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No. 59004 ID: d4c8ee
  Ace Combat 7 looks good.
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>> No. 59008 ID: 3c7d60
New Xbox costs $500 lmao.
>> No. 59009 ID: d4c8ee
  >Get Psyched

Did MS actually show off any exclusives? Looks like everything was multiplatform.
>> No. 59012 ID: d4c8ee
  Age of Empires is getting remastered.
>> No. 59015 ID: 9e7917
  Well that's why they killed AM2R.
>> No. 59016 ID: d4c8ee
File 149741221653.gif - (887.95KB , 320x240 , tumblr_inline_orgrqmJlj01qe75xt_540.gif )
Well now that everything is over, overall I'd say Nintendo and Sony ended up having the best presentations. Nintendo was Nintendo, while the only really bad stuff Sony showed was that zombie game. And VR stuff I guess.

Microsoft was basically FOUR NINETY NINE and non-exclusive games. But hey at least there was Terry Crews and Crackdown 3.

EA was unremarkable. More of the usual, plus Bioware Does Destiny and that prison break game, neither of which are coming out until 2018.

Ubisoft was okay. An actual Beyond Good & Evil 2 trailer (all prerendered, and it's a prequel MMO thing?), the AC: Black Flag ship gameplay is now a MMO, and the new AC is going to Egypt.

Bethesda was basically "we're putting Skyrim on every system known to man also paid mods but you don't pay for them with money you buy tokens and then use the tokens, so the mods aren't paid" along with Wolfenstein, Daud DLC for Dishonored 2, Evil Within 2, and Quakeverwach.

Devolver apparently kidnapped some Adult Swim writers to produce their event, nothing new but it was weird. FUTURE! FUTURE! FUTURE!

PC Gaming Show was as boring as last year and was mostly announcements for preexisting stuff, XCOM2 DLC, Mount and Blade 2, Age of Empires remaster, new Battletech trailer, Lawbreakers, etc.
>> No. 59024 ID: d4c8ee
I've lost any hype I had for Beyond Good and Evil 2 now that more info is coming out. Sounds like another No Man's Sky-esque boondoggle. What a shame.
>"You see mountains in the distance, there is something, a city, something that is attracting you, you can go there. Maybe it's very dangerous, but you can try to go there." That sounds awfully familiar...
>> No. 59027 ID: d4c8ee
  New Insurgency game, with a single player/coop campaign.
>> No. 59028 ID: d4c8ee
  CrowbCat's summary is out.
>> No. 59029 ID: 8e22d9
File 14976783914.jpg - (44.66KB , 480x220 , laughing operator.jpg )
Holy shit, the we wuz kings line fucking slayed me.
I've never heard of this dude, thank you for bringing this to my attention.
>> No. 59032 ID: f15d4d
>New Insurgency
>with SP/coop

My dick is diamonds...

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