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File 147819436344.jpg - (83.51KB , 460x456 , stop-focusing-tank.jpg )
58737 No. 58737 ID: 6ca38e
So...I've never been a big audiophile and I'm behind the times when it comes to gaming audio technology. My PC specs aren't top of the line, but they're not bad, but what is bad is the Cyber Accoustics 2.1 system I have and the Dyne keyboard I picked up as an emergency replacement that I never bothered to replace.

So, I'm shopping for both replacement speakers and a new keyboard. Not looking to spend a ton but I'm willing to invest a bit for quality gear. The main thing I'm looking at is audio pass-throughs for my headset. I'm still running 3.5mm jacks on my headset, mostly because my Gamescom is still fucking awesome and I have a spare already and am not really looking to switch to USB just yet with a few years of headsets already in my possession. Problem with my current setup is I'm using a headphones splitter in kinda a backwards setup, so the audio output is being split to both my speakers and headset. Doesn't do much for my sound quality or volume levels. But the convenience of being able to just put my headset on when I start gaming and just turn my speakers off is amazing, and something I'd like to preserve if I can.

So, I guess I'm left with a few options. Switch to a USB sound system for my speakers and keep the 3.5 jacks, or a speaker system with both mic and headphone jacks on the sub or one of the speakers. The keyboards with the headset jacks intrigue me but they all are just basically extensions that plug into the 3.5 jacks on my PC, which means they don't do anything to solve the issues with splitting my audio output.

So, just looking for some ideas without having to switch to a USB headset. Whatchya got? Any specific suggestions?
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>> No. 58739 ID: cd5ece
First, http://www.operatorchan.org/arch/res/5635.html#i5635

I leave the audio discussion to people who care more about it than I do. For a headphones I've got a set of AudioTechnica M50, and they're awesome. For a microphone I've got some $2 boom mic that I just put the head band around the back of my neck.

For the house I've got a Yamaha RX-V379 receiver and, I forget the brand of speakers now, but they're fucking nice. Home theater speakers that my buddy hooked me up with.

For keyboards, find a store, go there, type on some of the keyboards they have. I'm currently using this Best Buy house brand keyboard, and it works great for me.


"Mechanical" keyboards are bullshit. They're noisy as fuck, expensive, and offer no benefit. I've tried my buddys' Razor and Logitech keyboards and they are a complete waste of money.
>> No. 58740 ID: d4c8ee
>"Mechanical" keyboards are bullshit. They're noisy as fuck, expensive, and offer no benefit.

There's a distinct difference between the tactile feedback from a mechanical/bucking spring keyboard, and the cheaper rubber dome or scissor-switch ones.
>> No. 58741 ID: cd5ece
File 147821893636.jpg - (150.31KB , 664x498 , arrival.jpg )
I've never seen the benefit. I type around 65 WPM and play plenty of online FPSes and the occasional MMO. Now, when we made the switch from PS2/AT keyboards to USB, and you could press more than 3 buttons at time, that was good shit.

Mice, on the other hand, I have no problem spending money on.
>> No. 58742 ID: 6fa141
As I said, not really looking to replace my headset. And if I did I'd probably just get a USB version of the same one I have.

As for mechanical keyboards, its a pretty broad category and there are a lot of switches to choose from with different resistances, sound levels, and tactile feedback levels. And its all highly subjective.

I'm mainly trying to figure out a good way to have both speakers and headset be useful at the same time with minimal to no fuss switching between them.

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