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File 147025939935.jpg - (10.95KB , 300x168 , images.jpg )
58433 No. 58433 ID: 1057d5
Recently bought this on ps4. I like it.
Tell me about it, is it op chan approved?
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>> No. 58434 ID: 46b95c
Fuck yeah it is. Play Ranger Hardcore, it's the only right way to play Metro.
>> No. 58435 ID: dbae23
File 147027901132.jpg - (281.19KB , 640x1136 , 1459049594211.jpg )
>> No. 58437 ID: 90a126
File 147034139083.jpg - (46.75KB , 460x613 , 732a73b27b7f34f0b07645d0bc2bebda.jpg )
I played through it and like it. The Metro games are pretty awesome anyway. Metro Redux of 2033 fixes some minor things and has fewer load screens where they combined several levels. Looks a bit better and seems to run a bit better then the original.

Don't know what the difference between Last Light original and Redux is though.

Overall some fantastic games and probably the closest we are getting to sequels to Stalker. Though anyone going into the game should be aware while there are many similarities (some of the people who worked on Stalker formed 4A games and the novels the games are based on are kinda similar to Roadside Picnic) the gameplay is pretty different, Metro being a linear shooter compared to Stalker's open world design.

Probably the only thing bad about it is it along with Stalker has inspired some chav ass motherfuckers in Russia to completely fuck up some old bunkers and underground storerooms.
>> No. 58440 ID: d4c8ee
Metro 2033 was great. I ended up playing through it several times, Redux is essentially the director's cut edition and fixes a lot of bullshit like the Amoebas.

Last Light, I dunno. I played through it once and didn't feel any inclination to go back to it. It felt kinda like a "Red Dawn 2", something that missed the point of the original property. Or like how the two sequels to "Jarhead" are direct-to-DVD action movies.
>> No. 58446 ID: 46b95c
The biggest improvement I noticed in Last Light Redux (never got around to finishing it, like you said it wasn't as good as 2033) was that they actually made Ranger mode playable. In the original release, there was no way to check your supplies at all, for some stupid reason. In Redux they add that to the journal screen, where it was in 2033.

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