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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 146714647671.jpg - (21.91KB , 250x347 , Cities_Skylines_cover_art.jpg )
58232 No. 58232 ID: c2499b
I anyone here plays the game and is on Twitch and streams their game play please let me know. I would love to see you play this game. Please send me an e-mail to:


I would appreciate it and thanks.
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>> No. 58233 ID: c2499b
File 146714683172.jpg - (956.76KB , 1920x1080 , cities-skylines-01.jpg )
>> No. 58234 ID: c2499b
File 146714692741.jpg - (419.21KB , 1200x600 , Skylines-San-Francisco.jpg )
>> No. 58235 ID: c2499b
File 14671472524.jpg - (600.17KB , 1067x600 , ingame_16x9.jpg )
>> No. 58238 ID: dc023f
File 146716999187.jpg - (324.19KB , 1280x1024 , Clipboard01.jpg )
I play, but don't stream.

My current city, running the following mods:
After Dark DLC
Match Day DLC
Precision Engineering
Change Pollution Color to Brown
Infinite Ore and Oil
Chirpy Maid
Extended Public Transport UI
School Dropouts
Toggle District Snapping
No Abandonment
Profitable Tourism
Enhanced Mouse Light
Clouds and Fog Toggle
Auto Transport Line Color
Extended Building Information Tool
Pedestrian Crossings
Quay Anarchy
Network Extensions
Loading Screen Mod
WG Resident Travel Rebalance
WG Realistic Population
WG Realistic Lifecycle Rebalance
>> No. 58239 ID: c2499b
Why don't you stream your build? Or at least post your build on YouTube? How did you get the game? Was it an download or sent to you by disk? Can the game be copied on a disk? If it can be copied to a disk can you send it to me? Can you please e-mail me and I can send you my address so you could send me a copy. I appreciate the help. Thank you
>> No. 58247 ID: dc25fb

No. Go buy it on steam when it's on sale like I did.
>> No. 58249 ID: 18b57c
op i have many a disc's. please post your address here so can send fast.
>> No. 58255 ID: c2499b
How much would it cost? If it cost $25.00 I can't afford it.
>> No. 58263 ID: 99ecaa
what are you, 11?
it's $12 on sale right now at steam.
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