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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 14931428285.jpg - (129.87KB , 1600x900 , Phoenix.jpg )
58966 No. 58966 ID: 813f6b
Since X-Com games were rather popular around here, here's something similar but different:

Not sure I like the character design but I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt since I largely liked the recent X-Com gameplay.
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>> No. 58968 ID: 813f6b
  X-COM, but not X-COM.
>> No. 58969 ID: 2ded50
File 149334188976.jpg - (45.08KB , 732x862 , Banana nose.jpg )
I was bored and saw this thread. It made me decide to give xcom a shot.

I've been missing out.
>> No. 58970 ID: d4c8ee
Julian Gollop presents "Horror from Below," a legally distinct squad tactics game.
>> No. 58971 ID: 813f6b
>Julian Gollop presents "Horror from Below," a legally distinct squad tactics game.

If it's as fun as the others, I'm game.

I just wish they'd stay away from retarded weapons and give them proper proportions.
>> No. 58972 ID: d4c8ee
Oh sure, I'll probably back it too. Was just poking some fun at how similar it is.
>> No. 58974 ID: f0fb5d
I backed it. Looks very intriguing.
>> No. 59001 ID: d4c8ee
  48 hours left fyi, and here's a video of a boss battle.
>> No. 59006 ID: f0fb5d
This YouTuber has done a pretty great job of documenting the information we've gotten about the setting, factions, technology and backdrop of Phoenix Point in this playlist.


I'm very interested.
>> No. 59248 ID: 41441c
  I didn't back the Fig campaign but the recent stuff they've been showing off looks really nice.

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