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File 150543138636.jpg - (340.48KB , 910x1200 , 81Zgv2hxG-L.jpg )
59149 No. 59149 ID: 848792
Anybody here play? D&D, Warhammer, Pathfinder, etc.
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>> No. 59154 ID: df12a0
File 150570748945.jpg - (695.63KB , 1799x1570 , white plume mountain.jpg )
Been playing off/on for most of my life, starting with AD&D, an occasional session of 1Ed, taking a long hiatus, heard bad bad things about 3.5, co-started a D&D club for the local HS, and am currently in a campaign being run by a 19 Delta who has set up his home to allow a friend in Colorado and his son who lives two hours away, to Skype in.

Currently playing a Drow Paladin/Barbarian (which pisses off the DM because he hates elves, has a hardon for Dwarves and has placed the campaign mostly underground - lol, loopholes).

Other party members include:

Human Paladin (played by the Colorado friend, who always plays drunk, and ends up overanalyzing simple shit, which drags out certain parts of the game way longer than they need to be)

Human Fighter (played by co-founder of the HS D&D club)

Human Cleric (played by a HS graduate of said club)

Human Warlock (played by DM's Skype-ing son)

Half-Orc Barbarian (played by DM's local son)

Half-Elf (can't remember his character class; played by another HS graduate of the club)

High Elf Bard (played by an easily-overexcited trans guy, whose character last session had all of her clothes destroyed after being covered in green slime)
>> No. 59155 ID: df12a0
File 150570765036.png - (401.73KB , 1765x1000 , SWEotE.png )
I like a lot of the game mechanics in FFG's SW:EotE RPG system, except for:

1) ...the space combat section is, IMHO, utter garbage. Last time I played in a SW:EotE group, we substituted FFG's X-Wing Miniatures rules (and minis, obviously) for it.

2) ...its noticeable lack of emphasis on the more mundane aspects of the galaxy, far far away. For example, in a campaign being run by a fellow 13 Bravo, the DM clearly wanted us players to get on the Empire's bad side and get our shit pushed in. But we delightfully refused by solidly entrenching ourselves into the much more profitable business of space trucking. Which worked out quite well for us, after spending a couple of sessions and several hours, jury-rigging an economics/freight system.
>> No. 59156 ID: 3e843b
File 150572446851.jpg - (135.72KB , 900x600 , Wh40k_4843be_6312973.jpg )
Used to play some D&D way back in the day with photocopied rulebooks and shit printed from shitty old internet websites. Also played a little Wizards of the Coast Star Wars.

I read Warhammer (mostly only 40k) but never got into the actual tabletop game because of cost and I was mostly out of tabletop gaming by then.

Nowadays I really don't have patience or friends to get into the stuff again unfortunately. I've been tempted to look into some local nerd shops to maybe give me a boot to the behind to get back into it but so far nadda.

I still do enjoy to this day thinking up scenarios to play, occasionally even try to write some of them down to maybe turn into something.
>> No. 59157 ID: 4c768d
Played Warhammer 40k for about 10 years and Fantasy for a few. I got out of it before my friends did, but even they don't play as much as they used to. Tried D&D for a while, but not my thing.

Since we don't hang out as much anymore or let alone have days on end of nothing to do, we mostly play board games or card games when we get together.
>> No. 59159 ID: c3b8cf
Was involved in a tabletop Battletech campaign recently, but I dropped it about a year ago. The GM refused to balance by Battle Value, so lopsided battles were common. Got tired of being assigned shitmech primitives and introtech and then fighting against SLDF Royal mechs. Also, victory conditions were arbitrary. Killing a light mech was worth as many victory points as killing an assault mech, which lead to all sorts of cheese.
>> No. 59160 ID: b33ad0
I play D&D and Pathfinder still from time to time when I can find a reliable group of people to play with. Had some really good times back in high school. Played 40k too, table top and only war (the rpg version). 40k's an insanely expensive hobby and some of the lore GW's been putting out lately's fucking dumb so I dropped it like a hot rock last year. Still got all my minis though, 4k points of guard and 5k points of orks and a homemade warlord titan. Kinda miss playing 4th ed with my buddys at Pandy.
>> No. 59161 ID: 6ef9f1
I dont have a schedule that matches up often with friends to really get involved with campaigns.

Been converting Fallout back to PnP tho.
>> No. 59162 ID: c3b8cf
what system are you basing it off of, or are you going complete homebrew?
>> No. 59163 ID: 6ef9f1
Mix of Unknown Armies, Call of Cthulhu, and FO1-New Vegas formulas being simplified.
>> No. 59164 ID: df12a0
File 150638438126.jpg - (490.06KB , 2550x3300 , fallout DnD charsheet.jpg )
>Fallout PnP
>> No. 59167 ID: 6b468f
Have a group of friends with whom I play Pathfinder regularly, and ever since we went to GenCon last month we've started Starfinder as well (both in person and on Roll20 with an out-of-town guy). Anyone else here tried Starfinder? There's not much material out for it yet but it seems promising.
>> No. 59168 ID: df12a0
Most reviews I read tended to call it "Pathfinder-in-space." I never played Pathfinder at all, but that was mostly due to the various complaints I'd hear about it. I've played 5Ed with former Pathfinder players, and the genreal consensus among them is that 5Ed is a huge improvement. Do you feel that way about Starfinder, versus Pathfinder, versus 5Ed?

>went to 50th GenCon
Lucky bastard.
>> No. 59169 ID: 6b468f
I do understand why some ex-PF players would feel that way; combat in PF (and 3.5E which it's based on) can be pretty complex with a lot of floating modifiers to keep track of. 5E, OTOH, is greatly simplified from previous editions and I can see how it might be a breath of fresh air to someone frustrated with having to remember all of the myriad combat rules and modifiers in PF/3E/3.5E. That said, I personally have no problem with it and actually enjoy the extra depth that PF combat can provide, not to mention that my group and I tend to use electronic character sheet software (HeroLab specifically) which makes keeping track of things much easier.

Now, the funny thing about Starfinder is that its general combat rules are actually also quite simplified compared to PF, and I think someone accustomed to 5E would find it easy to pick up. Before I first played it I also kept hearing it was just "PF in space" but it was actually a bit more different than I expected. It doesn't have anything as simple as the whole "roll with advantage/disadvantage" thing you see in 5E, but AFAICT there's far fewer feats, abilities, etc. that add extra modifiers to attack and damage rolls, not to mention there seems to be a LOT less goofy complex magic and spells. It's a sci-fi setting so it places more emphasis on fighting with tech and weapons than with magic. Overall I personally wouldn't necessarily call it an "improvement" per se, just a somewhat different system designed around a different setting. Like I said, I do think that someone used to 5E would feel more comfortable playing it than PF, at least in terms of combat simplicity.
>> No. 59170 ID: 4c768d
Being expensive as fuck and time consuming are pretty much why I stopped playing 40k, still played Fantasy every so often, but that's gone now.

I guess the newest edition has really simplified the game, and made it quick and easier to play. Have heard good things from my friends that still play it.
>> No. 59171 ID: df12a0
>expensive as fuck


Hell, I'm trading a couple hunks of plastic I don't use any more, for gun parts, that's how expensive the shit is.

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