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Patches and Stickers for sale here

File 149824098115.jpg - (32.34KB , 444x538 , steamsale.jpg )
59036 No. 59036 ID: bf333d
It's that time of the year again...

I bought Dishonored 2, Sunless Sea: Submariner & Endless Space so far.

Anyone found any good deals?
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>> No. 59037 ID: 12329c
Dirt Rally is 70% and going for $17.99 (Chodemasters is notorious for NEVER putting a discount on games).

Also im personally conflicted, but Squad is 50% off at $19.99 if anyone was keen on getting it.
>> No. 59038 ID: 52cd53
i have not, 30% off ok games and 60% off shit i never wanted
>> No. 59039 ID: 45e3a1
here is this link in the off chance someone doesn't know about it.
It can give you a list of whats on sale (you can filter by discount amount and order of decreasing discount), and it can give you a history of discounts for a product so you can know if you can expect a better price. Also gives you the price in other regions, in case you want to make some international friends.
>> No. 59040 ID: bf333d
File 149832800764.jpg - (439.24KB , 1920x1080 , ss_b6408a64a1c50c394560a5aeff02617d5adcfeb3_1920x1.jpg )
The full Shadowrun RPG series for only €2,78.
>> No. 59041 ID: 629c61
File 149834167512.gif - (332.21KB , 364x200 , 200.gif )
>Sniper Elite 3 for 5.99
>aw yiss
>tick all DLCs
>60+ euroscheckels

Aw hell naw, also:

>been waiting for a good deal on Far Cry 3 for years
>reviews saying ubisoft is ultragay with their service and CD key recognition

Fuck it, fuck Ubisoft for locking my AssCreed2 on a different computer, fuck them forever. Ezio did nothing wrong.

You what? I bought Dirt 1 and 2 and Grid for about 3€ a piece. Dirt 3 complete for about 5. Where have you been?

>6 y/o Mafia 2 + DLC somehow still costs 20 bucks

>> No. 59043 ID: a8ace8
Yeah sales have gotten "worse" over the past few years. Steam is big enough now that the big publishers don't really go over 50-60%, with indies doing the deep discounts. Though with the indie market now so saturated with crap it's hard to find stuff that's good.

I got Prey but had to refund it because it ran poorly on my system, though it seemed like a great game from the hour or so I played, basically Arkane's take on a System Shock/Bioshock game.
>> No. 59045 ID: 45e3a1
File 149841627514.jpg - (264.56KB , 1200x868 , 1468733006431.jpg )
the reason the sales are not more interesting has little to do with the size of Steam but with something else you mentioned. Refunds.
Thanks in large part to the EU dicking around, Valve is pressured to have a refund policy. The day that happened is the day Flash sales, community choice sales, daily discounts, ect ended for Steam sales. Because you can't have a massive but short time discount one day only to have everyone who bought it the previous day flocking for a refund to buy it at the new lower price. So now everything has to be a single price for the two or so weeks of the sale, and publishers just won't put their games at 90% off for two weeks.

TLDR: Europeans continue to ruin everything.
>> No. 59046 ID: d4c8ee
Nah, refunds have been around for two years now, whereas you can see both bigger and smaller publishers intentionally holding their games at fixed price/discount levels now. Take Divinity: Original Sin and The Witcher 3 for example, both of them came out before refunds but have never received a serious discount, D:OS for example has only just now gotten 60% off since D:OS2 is nearing completion. What refunds really killed was the daily/flash deals for the reasons you pointed out. Also I think there's a bit of a false-positive that's generated because after a few sales people have bought all the "big stuff" they want and are just waiting for newer games to come down in price.

Also don't buy Bethesda games if there's DLC expected and there's not a GOTY edition. I've been holding off on Prey and Dishonored 2 myself for that reason. (and for Dishonored I still need to finish the Daud DLC)
>> No. 59047 ID: 12329c
>You what? I bought Dirt 1 and 2 and Grid for about 3€ a piece. Dirt 3 complete for about 5. Where have you been?

you realize those games are ancient?

and a humble bundle doesnt count
>> No. 59048 ID: 3e843b
File 149843355458.jpg - (65.63KB , 700x350 , Batman-Arkham-Knight-Steam_jpg_optimal.jpg )
I think refunds are excellent. For too long people were saddled with products they didn't like or didn't work and could do nothing about it. The only devs who think refunds are a bad thing is shitty indie devs who release a game shorter then the average fap session and devs who continuously release broken games. I don't have alot of sympathy for shitty early access motherfuckers, copy and paste steam greenlight abusers, no real sympathy for hipster indie devs who are so far up their own ass they are called Phil Fish, and no sympathy for big budget studios who knowingly release a broken game like Arkham Knight, Just Cause 3, Ass Cred, Saints Row 2, Sim City 5, Diablow 3, and more. In olden times way back yonder if you bought the game without knowing it was broken you were stuck with it, could do nothing but complain and hope they eventually patched it. Now you can show what you think about broken games by denying them money.

Yeah sometimes its abused during sales and thats certainly the reason flash sales no longer happen (I know if they had refunds during a steam sale years ago I would have abused the system and returned GTA 4 and re-bought it for cheaper) but overall its a damn good thing and I think should be universal for digital platforms.

The only thing that really sucks is you can't get refunds from 3rd party sites. Gotta get dem deals do. How I got fucked on Just Cause 3.
>> No. 59050 ID: dbc823
File 149845304342.jpg - (90.75KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
>liberal SJW whiner millennial demands consumer "rights" to let them steal from the pockets of game developers
>> No. 59051 ID: 3e843b
File 149846228646.jpg - (36.73KB , 549x345 , c4ce99_a4414a3e8fac471d8209a9a51f1a30b4.jpg )
HEY!!!! I'm not a millennial. Probably. I dunno. I'm like right on the edge.

Anyway, the only people stealing are the devs.
>> No. 59052 ID: 334c17
>pockets of game developers
I wish I could.
>That video ID has already been posted here.
Alright let's do it again.
>> No. 59053 ID: 8e22d9
File 149851882226.jpg - (66.78KB , 604x509 , anatomy brain dawg.jpg )
I bought Elite Dangerous, steam link, Little Nightmares, all the Stalker games, The Forest, Genital Jousting, and Wolfenstein, the Old Blood.

There's so many deals and it's raping my finances.
>> No. 59056 ID: eb2308
>Elite Dangerous
You'd best go imperial.
>> No. 59058 ID: 2001f3
File 149853895272.png - (2.10MB , 1920x1080 , Graea Hypa TI-B e310 (20170323-014932).png )
>giving a fuck about factions
>not going exploring the reaches of deep space alone

Get on my level.
>> No. 59060 ID: 45e3a1
all your justifications for refunds could have been replaced with an ounce of common sense.

Check the requirements of a game before you buy.
Check the forums for people in your situation.
Don't buy games before they are released.
Check reviews from real people (not IGN) on games before you buy.
Don't buy on hype.

There is no excuse for buying a game only to discover "it is broken".

Steam has forums, it has reviews, it has ratings, it has curators. Everything you need to find out if a game is shit or not is a mouse click (or less) away.
>> No. 59061 ID: 3e843b
File 14985923526.jpg - (42.97KB , 750x476 , Just+shower+thoughts_2716ee_6310901.jpg )
One shouldn't have to do a full investigation into buying a freaking game. Thats the same sort of shit you do when buying a house or a car or a prostitute, not some 60 dollar piece of software.

The weight should be on the developer/seller to not release a broken game and when someone does and that someone doesn't do a full cavity search on it they should be able to return in like most anything else. Its really anti consumer to not do so.

If I buy a bag of spoiled milk I can return it. If I buy some homoerotic He-Man toy with the arms broken off I can take it back. If I buy a tv that is filled with literal hamster wheels I can get a refund. If I purchase a horseless carriage dubbed a lemon I can go to the point of purchase and unburden myself with the bastard slothful beast in exchange for my purchase price.

If I go into Walmart and buy the exact same fucking game I can return it. Why shouldn't I be able to return it on Steam?

With digital media being pushed as the go to consumer platform returns should be standard same as they are in the physical medium.

Now mind you I do usually do some research before I buy, try to check around for any major bugs and might watch a review from somebody I trust. Sometimes though sit gets missed. Sometimes I might not be able time find a review for the game from someone I trust or the review doesn't mention any bugs (a real problem for games that are multi-platform). Occasionally find out about some major bugs is difficult because the devs try to suppress it or its in some obscure thread somewhere that finding it requires knowing about the bug and googling it. Similar situations can lead to some consumers consuming content that they might not be able to use.

But usually I figure shit out before the buy. Sometimes though I might just pull the trigger and say fuck it, try it anyway. Did that with Just Cause 3, there was problems effecting some people but they seemed random, reviews were good when people could play it, and my system met the requirements. Worked for about a half hour then crapped out, didn't work at all after that. I ain't too broken up about it, I paid like 15 bucks and might eventually try it again hopefully after they quit releasing more garbage ass DLC and get around to doing some bug fixes, if they do, but still I think I should be able to say "dis be broken nigga, put dat monies back in muh hands" and get my greenbacks back of I wished.
>> No. 59062 ID: d4c8ee
  I picked up Brigador: Up Armored Edition on a whim, and it's awesome. Basically a Desert/Jungle/Nuclear Strike isometric vehicle game where you can control everything from a giant battlemech armed with dual GAU-8s, a tank with a air-bursting siege howitzer and laser shotgun, to Marvin Heemeyer's killdozer, to a Tuktuk with a couple recoilless rifles bolted onto it. Great soundtrack too if you like retro synth stuff.

Also turn off VSync, it's enable by default and the game ran really slowly for me as a result.
>> No. 59064 ID: 758a23
File 14991193209.jpg - (325.92KB , 1920x1080 , brigador_2017_07_03_00_41_56_789.jpg )
You weren't kidding about the Killdozer. This game is fucking awesome. (Also DRM free.)
>> No. 59065 ID: 758a23
File 149912759290.jpg - (594.09KB , 1920x1080 , brigador_2017_07_03_14_52_02_626.jpg )
Update: If you try to play the steam version without steam, it crashes at the end of a mission.
>> No. 59066 ID: f96b90
File 149919308911.jpg - (463.50KB , 1920x1080 , 20170628181337_1.jpg )
Got DOOM'16, GTAV, Keep Talking, Mother Russia Bleeds and Witcher3.
It will be fun to play Keep Talking over radios and DOOM is really fun.
>> No. 59067 ID: f15d4d
File 149927481415.jpg - (188.29KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
Bought Earth Defense Force 4.1, which is the first EDF game I've tried out, because I was curious what all the hype was about. Holy shit, is this game fun as hell. Difficult as fuck once you start cranking up the difficulty, too.

Only complaint is that I thought I'd enjoy Air Raider as a class a bit more, but the lack of turret options (long ass reload times), weapons other than Limpet rifles and the vehicles which center around online co-op play and can't be manned by NPCs (seriously, why can't they have the NPCs jump in gunner positions) makes it pretty meh for singleplayer. Actually thought Ranger would be the most boring, but I've ended up enjoying it the most.

Also bought a bunch of weeb games, Watch_Dogs (it was cheap) and Dirt Rally.

One thing that really annoys me is how there isn't a definitive racing sim(ish) game on Steam. There's Project CARS, which no thanks. Assetto Corsa, which seems like the "best" option, but still limited in cars. But there's no Forza or Gran Turismo equivalents (I initially thought this was what Project CARS was... until I realized it has fuckall in terms of car choice, all the physics problems and how you can customize vehicles.).

Heard great things about Forza Horizon 2/3. But fuck Games for Windows Live, I'm not buying it through that shit.
>> No. 59070 ID: d4c8ee
Apparently it's related to Steamworks integration, because I had the same trouble back when my old HDD was failing. Steam would crash randomly and if it happened while I was playing, the next level change would result in a crash.

Also the Tomahawk is a fun agrav, fast but it's got decent health and can carry some good gun combos, I like the Banshee and the Vortex gun on it.
>> No. 59071 ID: 9dcda2
Yeah, that sounds like pretty bad programming if the game crashes because of something like that. Couldn't they just make it fail nicely? There's a GOG version, which wouldn't have that problem.
>> No. 59072 ID: f2172d
I got:
Stardew Valley
Icewind Dale 1: Enhanced Edition (even though I have the original game disks)
Darklands (for nostalgia)
>> No. 59074 ID: 45e3a1
File 150056677439.png - (1.10MB , 782x493 , 1500420391872.png )
I got My Summer Car. Which is pretty much Finnish GTA. The controls are a bit wonky but it has lots of charm. Premise is building a car to tool around in. Like every bolt, belt, and small gear which you can't remember what it does or where exactly it goes but hopefully it isn't too important. You can brew sugar wine out of a plastic bucket to sell to a drunk for extra money, give people the finger, sauna, get drunk, more sauna, and generally enjoy the Finnish experience. The game doesn't hold your hand and even simple tasks like going to the store has resulted in 5 of my characters meeting their untimely demise. (Permadeath is the default mode)

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