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No. 59243 ID: 455cf9
  Yeah it's early access yeah it's fun No you can't drive pickup trucks around with your troops (yet). They just added (2/16) day and night cycles along with NVG's. You start with a makarov but as soon as you get an AR things get easier.
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>> No. 59244 ID: 455cf9
A link to the game would be nice too.

>> No. 59246 ID: 225348
Huh. I started twice with a Glock...
>> No. 59247 ID: 41441c
Looks like a Mount & Blade knockoff with guns. I'll give it a look in 6 months to see if the developers haven't disappeared into the night.
>> No. 59266 ID: cd9c1a
File 152062559114.jpg - (240.32KB , 714x1040 , 1481253171487.jpg )
Character customization update in a couple hours. You can now play as grill.
>> No. 59267 ID: 455cf9
File 152089705345.jpg - (101.97KB , 769x493 , a2816d35d6a18f4d1c5394e78bfb466583184747.jpg )

>> No. 59274 ID: 54751f
Looks cool.
>> No. 59301 ID: 61190c
that model looks disgusting, the textures are so bland and there's no material definition whatsoever
>> No. 59313 ID: 455cf9

Send your resume to the dev's then almighty god.
>> No. 59386 ID: f6a173
Sounds like this game went to shit this year.

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