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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 147692421233.jpg - (1.66MB , 1920x1080 , TF2_WallPaper_1920x1080_v2.jpg )
58683 No. 58683 ID: 9dcda2
My body is prepared.
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>> No. 58684 ID: d4c8ee
  Yeah despite just getting BF1, I'm tempted to pick this up too. SP looks like it'll be cool.
>> No. 58685 ID: 9dcda2
The totally legit CDKeys.com has both for less than retail. (It really sounds like a scam website, but I've gotten the last 4 games from there successfully.)

> Titanfall 2 PC $ 42.09
> Battlefield 1 PC $ 45.99
> Subtotal $ 88.08

The good news is: I'm taking 2 weeks of vacation from work. I didn't plan it, but damned if it didn't work out. I'm going to the planet Harmony and the Argonne Forest for my 2016 vacation.

Hope my fucking laptop runs them.
>> No. 58686 ID: d4c8ee
But then you don't get all the stupid preorder cosmetics!
>> No. 58689 ID: 454a4b
I kinda missed the original Titanfall release (probably because it wasn't on steam?).
Will this sequel build on the original's story?
>> No. 58690 ID: 454a4b
  Lore overview
>> No. 58693 ID: 9dcda2
File 147709976618.jpg - (452.67KB , 1920x1080 , TitanFall 2014-04-02 17-22-34-83.jpg )
Yes, from what I've seen.

The "story" missions in TF1 were just set multiplayer matches with some radio voice overs that would change depending on who was winning. (Which was alright.)

TF1 was Space Future Cawadooty 4 Turbo Championship Edition... with mechs. (And fucking awesome.)
>> No. 58694 ID: 82a3e8
>researching sites like cdkeys.com
>Bunch of people complaining about the ethics of the companies business practice
>Telling people to buy EA games full price
>> No. 58695 ID: f2400b

One can both hate EA, and not want to give money to folks like those grey market sellers.

Those gray market sites often (but not always) are selling keys obtained fraudulently, and the money goes to funding more and more shitty malware.
>> No. 58696 ID: d4c8ee
Yeah there's a big one, G2A, which is essentially run by the Polish mafia. They even have a "these sure are some nice keys we're selling you, it'd be a shame... if they didn't work" thing where you can pay them extra as "insurance" you'll get a good key.
>> No. 58699 ID: cd5ece
What'd you find out about CDkeys? I figured they just bought licenses from the publisher in bulk.
>> No. 58700 ID: 4c768d
>> No. 58701 ID: 454a4b
How horrendous is Origin?
>> No. 58702 ID: b86cd3
It's gotten better. Very unobtrusive now, like GOG's downloader/updater program or Battlenet. The interface was recently changed to be the same as on the Origin webstore, so if you go there it's largely the same as the software.

EA seems to realize they can't directly compete with Steam, so they've worked on making it less of a hassle to use.
>> No. 58709 ID: cd5ece
File 147764393451.jpg - (15.59KB , 500x333 , cat disappointed.jpg )
It's just call of duty now.

I'm not going to say they fucked up the multiplayer, but there were a lot of design choices that went the wrong way.

Strong Dislikes:
- It takes a long time to get titans, almost all pilot combat now.
- Titans no longer have shields, just a fixed amount of health.
- Titans are no longer customizable. There's 5 classes and the weapons cannot be changed. You can change perks, which is shit like "slightly faster charge time".
- Pilot cloak lasts a long ass time, meaning there's sneaky assholes all around.
- You choose between an anti-titan weapon or a pistol. Not both.
- No windowed borderless mode.
- All titans get electric smoke, but it takes a while to get ready initially, and a while to recharge.
- Rodeo'ing is severely nerfed. You pull the hatch off, toss in a grenade, and jump off.

- Burn cards are gone.
- Couple of new weapons.
- The grappling hook is SLOW to retract.

Good things:
- Weapons that are reasonably accurate and do damage. (I'm looking at you, BF1.)
- Good netcode, when the servers aren't lagging to shit. (First day excusable.)
- Tight controls.
- Smart pistol is gone. That was the ultimate noob weapon.
- People die when they are killed.
- It's a VERY FAST skill based shooter.

- New rocket launcher and Sidewinder missiles are now anti-personnel weapons.
- Some new energy weapons.
- Don't know if there's skill based match making.

It runs like shit on my laptop. i7-4700HQ and Nvivida 860M. The video is maxed. With all the video settings set to potato I'm getting 30-40 fps most of the time. It looks and runs nice on my buddy's desktop with a Nvidia 980.

I'm pretty disappointed. Titanfall 1 was one of my favorite games and was damned near perfect except for the limited content. This is only acceptable because there isn't shit else out besides Battlefield.
>> No. 58710 ID: 4c768d
Smart pistol is definitely not gone, got killed by it like 3 times in one game.
>> No. 58711 ID: cd5ece
File 147770125539.jpg - (267.30KB , 1920x1080 , Titanfall2 2016-10-28 17-32-36-72.jpg )
Huh. It's not in the weapon select menus. I haven't seen it ingame either.
>> No. 58712 ID: d4c8ee
Played through the campaign today. Pretty good, though a bit short.

Apparently it's a boost weapon and you only get two mags for it.
>> No. 58713 ID: 4c768d
Yeah I liked campaign, although nothing super memorable. Nice to get some more background lore and different characters though.
>> No. 58714 ID: d4c8ee
Apparently the Dewritos 2x XP codes are bugged so that they double your points instead. Which explains why I was winning a lot and going up like 3-4 ranks in a match when I was using them during a happy hour last night.

Anybody got loadout recommendations? I've been having fun using the Alternator with sprint firing on a Stim pilot. Also bought the Volt but it doesn't seem as good as the CAR.
>> No. 58715 ID: 4c768d
really loving the SMR. hard to hit pilots but it does good damage against titans, especially when amped up. Just unlocked the personal shield wall so will have to try that out.
>> No. 58720 ID: cd5ece
File 147781283745.jpg - (351.25KB , 1600x900 , Titanfall2 2016-10-29 18-05-12-42.jpg )
> loadout recommendations

It seems the go-to in this game is Stim Pack and a sub gun. I really like the CAR, but the Alternator is pretty good. Run and shoot. Stim will regen health, so if you start getting hit pop the stim and turbo away.

I use the Pulse Blade / R-201 for longer range maps. I haven't unlocked the Hemlok yet, but it looks like a solid 3 round burst is good for a pilot kill.

The grapple is pretty useless.

I mostly use the charge rifle for anti-titan work, but it's weak. I just unlocked the BFG/PPC lookin' thing.
>> No. 58721 ID: cd5ece
File 147781341956.jpg - (235.56KB , 1600x900 , Titanfall2 2016-10-29 17-34-53-89.jpg )
Indeed, the smart gun is in the game. I'm just glad it's not a regular weapon.

For titans, I go with Tone mostly, Scorch second, and sometimes Legion or Ronin. Ion sucks and snipers are ghey.

I used the 40mm cannon almost exclusively in Titanfall 1. With Tone, use the drop shield and just put 40 mike mikes into the flashing red spot on titans... or pilots. The support is a sonar grenade. Fire missiles whenever you got a lock.

With Scorch, keep using the support gas canister and just keep lobbing thermite at other titans at medium range. Scorch is all about damage over time... just make sure to stay out of your own fire.
>> No. 58723 ID: 4c768d
I really didn't like the hemlock, only used it for one or two games though. I was having trouble tracking and aiming properly through the default sight

Really loving the Devotion so far, the fire rate goes from single shot to bullet hose pretty quick.

I've been playing a lot of hardpoint so I usually stick with the map hack or personal shield, it's great for sitting in a corner or helping protect multiple entries.
>> No. 58727 ID: 721241
Hemlock is trash by design. Pilots are moving too quick for MUH BURST to kill them at range, and will out DPS it up close. Haven't tried it in multi yet, but it's bad in SP and it was bad in the last game
>> No. 58728 ID: e9172b
File 147789230228.jpg - (323.69KB , 1600x900 , Titanfall2 2016-10-30 21-37-42-44.jpg )
Yeah I hated the fucker (and burst weapons in general) in the last game, but I've gotten killed by it quite a few times in this one.

Pictured: I goosed an ejecting pilot with a thermite grenade. Ha!
>> No. 58730 ID: 4c768d
heads up, you can change loadouts mid-life, no need to die
>> No. 58732 ID: cd5ece
File 147803947389.jpg - (466.21KB , 1600x900 , Titanfall2 2016-10-31 21-04-49-95.jpg )
I think you can change loadouts until you move.
>> No. 58733 ID: cd5ece
File 147803982233.jpg - (313.07KB , 1600x900 , Titanfall2 2016-10-31 17-43-50-20.jpg )
I had a spectacular round yesterday. Attrition on Black Water Canal. I led the server with 15 kills and 4 titan kills. It was the all the wall running, stim sliding, shoot slicing and titan mayhem that the game promised. Even the classic knee slide to shoot the wall running opponent.

Why did I slide?

For no reason other than it would look cool.
>> No. 58734 ID: 721241
Just had a good round with the LSTAR. Sure, it's shit at long rang,e but up close? You're all fucked, go home. Also got three hanging kills with it-never did that in the first game, ever.
>> No. 58735 ID: 721241
Disregard, this thing FUCKS wannabe snipers. Also an excellent titan support weapon, anything you don't kill outright, the pilot WILL see thanks to the glowing red tracers following them.
>> No. 58746 ID: 721241
Dear god, Northstar is underrated as fuck. So is Ion. I spent two games of last titan standing SHITTING on legions with them, despite legion being OP trash.

Even tone is vulnerable to them if you play right and they don't have the 20% core boost.
>> No. 58747 ID: a073b8
>Legion OP

No, he's just fucking braindead easy to play, but no where near as fucking broken as Tone. I honestly didn't think it would have been bad until I got into an Attrition match with EVERYONE using Tone once Titanfalls were available with subsequent matches just being dominated by Tones.
>> No. 58748 ID: 4c768d
Just "Regenerated" to Gen 2. Basically have to unlock everything again unless you bought it was merits the first time around, but everything stays the same level. Kind of cool, makes me use stuff I hadn't tried in a while.
>> No. 58749 ID: 721241
Tone is utterly retarded, and the developers responsible for it should be hung.

>hey we made a game all about using speed to become a harder target and to outmanuver people
>what if we give people a one shot weapon with partial autoaim?

That said, proper use of terrain and FUCKING LASERS goes a long way towards ruining a tonefags match.
>> No. 58751 ID: d4c8ee
You forgot:
>And what if we gave it's main weapon splash so it can easily gib pilots?! And a sonar!?!

Yeah, Tone is fine if everybody is running different stuff, but when you run into a team where everybody's using it? Nah. Fuck that.

Legion though, is in a pretty good place even after the changes. It's strong in open areas but kinda sucks up close. And I love popping the smart core and then getting 3 random kills from pilots running around on rooftops or whatever. Currently I've been using it with the boosted shield. Scorch and Ion are otherwise the ones I mainly play.
>> No. 58772 ID: d4c8ee
FYI: the game is currently $30 on Amazon for the consoles.
>> No. 58784 ID: d4c8ee
$40 on Origin right now and you can drop it down to $31 with the code TITAN20 on checkout. Really good deal for the price.
>> No. 58948 ID: 9dcda2
File 149105753985.jpg - (384.02KB , 3440x1440 , Titanfall2_2017_03_31_18_39_47_876.jpg )
I finished the singleplayer game yesterday. It's pretty good. If you've got the game and haven't finished the SP, go for it.

Fuck the MP.
>> No. 59042 ID: a8ace8
  Anybody else still playing? Game is still populated and getting content updates FWIW, new titan, new maps, etc. Next patch is adding War Games and now you can carry a separate pistol as a pilot.
>> No. 59049 ID: f2400b

So no more pistol-or-anti-titan-weapon crap? Thank Fuck for that.
>> No. 59054 ID: d4c8ee
Yeah this will probably change the whole meta for primaries that aren't "optimal" like the snipers and launchers since now you can have a backup gun for close range panicking. I haven't played much since February but I'd expect to see more people using combos like the Cold War or Softball and the machine pistol or Mozambique as a result.
>> No. 59055 ID: eb2308
No, but I will now.
>> No. 59057 ID: f2400b

That's gonna be pretty damn nice. The launchers themselves were mostly fine for primaries that didn't have secondaries, since I think the SMR actually gets a lock on vs titans, the EPG does a lot of damage per hit and people apparently have a hard time dodging it (despite it being so fucking slow), and the softball can do a ton of damage to a Titan. But the snipers and even the semi-auto rifle, sometimes it feels like they're pretty heavily gimped on options, since you either had 'I can fend off someone with a machine pistol up close' or 'I can fend off Titans', but not both like subguns/assault rifles got.
>> No. 59073 ID: d4c8ee
  Horde mode on the 25th.

I've been trying to get back into the game but man, I lost all the skill I built up when it came out and I feel like a old dude trying to skateboard.
>> No. 59093 ID: 2001f3
Been playing for about a week now, fun game. That PvE defense mode is great, regenerated my Scorch and Legion pretty much off that entirely. And as much as people complain about Tone, I absolutely hate Monarch even more, fucker just will not die if the pilot is at all competent.
>> No. 59128 ID: df12a0
>if the pilot is at all competent.

Isn't that true for pretty much any Titan, though?
>> No. 59129 ID: eb2308
Not really, no.
>> No. 59153 ID: 475f8e
File Reaper_pls.webm - (1.52MB , Reaper pls.webm )
Scorch is the only real Titan that has trouble with Pilots. Thermite ain't cut out for sniping Pilots the same any other Titan can. If anything, Scorch is the underdog Titan as of now.

WTB Triple Threat for Scorch in standard MP.

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