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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 146678437756.jpg - (182.48KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )
58209 No. 58209 ID: fd7bf6
The sale is live. No more flash sales btw.

I've bought:
Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak
Cities: Skylines Deluxe Edition
Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse
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>> No. 58212 ID: 4c768d
Men of War Assault Squad 2
Full Spectrum Warrior Complete pack(doesn't work with windows 10, RIP)
Transformers: Devestation
Kingdom of Amalur
Chroma Squad

really only wanted Assault Squad 2 but good prices on the other game so figured why not
>> No. 58213 ID: a66d8e
Picked up Stronghold HD and Titan Quest.

I've got over 250 hours in Skylines. The After Dark DLC is semi-worth it, if you get it on sale. Snowfall DLC is worthless, do not get unless it's like $2 or something. After you learn the basics, start looking at the various mods available. Some of them are really really useful.
>> No. 58215 ID: 18b57c
>Full Spectrum Warrior

I remember that game.
>> No. 58217 ID: d4c8ee
>no HOI4 discount, not even 10%

a shameful paradox

Trying to decide if I should get Pillars of Eternity or not. Do I really want to get another big RPG I'll probably play half of and then drop because I took a break and don't remember all the quest threads when I come back?

Was gonna get Naval Action but decided to hold off since it's early access and the recent reviews don't look too hot.

Any suggestions for some more laid back games? Just something I can play while listening to podcasts or something. (Already got Euro Trucksim and American Trucksim)
>> No. 58218 ID: 98c1a2
>nekopara bundle for 12 bucks

>> No. 58220 ID: fd7bf6
File 14668370127.png - (3.66MB , 1920x1080 , Spec-Ops-The-Line-Screenshot-19.png )
SpecOps: The Line is on supersale. Certainly worth it if you don't have it.

>Trying to decide if I should get Pillars of Eternity or not. Do I really want to get another big RPG I'll probably play half of and then drop because I took a break and don't remember all the quest threads when I come back?

If you're not motivated, don't. It's not that great and can be somewhat tedious to get through.
>> No. 58221 ID: 82a3e8
I wont be getting anything.

Its a mix between being broke as shit and me owning close to 400 games so there arent many going on sale that I want.

Speshul Forces the que is a fantastically written game. The game play is meh, but the story is one of the best ive played in a long long time.

I love pillars of eternity, but you are right it really is for those people who think from time to time "You know what I miss baldurs gate... like a bunch"
>> No. 58222 ID: 725cd3

Pretty much what happened to me. Beat the base game, but stalled through the first expansion and haven't really been back.
>> No. 58223 ID: b2f730
File 146691040140.jpg - (1.51MB , 3000x1992 , Afganistan_Hills_OP.jpg )

I am probably going to grab the arma 3 apex preorder (no one should preorder but in this case I make an exception, will buy anyway) at minor discount, maybe spec ops the line as recommended in thread since storyline sounds good.

Besides that nothing has really taken my attention.

Going to keep an eye out for Russians deals though.
>> No. 58224 ID: d4c8ee
Thanks for the tips. I think I'll probably pass on it until it's cheaper. (Which seems to be the main problem with steam sales now that daily/flash sales are gone, no more chances for amazing bargains any more)

Anyways this showed up on my discovery queue and I think I'm gonna get it, looks a bit more interesting than the usual storywalker.
>> No. 58225 ID: 4c768d
File 146692295381.jpg - (45.65KB , 460x215 , header.jpg )
>Going to keep an eye out for Russians deals though.
>Russian deals


ignore the negative reviews, those comrades are cowards and shit commanders
>> No. 58226 ID: 82a3e8
Friend bought me talisman digital edition. Its great fun, albeit extra maddening.

But now I require dlc, because single board talisman sucks.
>> No. 58227 ID: d4c8ee
Though you'd probably be better off buying the Men of War games, or Call to Arms, instead.
>> No. 58229 ID: 770f3f
I've got portal 1&2, Castle Crashers. Garry's Mod and The Binding of Isaac in my cart. May pick up a couple others.
>> No. 58230 ID: d4c8ee
File 146713674331.png - (1.65MB , 1808x956 , ZQeBNGs.png )
So you guys know that Orion game that goes on sale for like .75 and keeps re-releasing different versions so that people will buy it again? Turns out they got busted for stealing game assets again (previously it was from Natural Selection 2, now it's Call of Duty) and the game was removed during the middle of the sale.
>> No. 58231 ID: 90a126
File 146714211581.jpg - (22.10KB , 598x214 , 3b96999554111f29d44593726889d8b1.jpg )
I was reading about that earlier.

You would think Steam would block developers with a history of shady shenanigans. Devs with stolen assets, devs releasing blatantly broken games, just people trying to game the system and made a buck without putting in all the work.

Of course this is Valve and they pretty much are the definition of no fucks given when it comes to customer support.
>> No. 58236 ID: 01bc43
So far:
Valkyria Chronicles
The Quest
>> No. 58237 ID: d4c8ee
What do you think of Starcrawlers? I've had it on my wishlist for a while now since Wizardry/Grimrock with scifi sounds like I'd enjoy it, but it's still early access and all.
>> No. 58240 ID: fefe9b
The game contains of only 6 story missions so far, but the devs try to add a new one every 2 weeks. And a few skills/perks etc aren´t fully implemented yet.
But you have an endless amount of randomly generated missions!
And a really cool setting too! Never thought that a Grimmrock in space would make that much fun.
>> No. 58242 ID: 84dc01
So far:

Hitman: Blood Money
L.A. Noire
Atlantic Fleet
Hotline Miami

I'm also inspired to reinstall police quest.
>> No. 58244 ID: 86d09e
Just finished DOOM. While graphically stunning, and having fun enough guns, I wouldn't recommend it. It's piss easy and the bosses have little to no challenge. It's just circle strafing and figuring out the "ubers".

It's a bit sad since visually & control wise, the game is pretty good.
Haven't tried multiplayer though, I guess that'll redeem the game for lots of people, but for the much hyped single player, it's pretty meh.
>> No. 58246 ID: 90a126
File 146723845915.png - (1.27MB , 890x1080 , PraetorSuit.png )
Considering most reviews atleast that I've seen say the SP is bretty good and the multi is meh, described as a semi-shitty Halo ripoff, you may not enjoy the multi either.

Of course you could have the things you enjoy be ass backwards compared to most normal people so maybe you will enjoy the multi.

I'll probably pick it up next paycheck where its still going to be onsale on Steam.
>> No. 58250 ID: 576963
>> No. 58256 ID: 86d09e

It's just hopping around & circle strafing until the enemies are down. When shit gets tough, you get an uber (invuln, quad, speed,etc). Hell, I barely even used to BFG or chainsaw because it was just a ridiculous insta-win button.
I mostly blasted my double barreled shotgun into demon's faces while hopping around like a madman.

It's a well made game, but it's just... meh.
>> No. 58265 ID: 576963

What difficulty?
>> No. 58273 ID: 86d09e

Hurt Me Plenty. And sure, you'll say I should have done my first playthrough on Ultra-Violence from the getgo. But Hurt Me Plenty is the standard.

It's not like game mechanics change between Hurt Me Plenty & Ultra-Violence. If you can hop around on one while barely taking a scratch, then you can do the same on the other.
All enemies did at time is chip a bit of armor away. And I nearly always saved my ubers (quad, invuln, speed, berserk) thinking a larger wave of enemies would come which would require a well timed uber to beat.
I only used the BFG on the final boss. Hell, at one point I caught myself thinking, "what's the green spinning thing on the ground that I can never pick up? Oh, right... BFG ammo".
Same thing with the chainsaw. It feels like such a cop out weapon that I never used it. I'm sure that on Ultra-Violence/Nightmare/Ultra-Nightmare it's a requirement to use.

Either way, it's a beautiful game, with some nice weapons, but overall I'm not convinced it'll live past a single playthrough for most people. The choice to focus on achievements and trials feels wrong to me. The fact secrets on the map now grant permanent upgrades in the form of argent energy is also something that doesn't sit well with me. I was fine with the old style secrets which gave you weapons slightly earlier, health/armor/ammo or a uber.
>> No. 58280 ID: 4c768d
Got it the other day and had read some reviews about it getting kind of boring until you get to the harder modes, so started on Ultra-Violence difficulty. I guess it's technically "harder" but it really seems to just be more enemies, and you have to plan/think about how to clear certain areas rather than just running through it.

And yeah agree on the secrets. I'm just getting through it the first time then will go back for secrets, but some friends I was playing with are definitely are type to get everything on the first run and probably not do another full run through
>> No. 58281 ID: 86d09e
>I'm just getting through it the first time then will go back for secrets, but some friends I was playing with are definitely are type to get everything on the first run and probably not do another full run through

Yeah, I got 90% of the secrets on first run. I also started trying to do all challenges at first, but about halfway through I stopped bothering with that since it got really boring. I think in the end I cleared about 60% of the challenges and 80% of the trials.
I do think some of the trials will be significantly harder on higher difficulty.
>> No. 58285 ID: 1cf209
Anyone see that Huniepop was 69% off?
Anyways, the game has been surprisingly fun.
I don't even like anime, so I haven't fapped to it, even after enabling the uncensored version. Trufax.

I personally am amused at listening to the various VA's fake orgasms when you bed the various girlz.
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