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PBE Shield Stickers and Deagle Boltface Patches On Sale Now!

File 153645853817.jpg - (64.22KB , 767x767 , casablanca-game-box-key-art-1x1_jpg_adapt_crop1x1_.jpg )
59345 No. 59345 ID: 9dcda2
Meh. Played the closed alpha and now the open beta. Not impressed. I keep running out of ammo, and I can't slay bodies unless I have ammo.

You spawn with one extra mag, so you have to go to an ammo box at a control point to get one more extra mag. Dead enemies drop like 5-10 rounds.
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>> No. 59346 ID: 9dcda2
  The support guy deals out ammo, like in previous games, but the weapons are the magazine fed bipod type. As we know from previous BF games, the only job of a support guy is to get shot in the head by snipers. So nobody plays support and you're a moron if you do, so no ammo.

Medics get SMGs, which are terrible.

So basically there's two weapons in the game. The Assault class STG-44, which is pretty good but you run out of ammo. And the grim reaper of the battlefield, the sniper rifle.

So yeah, I'm gonna pass on BFV.
>> No. 59347 ID: 9dcda2
File 153661887459.jpg - (1.38MB , 3440x1440 , bfvob_2018_09_09_15_00_04_299.jpg )
Correction, the KE7 and Bren gun are pretty good as assault rifles. So playing support you have a pretty good rifle and infinite ammo, but with some micro managing, of giving your self ammo ever 2 reloads.

And that's what I realized it is, more micro management. You spawn, get a spare health kit and top up on ammo. Then off to get sniped.

Tanks and planes have limited ammo. With tanks there's tanky resupply stations that you have to hump.

I have a problem with the bleeding out system. If you try to give up, you can still be revived by a squad mate or medic. Thanks asshole for putting me back in the line of fire with no ammo. Then when you die, you go to a squad member 3rd person view, which sounds fine, but you miss out on the tabletop view of the battle, so you don't know which control point to go for.

Things that are worse:
- Limited ammo for soldiers
- Limited ammo for planes and tanks
- Bleeding out system
- Squad 3rd person view after death
- Health does not recover fully after a delay, you'll heal up to 40-80% health

Things that are good:
- Weapon handling and shooting
- Netcode
- Graphics are nice
- Runs decent
- Getting knocked down by explosions
- New prone has you laying at funny angles

Basically I hate things that force team play, because I play on pubs, and would be just fine with free for all deathmatch, but they don't make those games anymore.
>> No. 59348 ID: 9dcda2
File 153661891670.jpg - (1.26MB , 3440x1440 , bfvob_2018_09_09_22_17_06_467.jpg )
Tank resupply station.
>> No. 59349 ID: 9dcda2
File 15366191374.jpg - (673.41KB , 3440x1377 , bfvob_2018_09_08_21_33_28_219.jpg )
It looks pretty cool. (Upped the contrast and saturation for this pic.)

Otherwise the game kind of has the same problem as Farcry 5 where the contrast is too high. Everything is either blindingly bright or dark as fuck.
>> No. 59350 ID: 9dcda2
File 153661926991.jpg - (512.09KB , 3440x1377 , bfvob_2018_09_08_21_20_22_757.jpg )
Another screenshot, retouched.
>> No. 59353 ID: d47bab
What are your system specs, Avgas?
>> No. 59354 ID: faf462
File 153948251821.jpg - (231.77KB , 939x793 , asus_rog_swift_display_1.jpg )
Intel i5-6600K Processor (3.5 to 3.9 ghz)
Nvidia 1070
16 megachips of RAM
Samsung 950 M2 interface SSD
Asus PG348q Gsync 100hz 3440x1440 34" monitor (IPS panel)

Intel i7 7700HQ
Nvidia 1060
16 rams
Samsung 850 evo SATA interface SSD
GSync 120hz 1920x1080 17.3" display (TN panel)

Battlefield 1 turns out to be CPU limited, so it actually runs better on my laptop. On the desktop machine I've recently started to overclock it to 4.4 ghz on all 4 cores. BF runs better, but will occasionally crash after a couple hours later. I've got a big fucking air cooler on it (Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - CPU Cooler with 120mm PWM Fan) so the temps stay below 65'C.

G-Sync is real, and high refresh rate makes a huge difference if you're into online FPS games. The Asus monitor is fucking fantastic. IPS panels have great color and it's pretty immersive. Only OLED screens have better color. I'll be happy with that Asus monitor until they start making OLED high refresh rate monitors.

My desktop machine is due for an upgrade, but I'm waiting for the next gen of video cards to come out. CPU, mobo and RAM when I get around to it. The 1070 was doing great until I got the 3440x1440 rez monitor. It's also about time to buy a new HDD and copy the contents over, and throw the old ones in the gun safe.

Another detail; I've got the lappy SSD/HDDs encrypted with Veracrypt. So just in case the TSA or hotel maid wants to fuck with my computer, they've got a 512 bit key to deal with. Maybe I'll get around to doing the faux operating system one of these days.

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