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No. 58457 ID: 9dcda2
  Initial release date: August 23, 2016

Who's hyped?
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>> No. 58458 ID: 9dcda2
  Adam Jensen the Augmented People Person
>> No. 58459 ID: 9dcda2
  Adam Jensen Plays Deus Ex
>> No. 58460 ID: 9dcda2
  VGS Interview: VO Actor Elias Toufexis “The Next Deus Ex will Please EVERYONE"
>> No. 58466 ID: 385f49
File 147129569131.jpg - (82.47KB , 600x614 , CCaj9IFUAAEGJHm.jpg )
You mean, just hyped, or "hyped so much to by a pre-order pack"?
>> No. 58468 ID: 385f49
Also, bes DEHR video series ever.

>> No. 58472 ID: 86d09e
Probably shouldn't have, but pre-ordered.

After I pre-ordered, I decided to play DE:HR again, but stopped because the controls were so fucking clunky compared to what I was used to. Gave me a bad vibe. Weird.
>> No. 58473 ID: d4c8ee
I started a play through again a few months ago, since I'd never tried the Missing Link stuff and the Director's Cut was on sale, but stopped playing at the Malik fight and never picked it up again for some reason. Ended up playing through Dishonored again instead, still need to finish the Daud DLC for that too.
>> No. 58474 ID: 9dcda2
File 147138939079.jpg - (32.86KB , 194x404 , adxhr5_win7 2011-07-12 05-39-20-91.jpg )
Huh, I didn't have any control issues.

> Probably shouldn't have, but pre-ordered.

You'll throw money at anything.
>> No. 58475 ID: 576963
If anything I seriously recommend playing the first Deus Ex. Mankind Divided will most likely show younger characters of the first one and you'll be in the dark as to who they are.
>> No. 58476 ID: 86d09e
>Huh, I didn't have any control issues.

It's not so much issues as it was not "right".
Don't get me wrong, the original was far from a masterpiece in ergonomics and UI design, but something felt off when replaying DX:HR. Put me off enough to stop playing, even if I couldn't put my finger on what exactly was wrong.

>You'll throw money at anything.

I knew I was going to play it, so... Whatever.
>> No. 58482 ID: 8c573b
  Should be enjoyable for the $0.00 price tag.
>> No. 58485 ID: 5ad515

It's denuvo'd, so good luck with that. They finally cracked the new Tomb Raider like a week ago and that's after it being out for half a year, and they still haven't cracked major releases from months ago like DOOM or Just Cause 3.
>> No. 58505 ID: d0041a

I was hyped enough to go back and play DX1 with the revision improvement mod, I had already beat HR with missing link months ago

DX never fails to disappoint me, Hell I've done 2 playthroughs of Invisible War FFS, 3 for HR

>Just Cause 3
A definite pirate if there ever was one

HR wasn't perfect, story was okay, neo-renfare art design was
odd but okay, hubs imo could have been fleshed out a bit more.
Most people expected a Paul Denton prequel, or sequel between DX1 and IW
>> No. 58506 ID: 86d09e
File 147196603992.png - (75.09KB , 1831x670 , nxgQLsm.png )
Let me just drop this here.
>> No. 58507 ID: b2f730
File 147197469747.jpg - (120.27KB , 860x737 , Arnold cigar amused smile.jpg )

FIre up the desalination plants.
>> No. 58508 ID: d4c8ee
File 147197579810.png - (515.54KB , 1919x1078 , RtDRZWh.png )
>> No. 58509 ID: 86d09e
So... I'm less than one hour in (including the 12 minute intro/recap) and already encountered a game breaking bug.

I do a takedown & instead of showing the animation, the screen is simply black. Nothing else. Only pressing alt-F4 gives any response, after which it asks me if I want to quit.

I suggest you save frequently if you play this game...


Pay to win in a single player game is just wow. :)
>> No. 58510 ID: d0041a
I had it pre-loaded, just got it started up today (was pissed it wasn't a midnight launch - wtf square), the day 1 patch has to be over 10gigs because I had to uninstall another game from my packed SSD
>> No. 58511 ID: d0041a
Well it's better than Human Revolution.

Much Better
>> No. 58513 ID: 5ad515

Literally every single solitary post I have read has indicated the exact opposite for a number of compelling reasons (level linearity, only one hub, no real choices/consequences, campaign day 1 pay2win DLC for a singleplayer game) so you'll have to elaborate a bit more.
>> No. 58514 ID: 86d09e
There's some hilarious consistency issues from the start. He finds himself in a terrorist bombing and instead of helping people by using his "I can see through motherfucking walls" and "I've got retard strength", he casually waits for a kid to draw his attention to his momma being crushed to death by debris. He doesn't even activate his visor shit until after trying to dig her out.
Top notch writing for feelz.

It's especially jarring since your attention is drawn to it because his enhanced vision is what makes the previous mission so fucking easy. (Shooting golden faced idiots in a blinding sand storm)

I'm probably not far enough into the game yet, but Adam just walks through a "human only" checkpoint by flashing his creds at the start of the game. Since he's interpol, that's fine by me. The thing is, his not-entirely-human companion does the same thing (and she has obvious face mods) & I don't think she's with the gubment. Anyhow, this better be explained later on, or this will be tarded...

>but stopped because the controls were so fucking clunky compared to what I was used to. Gave me a bad vibe. Weird.

Can't really speak of the quality so far, but that bad vibe did not hit me again this time.
Mostly had to fiddle with the mouse sensitivity shit to get it to feel better, but outside of that, no issue.
Also didn't have the FPS issues some people are reporting. I used GeForce Experience to set my default graphic settings, but found them somewhat lacking (increased some settings, but got rid of stupid Bloom). I improved many settings manually without adverse effects.
For reference, I've got an Intel i7-2600 @ 3.4Ghz, GTX 970 & 16GB RAM.
>> No. 58518 ID: 86d09e
Crashed the game again by simply transitioning to the shooting range.

I suspect there's rather serious problems with the code they use to go from "player controlled" first person view to videos, changing locations, execute special moves,...
>> No. 58522 ID: d0041a
Level design alone is fantastic, gameplay and graphics are much improved.
I don't find levels linear at all - there is multiple ways to get to objectives, although Prague daytime blows visually compared to Prague night time
I only had minor issues - a few CTD's, some had much much worse
38 hours, ending +all sidequests for me
However it ends like HR - story is incomplete, and doesn't feel as urgent as HR
They obviously intend to finish it with DLC
>> No. 58549 ID: 86d09e
>Level design alone is fantastic, gameplay and graphics are much improved.

Sure, it's mostly graphically stunning,

>I don't find levels linear at all - there is multiple ways to get to objectives

Just because you've got multiple ways to get shit done doesn't mean gameplay is great. That's basic shit if you're used to roleplaying games...

>38 hours, ending +all sidequests for me

Did everything in 28 hours. (actually less since there's a good deal of AFK time in there due to work too)

The end was especially meaningless, because you can just trigger your invisibility and walk past EVERYONE without firing a shot, save the rich fags, walk past everyone without firing a shot again, sneak up on the boss and fire a burst of EMP ammo at the boss guy and do a non-lethal takedown on him. Sure, that uses like 25 bio energy cells, but whatever. By that point in the game you should have a gazillion, so you can do either that or just TITAN SHIELD it all.

Either way, I wouldn't mind at all if the story was up to snuff and had some depth. But meh.
Had potential no doubt, but a lot of it is fucking sloppy as fuck.
>> No. 58550 ID: d4c8ee
So would you say that Mankind Divided is the Invisible War to HR's Deus Ex?
>> No. 58551 ID: 90a126
File 147278414885.jpg - (139.04KB , 1920x1080 , and I only pretended to steal your DNA.jpg )
>Mankind Divided is the Invisible War to HR's Deus Ex

That would suck if it is. This is coming from someone who enjoyed Invisible War. Invisible War to me is a bit like Ghostbusters 2 is, a fine thing but could have been better and does not live up to its predecessor.

Invisible War was a decent game. Not perfect but okay. Looked considerably better then DE1, it was amazing what 3 years difference could make, and had some decent ideas. But the combat was even still clunky, the ammo system was stupid, the plot was okay in some places but shit in others (the Knights Templar shit in particular, the shit with Billie, and the shit with the WTO and the Order) and had a protagonist I didn't really invest in or even have much of a personality.

It just could not live up the DE1. Thats not to say DE1 was without problems, the combat was terrible even with biomods and the graphics have not aged well at all, but the plot, the setting, the characters, were all so very fantastic.

HR continues this but fixes some of the shit from the original. Combat feels far more fluid and the game is quite beautiful. The cut scene take downs I'm still divided on (you could say I'm mankind divided), the cut scenes looked worse then the shit rendered in game, boss fights were terrible, and I'm relatively positive Adam was banging the real villain of the game (Sarif Industries was an inside job, flamer fuel can't melt nanobeams), so it was not perfect either.

I hoped MD would fix even those few stupid things, be more like the Directors Cut of HR. Also you'd be allowed to shoot Megan in the face with a gun and Malik in the face with your robo dick.

I'd suck if its like IW and its a step back instead of forward.

But seriously fuck Megan and her traitorous ass. Malik was the one Adam should have asked for. Even though we know his one true love is Pritchard.
>> No. 58552 ID: 9dcda2
File 147278480383.jpg - (446.98KB , 1920x1080 , DXMD 2016-08-29 18-51-01-69.jpg )
I'm enjoying DXMD so far. Some great dialogue.

The merchant here is sensitive to Jensen's sexual preferences.
>> No. 58553 ID: 9dcda2
File 14727848337.jpg - (437.45KB , 1920x1080 , DXMD 2016-09-01 17-02-07-37.jpg )
Every operator's dream.
>> No. 58554 ID: 9dcda2
File 147278496783.jpg - (201.96KB , 1920x1080 , DXMD 2016-08-29 19-10-04-71.jpg )
The game looks good too.
>> No. 58556 ID: 7e827c
Oh GOD DAMN that ending. I have a bad feeling they wasted development time on the stupid-ass fucking Breach mode and didn't bother giving it a proper finish.
>> No. 58559 ID: 86d09e
Haven't played Breach yet, should I even bother?

>So would you say that Mankind Divided is the Invisible War to HR's Deus Ex?

I guess that I wouldn't go that far.
If you really enjoyed HR, then you probably will enjoy MD just as well.

>the ammo system was stupid

Oh my god, the new crafting system. You take random junk parts and turn them into high tech biocells and autohack multitools? Hell, Adam could retire on that alone. Go to a junk yard and get rich.

>But seriously fuck Megan and her traitorous ass.

It is implied ingame that she was murdered later on. What goes around comes around.

>Oh GOD DAMN that ending.

The ending video showing the news section is even inconsistent with your story. Or rather with my play through.
>> No. 58560 ID: 86d09e
  take this as you will
>> No. 58578 ID: d0041a
100% guarantee the ending is in one of the paid DLC's they were just trying to get something to market and ran outta time
>> No. 58581 ID: 7e827c
Oh, I know. That's another thing that pisses me off.
>> No. 58609 ID: 629c61
Just wait 2-3 years and buy the directors cut goty gods foreskin edition with all the shebang for 1,99 on winter/summer sale on steam.

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