getting his head fucked up by shrapnel, floating in the ocean of who knows how long, and getting punched in the face by robot Nazis.

A nuke ain't going to do shit to him except give him a tan.

If it ain't BJ could have the main character be his polish nurse hottie. People will bitch but I wouldn't mind beyond the fact it again would feel weird playing a Wolfenstein without BJ. It would be like a Wolfenstein without Nazis.
>> No. 58140 ID: 369bd6
  Prey was a pleasant surprise, until I saw Bethesda's name....

Arkane Studios seems like a decent team, but I am not impressed with Bethesda's rampant bull-in-china-shop cash grabs on old proven titles being rehashed for "modern" audiences. For fucks sake, if they are going to ignore everything about the old games just make a brand new franchise, no need to dig up graves, it isn't like Bethesda lacks clout.
>> No. 58141 ID: 90a126
File 146581217583.png - (2.54MB , 1280x1531 , imperial_legion_legate_by_lordhayabusa357-d78fgie.png )
So apparently the Skyrim Special Edition will be available to all PC players with the Legendary Edition or all the DLC as a free upgrade

My only question is, is the upgrade optional? I like PC Skyrim how it is, its stable with all my mods, runs good while looking good. An "improved" version runs the risk of breaking all my mods, some of which don't have an support anymore, and fucking with stability.

Plus I ain't got a monster rig. Its hard to say what the system specs are going to be. Old Skyrim could be run on a decent dual core machine pretty good, on a more modern system no problem at all.

My machine runs Fallout 4 on medium decently. I'd hate to have to dig up the money to finally update my system just so I can smash dragons in the dick (mods are fun) and have no options of smashing dragon in the dick with slightly less poly count or whatever they "improved".

I don't mind the concept of an improved Skyrim but like the other "Special Edition" I don't want it to replace the earlier version.

Did George Lucas get a job at Bethesda when I wasn't paying attention?
>> No. 58142 ID: 5a04bf
MCA got hired onto Prey 2's team. So I'll be keeping track of it.
Prey 1 was by no means special, but it was an enjoyable surprise at the time.
>> No. 58143 ID: d4c8ee
CliffyB on Lawbreakers: "Overwatch is LAME ANIME and my game also has SWEARS in it!"
>> No. 58144 ID: 82a3e8
Wildlands hype rising.

But March 2017? Fuck you
>> No. 58145 ID: d4c8ee
File BRkidvY.webm - (3.51MB )
now you too can experience hawk dogfights and star trek for only thousands of dollars in computer equipment
>> No. 58146 ID: 798a48
  So how many of you will come crawling back to an abusive relationship?
>> No. 58147 ID: ade114
File 146586965450.jpg - (22.07KB , 184x184 , Acceptance.jpg )
>> No. 58148 ID: d4c8ee
"okay Mr. Kojima, now that you're free from Konami and Metal Gear, we'll let you make anything you want."
"ANYTHING you say?"

Also Days Gone looks like shit.
>> No. 58149 ID: ade114
What the fuck Kojima? What are you smoking?
>> No. 58150 ID: 82a3e8
  Looks fun.

>> No. 58151 ID: d4c8ee
  Join Kratos as he finds a new pantheon of gods to kill in Dad of War: Last of Dark Souls.
>> No. 58152 ID: 369bd6
odd, got a lot more of a Witcher series vibe from that trailer rather than the Edgy Screaming Rage Fest that the other God Of War games are.
>> No. 58153 ID: 462d27

that has to be the absolutely worst hunting tutorial ever given to a child.
>> No. 58154 ID: 5ad515

>I am not impressed with Bethesda's rampant bull-in-china-shop cash grabs on old proven titles being rehashed for "modern" audiences.

What? Both Wolfenstein: The New Order and Doom 4 were amazing games and were critically lauded, and both were substantial improvements on their immediate non-Bethesda published predecessors, Doom 3 and Wolfenstein 2009. I can hate on Bethesda as hard or harder than anybody, but as a publisher, they seem to do a generally good job, and I certainly have not seen this "bull-in-china-shop" mentality you're describing.

I'm more than confident Arkane Studios can deliver. They not only hit the ball out of the park with Dishonored, but the new Prey has Chris Avellone on board. More than pretty much anything else at E3, I would be most surprised if Prey ended up sucking, given that pedigree.
>> No. 58155 ID: ade114
Dishonored 2: assassin harder, is the one game I'm not worried about at all. Dishonored was a neat little game that did what it set out to do; be a thief clone with magic. DH2 looks exactly like the first but with MORE magic.
Prey? I think they might definitely fuck that up.

But at least we got new Bannerlord footage and The Last Guardian totally has a release date that won't get pushed back again.
>> No. 58156 ID: d4c8ee
"this is your hunt, boy"

Supposedly they've built the game so that you can play through it without powers at all, apparently you can just tell The Outsider to fuck off at the start of the game.

Also I just noticed Titanfall 2 is coming out a week after Battlefield 1 so RIP Titanfall 2.
>> No. 58158 ID: 5ad515

I'll admit I'm probably in the minority here, but I'll definitely be picking up Titanfall 2 before Battlefield 1. Recent Battlefield games (pretty much everything after 2142, though Bad Company 2 had its moments) have given me nothing but a case of mild-to-severe disappointment. The first Titanfall was, for the flaws it did have, still a more interesting take on the modern multiplayer FPS genre than anything DICE has done in the last 10 years.
>> No. 58159 ID: 82a3e8
I would like to buy Plummeting Bigguns Electric Boogaloo. But Im gonna wait to see if the population plummets like it did in the first one first.
>> No. 58160 ID: 462d27
Titanfall 2 will supposedly have a worthwhile single player though.
And yes, I'm unlikely to buy into BF1. I hope it doesn't kill Verdun. But from what I've seen, the approach is entirely different.
>> No. 58161 ID: 4c768d
  honestly not really hyped for anything
>> No. 58164 ID: ebb4ba
File 146610783388.png - (111.75KB , 451x541 , 1387580259563.png )
>French Army will be DLC in Battlefield 1

>> No. 58165 ID: 5ad515

Does it really matter? Like, at all? This is a game where (like every BF game since 2142) there is no faction difference at all besides uniforms and voiceovers. All sides will get FT-17s and Mark Vs. All sides will run around with American M1897s and German MP 18s. There will be no asymmetry. So people are just freaking out over... what? Uniforms? Voiceover languages? This game isn't going to be close to historical or even remotely believable, just going by those aforementioned game design decisions alone, so who cares, it makes zero difference.

Also, Titanfall 2 DLC confirmed as completely free. Yet another reason I'm going for that instead. Post-Bad Company Battlefield games have always been a lackluster DLC platform.
>> No. 58169 ID: d4c8ee
There was a interview with a senior DICE guy a few weeks ago where he essentially said "We're just doing Battlefield with a WWI theme."
>> No. 58170 ID: 82a3e8
Fine with me.
>> No. 58171 ID: 79b400
  No talk of this?

Am I the only one that's super interested in this?
>> No. 58173 ID: 462d27
File 146614951914.jpg - (54.67KB , 960x539 , P4VZwYa.jpg )
>Am I the only one that's super interested in this?
>PS4 only
kek console plebs.
>> No. 58174 ID: fc77ae
It does historically. I don't really care at all about historical accuracy except that this is going to be the only place most Americans ever encounter WWI. It was barely covered at my high school, and then only as a prequel to WWII.

I don't care about the gun accuracy--who used what, etc. But writing France out of a war that was all about France is really silly. It's like making a Revolutionary War game that ignores basically all the Patriots except a special Continental DLC. You have a bunch of French harassing the Redcoats while some Iroquois and Hessians hang out but you don't get the Continental Army until a weird DLC nobody buys. Bunker Hill is zombies. Wait that'that's COD. I want it anyway.
>> No. 58175 ID: fc77ae
I know it wasn't "all about France, global war" but come on, look how much of it was literally fucking in France.
>> No. 58176 ID: 90a126
File 146618938330.png - (10.22KB , 472x252 , okay.png )
God dang it, now that you said it its going to happen. You know Activision is probably going to be trolling the internet looking for game ideas and stumble upon your post and think, "You know, people like Battlefield 1 more only because its in the past and nothing else so we should go farther into the past that way people like it like double! Brilliant!!"

You've doomed us all, DOOMED US ALL....to playing a shitty Revolutionary War game. Damn you, damn you all to hell!!!

Activision being cunts aside, was looking at the new South Park game.

I loved Stick of Truth despite hating, HATING, turn based RPGs. But it was a pretty good game and didn't feel like a DMV simulator like most turn based games.

So the fact there is going to be a sequel based upon stuff I care more about (never been the biggest fan of LOTR style fantasy stuff, I don't hate it I just am pretty neutral towards it) had me excited......until I saw it was being done Ubisoft.

I think the reason Stick of Truth didn't suck chocolate salty balls is because Obsidian made it. Ubisoft making it does not bode well for the game.

I'll probably still pick it up when its on sale for 10 bucks but ain't actually excited for the game anymore.
>> No. 58180 ID: 5ad515

If Americans are getting their knowledge of WW1 from a Battlefield game, that's an unmitigated disaster, so the DLC France part doesn't even make a difference.

It's like if the VC were added as a DLC faction in Call of Duty Black Ops: who cares, it's not an authentic Vietnam game, it's just an arcadey deathmatch with "historic" window dressing, and the factions in multiplayer don't make any difference aside from cosmetics.
>> No. 58184 ID: 79b400
That aside, the world looks interesting as hell.

I'm just used to seeing the same shit rehashed over and over again.
>> No. 58185 ID: d4c8ee
>> No. 58186 ID: 82a3e8
File 146631321548.jpg - (20.46KB , 524x468 , 137357410783.jpg )
I saw that when it was live.

>RoflStomping newbies as bastion
>> No. 58187 ID: df12a0
>last longer than 6 months

I, for one, am glad it's coming to Playstation, so I'll actually have friends to play with/against.
>> No. 58198 ID: 85e30a
It'll last. Last game was the first game in a new ip in a gnre that's flooded.

Now EVERYONE is getting sick of cod, bf4 still pushes away genuine casual players, and fucking giant roots have only become more popular.

Add in more weapon/titan variety, and actual single player, and it'll have a larger initial playerbase, and a longer lasting one.
>> No. 58202 ID: 79b400
  Goddamnit, give me ONE game where I play as Umbrella that doesn't have weird ass controls. This looks like a weird mix of first person and third person perspective.

Don't get me wrong, it's interesting, but I'd prefer this shit for minigames or something, I don't want to play an entire game like this.

I mean, after the fucking ORC fiasco, just give me something like Rainbow Six with fucking BOWs for fucks sake. Fuck.

The fact that I can't do the cool shit HUNK did pisses me off. I've been enamored with the Umbrella Security Service since I was 7 years old and playing RE2. They were everything cool about '90s operators.

Sorry I'm ranting, RE2 was my first exposure to the Playstation and the RE series in general. I get a little passionate.
>> No. 58203 ID: 90a126
File 146669204374.jpg - (271.82KB , 683x1024 , 4917251508_595fab51eb_b.jpg )
>weird ass controls

Isn't that like the whole point of the Resident Evil series, weird controls? Even the most recent one I played, RE 5, still had kinda stupid controls. The old games were completely pants on head retards when it came to controls and were made worse by the stupid as fuck camera.

I couldn't even get into Resident Evil until 4 because of that shit. I played one of the games, maybe 2, where it starts out with some chick on a motorcycle or something and she wrecks and is surrounded by zombies and burning cars. Couldn't even make it past that I was having such a tough time with the controls and camera, flung my N64 controller in frustration.

A Resident Evil game without some stupid control set-up or silly gimmick is like a Telltale Games game with actual gameplay beyond what you'd find in an early 90s Lucasarts point and click game.
>> No. 58204 ID: 6989cb
I think RE2 on the N64 did have an option to have movement relative to the camera instead of tanks controls.
>> No. 58205 ID: 79b400
And those awkward controls were with the earlier games, for everything else they provided in the games, it was somewhat bearable.

My complaint is with the USS spinoffs. They all lack depth and their awkward controls make it worse. None of them feel like they're in the RE world and it lacks immersion.

I could handle lack of depth if they just made the game fun, which they never do. Every task feels like a chore.

Like I said, I just want Rainbow Six with BOWs and story. It could easily work and be fun.
>> No. 58211 ID: 2ce51f
>Isn't that like the whole point of the Resident Evil series, weird controls?
No. Tank controls are a necessity born from the camera angles. Try playing Fatal Frame - it has the same kind of "cinematic camera angles" shit as RE1-3 but without tank controls, which makes controlling the character awkward unless you're using the camera which puts you in first person.
>> No. 58219 ID: 79b400
  Okay, enough of the dopey RE shit.

Let's get to the REal shit.

I'm extremely curious about the direction they're going with this title. Lots of questions.
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