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No. 58439 ID: 4c768d
  Looks like Mech Warrior but the table top..in video game form
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>> No. 58441 ID: 85e30a
Well, I'm fucking picking this up on launch now.
>> No. 58445 ID: 983fb8
Dude this looks amazing. This is the first turn based game I have seen in a long time that actually looks awesome!!
>> No. 58447 ID: 86d09e
File 147051404355.jpg - (454.56KB , 1920x1080 , BT03.jpg )
I'm a MechJock pledger on their kickstarter. So I'm in for sure. :)
>> No. 58448 ID: 82a3e8
Yup, Do want.
>> No. 58450 ID: 3baed4
Backed it on KS awhile back. Loved MechCommander, and I currently play in a tabletop campaign every other Sunday or so. Looking good so far.
>> No. 58999 ID: f2172d
Beta for kickstarter backers dropped today.
Only AI skirmish games available for now.

Played 3 games so far. Not too bad. Took me about 30 minutes to figure everything out.
1) Weapon balance is different than tabletop.
2) AI is really dumb, especially for light mechs.
3) Campaign, multiplayer, and mechlab not available for beta at the moment.
4) It's got a reasonable selection of mechs, although some choices are odd, like the Kintaro. It's not a succession wars era mech, aside from heirlooms or a few gifted by Comstar to the Dracs. Of the unseen, it has the locust, griffin, shadow hawk, and battlemaster so far.
>> No. 59277 ID: e35b40

Full game dropped last night. Played campaign for 2 hours, not too bad so far, but there are definitely some issues.

No problems with game stability. No crashes or anything that prevented me otherwise from playing the game. That being said, a common complaint is the game is unoptomized and a resource hog, and that's true. Game is very slow. Long loading screens and slight pauses in combat, like when scrolling the camera. Combat in general is slow paced, but if you've played the tabletop, this is nothing new. Mechlab on your dropship is very fun, customization of mechs takes time and money.

Also, the political controversy. You can create a white male protagonist if you want. But yes, there is a pronoun selector for the character you roll. There is a mechwarrior you start with very early on that is based on a huge SJW. Also, one of the members of the game's dev team is a tranny.

Overall, if you love tabletop Battletech, the game is for you right now. Otherwise, wait a few months till they iron out bugs and optimize the game and also lower the price point.
>> No. 59280 ID: 271b09
pretty fucked up that we're supposed to ignore the kingom come dev being a literal nazi, but another game gets review bombed because you can pick "gender: urbanmech" on character creation.
>> No. 59283 ID: 6ca38e
Loving pairing a couple decent sluggers with a Jenner with +visual range and a pilot with sensor lock and a good LRM boat and ++Stability damage LRM15 or 20s.

Sit your ass down and wait your turn!
>> No. 59284 ID: 6ca38e
File 152565398184.jpg - (427.18KB , 1920x1080 , 20180504192907_1.jpg )
Also, occasionally my lance turns into purple light. Doesn't seem to ward off any damage, though.
>> No. 59285 ID: df12a0
I really want to play this, but still don't have a dedicated gaming rig.
(nor Steam account, but that's besides the point)
>> No. 59288 ID: afa433
File 152603847568.jpg - (608.32KB , 1920x1080 , BT01.jpg )
Well, I finished it after 95 hours.

I kept playing to get everything "perfect" (as in all +++ weapons and my ideal lance) & ended up doing over 100 mercenary non-story missions.
Ended up playing the second to last mission with an Atlas, King Crab, Highlander & Highlander B.
Ended up playing the last mission with an Atlas II, Atlas, Highlander & Highlander B.
I easily could have fielded a 400 ton lance, but frankly, the highlanders may be just as good if properly configured.

What I liked:
- Turnbased tactics.
- Solid basic & easy to understand principles.
- Cute design.
- Nice artwork.

What I disliked:
- 4 mech lance is all you got? Really? I'm sitting on a GAZILLION more mechs, why can't I use them? Even if I can't use it ingame, at least they could have been leased to the Restoration for use in the war?
- Illogical rules, such as "being knocked down just means you skip a phase". This means you can just stand up and do a full turn (moving & shooting) right after it. That always struck me as extremely unfair. At least say that you can get up and do one action (move or shoot, not both) to penalize you.
- Bulwark is so overpowered with Heavy & Assault mechs that it's not even funny. You just stand there & take it. Especially on water worlds, you just stand in the water & dish out alpha strikes. Why maneuver?
- Morale effect is way overpowered. Once you get a decently equipped mech with a skilled pilot, your aimed shot is likely to result in the death of an enemy mech within that same round. If you can't get him down in one shot, the focused fire of your other mech's SRMs likely will. And when he goes down, you get as much bonus morale as it cost you to do the aimed shot, so it's a zero sum. So it's just close in, aimed shot, repeat.
- There was no reason to use Light or Medium mechs once you got the heavier stuff.
- Enemies don't properly focus fire, so if one of your mechs gets in trouble and is in danger of system damage, just have some other mechs of yours leapfrog in front and they'll suddenly get most of the damage directed to them. Why would an enemy do that?
- Speaking of which, enemies don't behave like humans do. Why doesn't anyone surrender or run away, ever? You could have destroyed 7 out of 8 mechs in an elite lance, and have shot both arms & torso sides off the last mech, leaving it entirely unarmed, and it'll still come at you trying to melee you or DFA.
- For me accessing save games or mech bay are a fucking drag. Every change from one screen to another takes forever. It wasn't like that initially, so I'm guessing it has to do with the fact that I have too many saves & too much stuff (mechs, wrecks & weapons in storage).
- Special events can have morale effect. I had a pilot that was supposed to have low spirits for 2 weeks, but ended up having low spirits stuck on "0 days remaining" for over 150 weeks. Bug.
- Skillpoints/Experience allows you to extend your mech's "red line" and cockpit mods allow you to prevent pilot damage when hit to the head. Yet all the sound bits that play when you go over the -old- red line and when you get hit in the head remain the same. So even if your pilot takes no damage, he complains of blood in the cockpit. Even if the mech doesn't really red line, the pilot complains he's getting cooked.
- This game could've been a thousand times more interesting if they had added some fluff. The "random events" you get when traveling, you get the same fucking event repeated so many times it becomes a huge drag. Everything outside of the story missions is also so fucking generic. You don't give a shit about the non-story missions, it's just about loot.
- Speaking about loot, there's no reason not to get full salvage on every mission. Reputation is next to useless and you get more money from selling salvage than you ever could get from the reward money increase.
- The final missions were way too easy. None of my mechs even had breached armor anywhere. Hell, none even came close to system damage. Sure, I had a heavy assault lance, but I've had random missions (especially assassination missions) which were a lot hairier than this...
- Speaking of missions, it seems to me that the way the "reinforcements" work inside missions is broken as fuck. They always show up almost immediately. I mean that's fine once in a while, but it's like that EVERY mission. To the point that instead of heading for the mission marker, I'd just head to the most likely side the reinforcements would come from and just go there first, kill them off & then kill the rest.
- Kamea constantly asks if you're in it for the money or because you believe in her cause. I was in her honor guard. I did every mission for salvage or reputation. My reputation is off the fucking scales. And you have the balls to ask me if I'm in it for the money? I understand that the universe is all about mercs, but how hard could it have been to give the option to become the Restoration's special forces in the end and mop up the rest of the resistance and stabilize the region by removing pirate influence? I guess that's once again a lack of fluff.

It's not a bad game, but a little bit of attention to detail could've solved so much of this.

>Also, occasionally my lance turns into purple light. Doesn't seem to ward off any damage, though.

Never had any visual issues.
Performance issues with menus and changing screens, yes; visual issues, no.
>> No. 59289 ID: e35b40
I've had this happen once in my game, but it was an enemy lance.

>This means you can just stand up and do a full turn (moving & shooting) right after it. That always struck me as extremely unfair. At least say that you can get up and do one action (move or shoot, not both) to penalize you.

This is actually similar to tabletop. Under standard TT rules, falling down only costs you some additional movement points to stand up again. However, you do have to roll to see if you stand back up without falling down again. It's not an automatic success. There are optional rules in TacOps that make standing up easier, such as hull down or careful stand. As long as you have the movement points you can make multiple attempts to stand up but if your mech is trashed, good luck in succeeding.

I agree with almost all your other points. I personally have also modded down LRM head hit chances, changed the heat balance for PPCs to be in line with TT, and removed the forced pauses between phases.
>> No. 59290 ID: afa433

Oh, didn't mean to imply it wasn't like the tabletop, I just wanted to say that this was in my opinion "too cheap" and made the cost of falling down a bit too light if you get to stand up immediately (thus not allowing the enemies to hammer you).
Also, if you're on a ridge line and you fall down, you should be out of line of sight and thus can't be hit by direct fire weapons. This is not the case. Even if they have to blast through 10 meters of granite, they can still hit you just fine with super high hit probability. Ugh... Stupid.

Also, the lack of friendly fire & accidental damage is kinda annoying and cheapened the experience for me. In my opinion, misses should be able to hit something else by accident. If you're blasting missiles all over the place at a group of mechs, some should probably hit something else. And if you're stupid enough to shoot an AC/20 with a friendly mech standing in front of you, you deserve what you get. ;)
>> No. 59291 ID: e35b40

When you fall in the TT, your mech also takes additional falling damage. I've seen mechs go boom from falling down, attempting to stand, falling again, taking damage, etc. Maybe someone could mod similar behavior in HBS?

But yeah, agreed that it's a bit silly to hit a mech that is prone when they're higher than you and you don't technically have LOS anymore.
>> No. 59304 ID: e35b40
Looks like I've encountered my first game breaking bug in single player. Mechs no longer get repaired/refit when advancing time. Monthly financial reports stop as well.

>> No. 59308 ID: afa433

Well that sucks.

Luckily for you, it seems widespread, so they'll likely patch it sooner rather than later.

Really disappointing to see the amount of bugs in this game, considering that their Shadowrun games were largely bugfree at release.
>> No. 59309 ID: e35b40
Patch fixed it last night. Just cleared the Castle Nautilus missions.
>> No. 59311 ID: afa433
HBS got bought by Paradox, but will "remain independent".

So expect more Battletech shit.
>> No. 59314 ID: e35b40
>So expect more Battletech DLC shit.
>> No. 59315 ID: 41441c
Amazon fucked up today and listed the deluxe edition of the game for $10 and I was able to get it before they fixed it. Any tips for somebody who's never played Battletech/Mechwarrior stuff before?
>> No. 59316 ID: e35b40
Concentrate fire.
Flamers are really OP.
Getting special abilities like Bulwark for your mechwarriors are practically mandatory.
LRMs cause a disproportionate number of head hits, unless you edit the game's .json files.
Don't underestimate vehicles. Some like the Shreck, Demolisher, SRM Carrier, and LRM Carrier can really fuck you up.
Expect to be outnumbered on many missions, unfairly so (supposedly changed on the newest patch though).
>> No. 59351 ID: df12a0
>vehicles will fuck you up
Well, yeah, it carries three PPCs.

Well, yeah, it carries two AC/20s.

>SRM Carrier
Well, yeah, it carries ten SRM-6s.

>LRM Carrier
Well, yeah, it carries three LRM-20s.

...and in tabletop, vehicles gain NO heat penalties.
>> No. 59352 ID: f2172d
>...and in tabletop, vehicles gain NO heat penalties.
yet they get extra fucked up by heat-causing weapons, like infernos and plasma rifles.
>> No. 59355 ID: df12a0
It's Battletech; EVERYTHING gets fucked by heat-causing weapons.

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