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File 150453550918.jpg - (815.19KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_08_06_01_02_33_148.jpg )
59130 No. 59130 ID: 9dcda2
Elite Dangerous / Horizons thread.
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>> No. 59131 ID: 9dcda2
File 150453681426.jpg - (370.42KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_08_25_20_04_36_532.jpg )
I started in July and have been doing mostly combat. Resource extraction sites (bounty hunting) and massacre missions.

Ships so far:
> sidey
> viper mk4
> cobra mk3 (was better than the viper)

> vulture (combat junkie)

I've been flying the Vulture for a while. Large fixed burst laser and large gimbaled multi-cannon. I, just yesterday, figured out that you have to pick a side in Conflict Zones, so I set up the Vulture as a ship-massacre special. As light, shielded, and armored I could make it.


> asp explorer (150 ly trip? no problem)
Good for gofer missions. Lots of momentum.

> python
Just unlocked. This thing is a sweet ride / murder machine. At resource sites with turreted weapons, it's finally easy to take out all the wienies.

My bro also plays and he's further along than me. We were doing some multi-crew action with his Beluga (lol) and Anaconda. I'd fly the Condor or Taipan fighters. The Condor is fun as fuck, but if anyone looks at you with a laser you're dead. Missiles are instant death. The Taipan is a little more survivable but not by much.
>> No. 59132 ID: 9dcda2
File 150453689237.png - (1.98MB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_09_03_21_56_35_403.png )
The ASP Explorer. Questioning it's choices in life.
>> No. 59133 ID: 9dcda2
File 150453699327.jpg - (555.12KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_09_03_11_04_24_808.jpg )
1v1 me and see what happens, Federal Corvette.
>> No. 59134 ID: 9dcda2
File 15045371059.jpg - (466.88KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_09_03_11_11_07_309.jpg )
Canopy shot out, I got 4 minutes to finish this.
>> No. 59135 ID: 9dcda2
File 150453718314.jpg - (443.75KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_09_01_21_03_35_409.jpg )
My bro's Federal Gun Ship moments before the insurance claim.
>> No. 59136 ID: 9dcda2
File 150453727965.jpg - (674.92KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_08_23_13_54_33_560.jpg )
I hope the safety stops are set on this turreted multi-cannon...
>> No. 59137 ID: 9dcda2
File 150453733093.jpg - (868.53KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_08_22_20_54_39_702.jpg )
Finding and shooting rocks.
>> No. 59138 ID: 9dcda2
File 150453738483.jpg - (463.67KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_08_17_23_06_41_234.jpg )
>> No. 59139 ID: 9dcda2
File 150453783677.jpg - (395.33KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_09_03_21_02_55_154.jpg )
For controls, I go for the HOMAS, hands on mouse and stick. I've got a Thrustmaster 16000 FCS which I use with my left hand, and my logitech gaming mouse in my right.

Roll, pitch, yaw (twist)
Flight assist toggle, after burner, chaff, and sub system target.

Fire 1, Fire 2, targeting, screenshots
Throttle on mousewheel at 16.7% increments

This way, I can look around while still controlling the ship. Really helpful with the fighters, so you can dodge incoming fire and see if the enemy is still shooting at you.
>> No. 59140 ID: 9dcda2
  My bro in the FDL. I ram the target at 0:37.
>> No. 59143 ID: eb2308
Running around in a combat clipper for fighting, explorer fitted DBE for travel/making money.

If you haven't run the road to riches, do it. I'm working through it a few systems at a time and making an absurd amount of money.

Vulture is sweet.

Get rid of that MC and replace with an actual cannon. Subtarget power plants and you can pop even big three ships at record speeds.

Also get a courier. Don't ask questions, just do it.
>> No. 59144 ID: eb2308
Also, get rid of the point defenses.

You don't need them, the vulture can dodge the shit out of missiles.... and if you roll more boosters you won't need to.
Not sure why you're rolling b grade thrusters.
>> No. 59145 ID: 5bf26c
> Not sure why you're rolling b grade thrusters.

I'm 2.8% over with the two shield boosters, which is made up for with cargo hatch.

Of course this is all non-engineered stuff. I did a little bit of tinkering to that multi-cannon, but nothing much.

> point defenses

Every time I get wrecked, it's the missiles that kill me. I might swap one back to a chaff launcher.

> replace with an actual cannon

I've had assbysmal luck with cannons. Gimbaled cannons hit 1/10 times. On the ASP I tried fighting a cobra mk3 and barely made it out alive. I might try some fixed cannons.

> powerplant

I've had good luck with the railgun for that. The problem is the Vulture doesn't have a class 2 hardpoint.
>> No. 59146 ID: eb2308
You're remembering to deactivate your FSD when in combat, right?

Vultures SHOULD be over the power limit. Set the FSD for priortiy 3 or 4 on power and get A grades.


Boost, FAS, Boost in another direction. You should be able to get away form missles consistently. One PD is pretty good, really.

Chaff is useful against playes, but NPCs ignore it.

If missiles keep wrecking you, consider a military grade hull and replacing Hull reinforcements with module reinforcements. A grade thrusters should more than make up for the weight.
>> No. 59202 ID: 9dcda2
Bump with video of my HOMAS control scheme.


The only detail I've changed recently is the hat on the joystick. Up and down for thrust up and down. Left is thrust back, right is thrust forward.

The Federal Assault Ship (Modern Sporting Ship) is probably my favorite fighter. It's a Super Vulture. Efficient beams for melting shields. Overcharged multi-cannons for hull. Gonna redo my shield / booster upgrades for resistance.
>> No. 59203 ID: 9dcda2
File 151486340595.jpg - (354.80KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_12_30_21_47_12_283.jpg )
My bro picked up a Type-10. It's hilarious. 4 large burst laser turrets can't be wrong. With me in one fighter and the AI in the other, it's pretty damn formidable.
>> No. 59204 ID: 9dcda2
File 151486474844.jpg - (521.62KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_12_06_22_34_54_309.jpg )
I did the Sothis grind and got me a Federal Corvette. It's a fucking murder machine.

Fixed forward:
Huge efficient beam laser (46 dps)
2 small efficient beam lasers (10x2 dps)

Huge overcharged multi-cannon (33 dps)

Large beam (eff)
Med burst (eff)
>> No. 59205 ID: 9dcda2
File 151486477386.jpg - (474.01KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_12_14_22_39_55_013.jpg )
Vwwaaappp. Fry half a city with this puppy.
>> No. 59206 ID: 9dcda2
File 151486479834.jpg - (845.08KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_12_26_17_28_09_837.jpg )
I'm rampaging around the haz-res (fighting NPC pirates) and I see a wing of 3 Anacondas. Fuck it, I've got like 90% shields.
>> No. 59207 ID: 9dcda2
File 15148648506.jpg - (767.48KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_12_26_17_31_15_244.jpg )
First guy's shields were down so I took care of the rest of his hull. The second, I knocked out his power plant, so he's dead in the water. At some point I grazed an Eagle so now he's in the fight. My shields go down. I turn to the third guy and start shooting him when I realize the second guy is alive again. Shoot him down to 2% hull where he starts exploding.
>> No. 59208 ID: 9dcda2
File 151486489877.jpg - (696.46KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_12_26_17_31_28_311.jpg )
The third guy is pounding the shit out of me, down to about 50% hull. Second guy isn't actually dead and starts shooting again. Finish second guy off. Back to third, I'm having module failures, hull's down to 30%, I'm overheating... it's gonna be close.
>> No. 59209 ID: 9dcda2
File 151486492712.jpg - (599.36KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_12_26_17_33_54_495.jpg )
Finish off the third Anaconda and I've got 28% hull and a damaged FSD. I put a few shots into the Eagle and he fucks off. I stow the weapons and start heading out, hit the supercruise button, FSD malfunction. Wait a sec, try again, works.

Phew, it's 26 mil for a rebuy.
>> No. 59210 ID: 9dcda2
File 15148650264.jpg - (515.12KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_12_02_22_11_20_386.jpg )
A mere 262,082 cr in repairs.

My Bro has a Imperial Cutter, Federal Corvette, and Type-10. He had an Anaconda, but sold it for the Cutter.
>> No. 59211 ID: 9dcda2
File 151486507278.jpg - (500.46KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_12_02_22_08_08_716.jpg )
The Cutter is pretty awesome. I like my Corvette tho.
>> No. 59212 ID: 9dcda2
File 151486510329.jpg - (482.44KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_10_26_16_09_46_106.jpg )
The Sothis grinder here.
>> No. 59213 ID: 9dcda2
File 151486512028.jpg - (199.44KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_11_12_10_38_47_954.jpg )
>> No. 59214 ID: 278cbe
File 151545180040.jpg - (449.18KB , 1920x1080 , 20180102193759_1.jpg )
Now and officially I have the biggest ship in the game. I use it for grinding money for Anaconda and Imperial ranks for Cutter at the same time.
>> No. 59215 ID: 278cbe
File 151545205883.jpg - (182.31KB , 1920x1080 , 20180105010329_1.jpg )
Also tried many colour mods for the game and finally came up with this custom scheme, a lighter blue tone, which reminds me of the very first game with actual 3D stars I played many many years ago (I think it was some DOS-operated interactive planetarium).
>> No. 59223 ID: 9dcda2
File 15160287516.jpg - (492.67KB , 1920x1200 , EliteDangerous64_2018_01_09_14_05_24_320.jpg )
You can turn the Orca into a killer whale with some good weapons and a fighter bay. Also, RAMMING SPEED!

I picked up an Anaconda after the last bounty hunting community goal. I haven't figured out a good loadout yet. I like fixed weapons, because they can't be chaffed and they do more damage, but the maneuverability on the 'Conda doesn't help.

I tried 4 fixed beam lasers on the bottom, the huge, large, and 2 smalls. That melts some mofos but again, maneuverability.

3 large beam lasers turrets? Works pretty good, until you get the infinite chaff NPC, which is like half of them.
>> No. 59225 ID: 2001f3
File 151630968138.png - (1.02MB , 1920x1080 , Tyroorst XU-F d11-0 (20170628-005822).png )
Explorer reporting in, Suicidewinder'd back to the Bubble a few weeks ago (from Colonia) to pick up a cheap FGS. Wishing I'd gone with the Assault Ship now, gonna need to take my AspX back out to Colonia where my Anaconda and FDL are, go back to working out of that mini-bubble for a while again.

Screenshot: the view from Tyroorst XU-F d11-0, a system on the outer arm beyond the Formidine Rift, 850Ly below the galactic plane. Took multiple neutron boosts to reach, then more and several drive injections to get back from, but it was worth it to go so far from explored space.
>> No. 59226 ID: 2001f3
File 15163110726.jpg - (218.59KB , 1920x1080 , 20171124163355_1.jpg )
NPC bullshit is the worst, particularly shield cell and chaff spam. Most of my combat has been in either a Fer-De-Lance or my old Vulture, neither of which are notably good at handling shields. Been trying out the FGS recently, it tanks better but still has an utterly shit weapon loadout (1x large, 4x medium and 2x small), plus it handles like a bus. Makes me wish E:D had a more Mechwarrior-style weapon mount system, where you've got X space and Y tons to play with, and you can mount whatever will fit without going over weight and/or slots. For example, drop both small hardpoints on the FDL to swap in Large guns instead of mediums on the bow. Would allow for a lot of weird build options, too.
>> No. 59227 ID: 9dcda2
File 151632153365.jpg - (494.09KB , 3440x1440 , EliteDangerous64_2017_08_04_23_14_19_587.jpg )
I gotta say, I was not impressed with the FDL or the FGS. The maneuverability kinda sucks for both. So if you can't maneuver, you need to tank. Well the FDL is a glass cannon, and that's a quick way to a rebuy. The FGS has jack shit for shields, but a good amount of hull, but that sucks for bounty hunting because it's still consumed as you fight.

In my mainly combat vs Ai experience, with G3 dirty drive tuning.

Cobra MK3 - Ok till you get the Vulture
Vulture - Great fighter. With some engineering you're good against anything short of a FGS or Anaconda.
Imp Courier - What's the point? Handling sucks hard.
Imp Eagle - Meh when you've got bigger.
DBE - The explorer ship. Non-combat.

FAS - Super vulture. Even better.
FGS - Gun boat that can't gun or tank well enough.
FDL - Glass cannon that can't fly well enough not to be killed.
Python - Good multi-role. Needs turrets for handling weenies. Ok for combat, just not tanky enough.
Asp Exp - Not a combat ship. Good for cruising and jumping.

Imp Cutter - Fucked weapon placement. Like deal breaker bad. And it's large, which really hurts its versatility. I'd take the python.
Anaconda - Pretty tanky and shooty.
Corvette - The walking apocalypse.
Type 10 - Turrets o plenty. Good for wasting weenies in a Has Res.

Ship Launched Fighters:
Imperial Fighter: Good, but likes to spin when hit.
Condor: Great with fixed multi-cannons.
Taipan: Ok, prefer the condor.

For weapons I stick to fixed efficient beam lasers for handling shields, and over charged multi cannons for destroying hull. Burst laser turrets work. I've had no luck with regular cannons, plasma accels, or frag cannons. Railguns are fun, but kind of limited. (By overheating like hell.)
>> No. 59228 ID: 278cbe
File 151637274249.jpg - (100.34KB , 1920x1080 , 20180117193629_1.jpg )
Currently I'm embarked on expedition to Colonia, with a bunch of scientists on board to complete a mission that will worth 45 millions. It is an 8 Luxury class passengers, so it is pretty much maxed out mission and I use Orca in this case.

Earlier I used Market Connector to connect my account to EDSM network and track my progress through the route. There's a lot be done yet, and I hope to pick up some progress when there will be more stars closer to the core. Initially I hoped to get there in a week (because of the courier missions I have also), but now I somewhat doubt it.

I decided to take it because I only just bough myself Anaconda and tried engineering it for long autonomous travel. But that will require unlocking more engineers and some material grinding again, so it's a good time to take a long trip. I need to get sensors even lighter and also make Armoured Power Plant at Lvl 5 because you can't repair it mid-flight with AFM. You can repair one AFM with another one, you can repair hull with repair limpets, but PP is total no-go, if it is gone, the ship is gone too.
>> No. 59231 ID: 2001f3
File 151648165177.png - (1.40MB , 1920x1080 , Alpha Caeli (20180120-051656).png )
FDL is all about picking your fights, and really doesn't do well on Hazardous RESs or USS dropping. Your biggest assets are speed (seriously, a FDL with G3 dirty drives will outrun anything that isn't a dedicated racer), manoeuvrability and that massive ventral hardpoint. Your shields WILL melt under sustained fire, and fucking fast at that, so make sure they're at full charge before you engage, and pack some booster cells, god knows every NPC does. A good rule of thumb is that a FDL can kill Big 3 ships, but it can't fight them. In a straight duel, your ass is grass. So the trick is to either wing up, or work closely with the local space cops. Oh yeah, and as soon as an enemy's shields go down, drop over to target selection and take aim for their powerplant.

The Gunship is a completely different beast, and honestly I'm still not sure if I like it much, and shouldn't have gone with a FAS instead. It's a Core Dynamics, so it's got the handling and flight characteristics of a Conex box with thrusters welded to the end, and some pretty mediocre hardpoints, but it CAN actually take some punishment without falling apart.

Would love to try a large combat ship, but I don't have the patience to grind for a Corvette, which leaves me with either an Anaconda or the dreaded Type-10. I spend more than enough time in an Anaconda exploring and don't even want to think about how much kitting one out for combat would be, and the Type-10 is...no. Shit distributor, massively huge, poor convergence on the hardpoints and almost requires multicrew to handle all that dakka.

The Chieftain is looking pretty interesting, though, definitely picking one of those up.

An engineered Anaconda is a great explorer, but yeah, it takes some work. You only really need to unlock Elvira Martuuk or Felicity Farseer and Lei Cheung, most of the other stuff is just swapping to the minimum functional internal size...and dropping 90 million on a 7A fuel scoop, that stings a bit. But with a couple good rolls you can cover 55Ly+ per jump, which makes deep-space trips a lot less of a drag. I pack a class 4 shield generator for planetary landings (with the thrusters you'll be using, anything above 1.5G gets...touchy), dual AFMUs for neutron hopping, and the usual SRV hangar and heatsinks and shit.
>> No. 59232 ID: 278cbe
File 151649765288.jpg - (90.64KB , 1920x1080 , 20180120203937_1.jpg )
Almost run into the star in that quagmire over here. The central neutron star is rotating very close to the big star nearby, and while I was jumping in, I practically flew through it to landed 2 ls from the surface.

>> No. 59233 ID: 278cbe
File 151649791827.jpg - (253.44KB , 1920x1080 , 20180120152830_1.jpg )
Conflux beta site.

>> No. 59234 ID: 9dcda2
> It's a Core Dynamics, so it's got the handling and flight characteristics of a Conex box with thrusters welded to the end

That's really just the FGS. I haven't tried the drop ship, but the other CD ships fly and fighter better than other manufacturers. I can't get over how dildos the Clipper is.

> A good rule of thumb is that a FDL can kill Big 3 ships, but it can't fight them.

Yeah, it's good for strafing runs. Looks pimp too.
>> No. 59235 ID: 278cbe
File 151649821058.jpg - (265.25KB , 1920x1080 , 20180120181625_1.jpg )
Skaudai Guardian ruins.
The nebula over here is providing some majestic skies.


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