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No. 59275 ID: 9dcda2
  Picked it up earlier today. It's pretty operator.

> AR
> set selector to semi
> badguy running left to right at a full speed
> slight lead
> one round to the dome
> crumples like a slotted floppy

Pretty satisfying.
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>> No. 59324 ID: 758a23
File 153075073955.jpg - (151.57KB , 728x498 , 1492143520_1491985237_meaning-of-vault-boy-thumbs-.jpg )
> My review of Farcry 5

I abhor the story of this game. The kidnapping, torture, and brainwashing are unacceptable. No, I get it. The bad guys are bad people who do bad things, and they want the player to really hate the bad guys. No, it's too much, and I hate the game and the developer for it. It is an otherwise excellent game that tries to be edgy and controversial, and guess what, I will not buy another Ubisoft Toronto/Montreal game if there is any hint of this BS.

The PC port has some issues, like the vehicle control being terrible and the brightness/contrast being completely messed up. The AI guns for hire have some issues, but whatever. Unskippable cutscenes are always a bad idea. I just want to replay the game. I already watched (and hated) the cutscenes and I just want to do some more rampaging.

On the good side of things, the supporting characters are great, the non-story missions are super fun, co-op is awesome, and generally saving the good people of Hope Country from the bad people is great. The Arcade feature is great too.

I was looking forward to the DLCs but will not be purchasing them, just so they don't get any more of my money. Thanks, but **** you very much.
>> No. 59329 ID: 12329c
>I will not buy another Ubisoft Toronto/Montreal game if there is any hint of this BS
Should have learned that years ago tbqh
>> No. 59331 ID: c10b88

Calm down, grandpa
>> No. 59336 ID: 59acea
Lost on Mars - Just tried playing this DLC and it is complete shit. The only plus is Hurk babbling on constantly.
>> No. 59373 ID: 178674
I was getting into this game as well, but during the pursuit of John Seed, the mission kept saying I failed even though no one was hitting me, then some cut scene from a few missions back would play, then it would start me back to when you had to jump into the back of the truck, rinse and repeat. I said fuck it, returned the game, and then watched the cut scenes on youtube, and am hoping new dawn will have no issues like that and be a quality game.
>> No. 59374 ID: 9dcda2
Yeah I wonder about New Dawn. I'm really not interested in Far Cry after 5.

But FC3 Blood Dragon was so great... =(
>> No. 59402 ID: 132e8e
File 156379418062.gif - (936.60KB , 500x281 , 42e1b354800674050139f8041934df78b391cbe5_hq.gif )

I genuinely can't tell if this was meant to be some sort of soccer mom satire. I mean, unless you actually bought a Far Cry game expecting, like... something other than, ya know, Far Cry?
>> No. 59404 ID: 9dcda2
I played FC 1, a little bit of 2, 3, and Blood Dragon. Then I took a little break and come back and HOLY WHAT THE FUCK. This shit is edgy as a teenager.

I like the gameplay and characters. Just anything to do with the main story is fucking horrible.
>> No. 59420 ID: 9dc901
I stopped at 2, because it was too much garbage to take at once. Let's say I could forgove the weapon mistakes, but the core gameplay was too shitty to do so.

Then I see the adverts for 5, and it seems like a 'redneck conservatives bad' news report. Wide berth.
>> No. 59435 ID: 369c8a
In this order for story.

Everything else is trash in the series

New Dawn isn't bad, but it should've just been a stout ass sized DLC for what it was.

As far as gameplay goes


Don't @ me about primal, it was shit.

Also everyone is gonna hate the story if there's no exploratory drive in you, the pockets of lore are hidden in the collectables for some of them, it's how you find out Pagan Min isn't exactly a bad dude and that the worst dude was actually someone else.

FC3 was kind of on the same boat, Vaas wasn't a villian per say until later in his life, and it's pretty on the nose that you're likely to turn into a dude like that, I feel like they rushed the ending.

FC5 though, I mean the whole point of the entire series is that where we are now in society is a - f a r c r y - away from what we are normally.

That at any point in time things can get buck fuckin' wild.
They fucked up FC5 by muting the main character though, Brody was written so his transition would have a good impact on the player.

Pyrocynical does a solid video on Fat Cry 3 that goes over the entirety of why the story is so well written, but gameplay was kinda all over the place, and pokes holes in some of the theories.
>> No. 59436 ID: 369c8a
Also consider that they got absolutely roasted for not making it into what you're describing the story as.

Try playing it again, they did a pretty good job of making fun of both sides in it, unarmed people written about in notes got bowled tf over, the armed group has tropes yeah, but that's part of the caricature.

It's not supposed to be an overtly realistic hellscape where it's legit jethro's militia klan versus everyone else.

And none of the supporting characters except Jess have any political intent regarding firearms.

I've heard a few NPCs ask how tf they got MGs and shit on technicals and aircraft but that's a hole only we're going to notice.
Though they are ancient guns for the most part.
>> No. 59437 ID: 6696b0
wtf? you're okay with rampaging and slaughtering people but cartoonish mind control and vague hints at torture are 'too much' for you? This game is very tame.

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