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No. 58636 ID: f197c2
  Has anybody heard of this game? A buddy invited me to the Alpha today (opens tommorrow). It's a 3rd person multiplayer hack-n-slash between knights, vikings, and weebs, with stance-based duels. High attacks need to be defended by high blocks, same with left and right.

Looks a bit like (a worse version of) Dark Souls' PVP fucked a MOBA when the MOBA's husband TF2 was away. Sounds weird, might be good, still can't really tell. I'll record myself playing when the alpha opens and post on here.
>> No. 58637 ID: f197c2
  Gameplay video.
>> No. 58640 ID: 55db41
I'm pretty excited for this. I became excited when I first saw the knight grab the blade and attack with the hilt.

Sword fights are always portrayed as edge to edge strikes and it's nice to see something that was actually done.
>> No. 58644 ID: f197c2
I haven't used that class yet (2H sword Knight is the "balanced" all-arounder class and I'm not about that life), so can't confirm whether or not that's an actual move in the game.

Currently half the classes are available, looks like this:

Warden - easy, all-around
Conqueror - medium, tank with a mace

Raider - easy, 2h axe brawler
Berserker - hard, 1-on-1 fucker-upper

Kensei - medium, standard stereotypical samurai
Orochi - hard, finesse 1-on-1 assassin

Overall it's really fun. Alpha has 1v1, 2v2, and 4v4 (only played 4v4 so far). You can vs AI or PVP. 4v4 is a 3-point king of the hill. Combat is really fluid and well-implemented, and the guard system (high/left/right) is an interesting addition to add complexity. Some classes have permanent guard so long as you're on the appropriate direction, others have a 1-second window to guard in the right direction when an enemy attacks and give a bonus to counters if you guard correctly. There are guard breaks and grapples that work well and can be countered. Each class also has a set of 4 buffs/debuffs that can be swapped out as you level up that class (12 total for each class).

So far, overall I'd say this looks like an 8-9/10 game, assuming that it keeps a decently-sized playerbase.
>> No. 58645 ID: f197c2
Correction: Conqueror has a flail, not a mace.
>> No. 58646 ID: 4c768d
Do the NPC enemies actually do anything? or are they just more for show?
>> No. 58647 ID: 82a3e8
From what I have seen, it looks like if you get surrounded by them they will mess you up. Also they block you into fights sometimes.

But mostly for "RAA FUCK YOU LITTLE GUY" ego boosts.
>> No. 58648 ID: f197c2
They'll attack you, but the damage they deal is minimal.

Yeah, mostly just there to have something you can crowd control/Dynasty Warriors on. Even if they surround you though, don't expect to lose more than 10% or so of your health.

Video related, some gameplay I recorded.
>> No. 58956 ID: de8b49
Any of you fuckers playing this? I have a rep 4 Raider with an Armor Level of 97. Thinkin about leveling a Zerker next. I need people to play with.
>> No. 58958 ID: 6b495e
sadly no, i only enjoy the 1v1 or 2v2 and fuck if i can gety a match anymore

i blame poor marketing, people expected a dynasty warriors game and they got a brawler.

and i love that this game is more streat fight er than dynasty warriors but no one fucking plays the match type i enjoy anymore.
>> No. 58959 ID: d4c8ee
>i blame poor marketing, people expected a dynasty warriors game and they got a brawler.

P2P hosting probably didn't help matters.
>> No. 58960 ID: de8b49
Imho, I see it more of like if Mortal Kombat and Diablo had an illegitimate love child. I play Raider and he's not super great at duel or brawls. Actually he's widely considered to be the worst class. I'm in the top 4% of people who play him tho. I prefer Dominion personally.

Yeah, they need dedicated servers. I can't tell you how many matches I get disconnected from.

Also, I'm rep 5 now and have top armor class.

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