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File 146885912722.jpg - (440.87KB , 1680x1050 , 20160714000541_1.jpg )
58368 No. 58368 ID: 4b3eed
Does anyone play arma(3)? battle royale, exile, any of that?
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>> No. 58372 ID: 983fb8
Me and another friend on this chan play in this group >>58102
Its a every Fri and Sat group who also plays arma on and off in the week.
>> No. 58373 ID: c1c101
Jack Burton and I have been playing Exile a lot lately. We play a little Battle Royale too but not as much.

Potentially looking for a new Exile server. Getting pretty fed up with the admin team on our current server. Server wiped for the 0.9.8 patch and they all had full concrete bases inside of 24 hours...after they go out of their way to insist they do everything fully legit. Tough to abandon so many hours of time put into that server...but we've started to scout some new servers.
>> No. 58374 ID: cad48c

You two been playing pretty steady for a while, or is this a resurgence of the old DayZ Origins run?

Planning on a new PC build (at long last) in the next 2 months or so and I'll be up for some action when it happens. It'd be nice to continue previous dickery.

Save whatever passes for a DShK UAZ for me.
>> No. 58376 ID: c1c101
We're always playing something on the weekends. Exile is it right now and aside from the admin dickery it's a lot of fun. Might think about getting into Wasteland too. Played a little of that solo today and had fun.

We're usually on in the evenings on the weekends, feel free to hop on the mumble server and have a yammer with us. Still have on on Steam?
>> No. 58377 ID: b2f730
File 14689491813.png - (4.65MB , 2560x1440 , 107410_20160708202551_1.png )
I play a every week over at UO. I hadn't been playing any ARMA for a while (put in a few too many hours prob, you know yourself) but picked it back up a few weeks ago and really enjoying it.

Besides UO I play a bit with a small group of IRL friends usually one evening midweek, miscellaneous scenarios hosted locally by one of us or something like End Game, KOH, etc.

By myself I have been playing a small bit of Altis Life on the RP UK server 1, tho I have to be in the mood for that.
I also just finished the single player (not including the apex single/co-op missions, waiting to see if I can get some friends to play that with me). I actually really enjoyed the single player in the end, I always ignored it as the AI controls were frustrating at times. I said fuck it and just got gud at controlling them.

Never played battle royale. I have played exile and wasteland like a year plus ago for a small while.
>> No. 58383 ID: b2f730

Man I was playing some Exile there this evening and it was more fun than I was expecting.

I tried an Altis and a Tanoa server. Tanoa was better feeling and to play. That is probably a mix the fact the map is novel and the server rules were slightly better in my opinion.

If some people are playing an exile server a good bit and wouldn't mind another guy on the team I'd be happy to join ye.

Be warned though, I didn't even know how to eat until I nearly died in the jungle and took a couple hours to catch onto the existence of the tablet menu thing.
>> No. 58384 ID: 4b3eed
File 146907066957.jpg - (486.31KB , 1680x1050 , 20160714125437_1.jpg )
that's a lot of mod dependencies, i dont think im quite ready for that.

i TRIED to make my own exile server on my machine, but I couldnt get it to work without some batch files that I cant find. Im also aggravated with the servers Ive found, and cant find one with realistic addons and without so much of the stock arma future gear.
>> No. 58385 ID: b2f730
File 14690757358.jpg - (1.89MB , 2560x1440 , 107410_20160720221144_1.jpg )

Small update on my Tanoa adventures.

First things first, I found a pretty autistic AI fish.

Then I figured out crafting basics and how to make money selling loot like guns and shit, still trying to figure out good cash making schemes. Shits expensive though, like code locks and territory, neither of which I can buy yet.

Set up a little camp with a fire, work bench and a storage box so I can keep stuff outside of vehicles. Have a few wooden walls and that made up with a small few wooden planks stockpiled.

Going to buy a 5k territory thing tomorrow evening and build me a cabin. That will serve as a logistical base for second phase planning.

The server I am putting the time into is low pop right now tho, like peaks at 8 from what I have seen (might be a time zone thing). It is new by default I suppose. guru-gaming is what they go by.

Probably for the best while I get on my feet, and plenty of AI to keep you busy.
>> No. 58386 ID: 90a126
File 14690972704.jpg - (23.46KB , 375x305 , walking-fish-1.jpg )
>I found a pretty autistic AI fish

Autistic? Nah man, that shows you just how amazing the AI is. What you are seeing is evolution happening. Even as you set up your camps and loot your loot there will be fishes walking on land, developing lungs, legs, and maybe thumbs.
>> No. 58388 ID: 983fb8
It is a lot of mods but with our launcher its one button press to download and install them all and if you launch arma without the launcher none of the mods activate. So it easily allows you to go from the mod list to no mods without having to do a single thing. I am unsure of how it will effect having other mods installed.

But at the same time having a community to game with that creates its own missions and rarely if ever has to play a mission twice changed my view of playing arma.
>> No. 58390 ID: 4b3eed
File 146915929393.jpg - (692.76KB , 1680x1050 , 20160624172428_1.jpg )
good points. i will look into a3launcher.

pic relort
>> No. 58391 ID: 4b3eed
File 146915932413.jpg - (399.91KB , 1680x1050 , 20160624172628_1.jpg )
>> No. 58393 ID: b2f730
File 146918551782.jpg - (1.66MB , 2560x1440 , camp view.jpg )

Hahaha actually had a bit of a laugh over that.

This is the camp I have now, got lucky and found a crate full of things like wooden floors and cement/sand bags. I had to build extra storage crates and put a tent up to deal with stockpile.

Once I start building now it can be much better at a fraction the effort I was expecting! My armoury is lacking (almost nil) though due to a string of deaths, next stop after a flag and a lock.
>> No. 58394 ID: b2f730
File 146918586755.jpg - (1.66MB , 2560x1440 , camp helo search zoomed.jpg )

Oh and top tip for Tanoa jungle camp building, be careful watching Vietnam war documentaries on your second monitor.

I was hearing a Huey time to time and I was full sure it was just the documentary. Even had some stock footage of Hueys on around the same times I think haha

Turns out it was an orbiting helicopter, freaked me right out when I realised it was about for at least 5 or so minutes and orbiting my approx location. Maybe they saw me drive into the tree line or caught a flash of some colour but couldn't see where when the doubled back.

I don't know if it was AI or player, could have been either the way it was acting, at least I know my camp probably isn't too easily spotted from the air as they would have acted differently I am confident.
>> No. 58398 ID: 983fb8
Oh just to clarify it is not a3launcher but Phantac Launcher. The launcher custom made for Phantac players!
>> No. 58402 ID: f0d5cb
File 146937952327.jpg - (761.74KB , 1920x1080 , 20160723005553_1.jpg )
I love this game
>> No. 58409 ID: 3f5192
File 146957710941.jpg - (353.46KB , 1920x1080 , 20160725140845_1.jpg )
I run a server each night for three to ten guys on my mumble.

Not really anything specific, mostly just random scenarios and game modes. A little of everything.

If you guys have enough interest I can see if my mumble buddies would be willing to let you join in.

We somehow managed to spawn the USS Iowa as a helicopter last night.
>> No. 58519 ID: 6b1431
Bumping for anyone playing Exile on an Altis server. Full on given up on the one I was on before with Jack Burton. Good missions, good loot tables and economy, good mods and XM8 plugins, just a really bad admin team.

Tanoa seems nice but it seems a little closed in and small for Exile. Also Jack doesn't have Apex.
>> No. 58520 ID: 983fb8
Been playing wasteland with a friend on Tanoa and it's been a good amount of fun.
>> No. 58521 ID: c1c101
What server and team? Wouldn't mind getting into wasteland some.
>> No. 58523 ID: 983fb8
I dont remember exactly always just join in on my friend but it is something like $10,000 A3 Tanoa wasteland
>> No. 58536 ID: 642da4
Bob dole and this operator have been operating on g4 wasteland.
the $10000 start makes for fairly common launchers, so people cant just vehicle whole with impunity.
>> No. 58570 ID: c1c101
Have started playing some in the mornings. Banked an MBT and about 150k so far.
>> No. 58573 ID: 77ffc9

Ayy another UO player. Whose you?

I like it but it seems to have dwindled in playercount a lot since the end of summer. Seemed like for a few weeks in July and August you had +30 every day, now it only reaches peak on Friday/Saturday/Sunday and for a match or two.

I'm looking for a group right now to augment UO, it's fun but I find it's empty when I am hankering for some Arma. Problem is finding one that isn't full on autismal with the whole OOC ranking.
>> No. 58583 ID: c1c101
File 147307867444.jpg - (677.54KB , 1334x863 , screenshot.jpg )
James Yaeger was on an Altis Wasteland server last night. Kinda cool.
>> No. 58591 ID: 3f5192
File 147321092242.jpg - (448.96KB , 1193x834 , ss+(2016-09-05+at+11_32_50).jpg )
>Hauling ass to LZ after completing 4+ hour mission
>7 guys in a UAZ
>No hostiles in sight, chopper touches down ~25 meters from our truck
>Begin to move finger to command key to tell everyone to board chopper
>UAZ randomly explodes killing everyone
>Mission failed

Quality ARMA experience.

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