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File 160598846489.jpg - (60.58KB , 463x599 , 463px-PathfinderExplained.jpg )
59447 No. 59447 ID: 75f4cb
Hey all ya'll faggots,

I've been getting into the groove of playing Pathfinder 2e. Just like 1e was essentially d&d 3.75e, it plays like a d&d 4e that doesn't suck, basically 4.25.0021.001-7.

I want to DM, but I work 4 10hr days a week, commute 4hrs total on work days, and on my days off play PFS games, so I can have cool ass character for the next time GenCon actually happens. The solution is Play-by-Post!

For those uninitiated in this, you actually would have to be able to type coherent paragraphs, but you don't have to be a literary genius. Essentially, I would post a prompt, the players would post responses, and I would post how everything goes down, and rinse and repeat. RP is awesome in this format, but combat can be a drag; rules get bent and broken to keep things fun and moving.

Obsidian Portal would be utilized for the game. It would cost me money (no cost to players), but it allows for a single place for everything to be stored, as well as having built in dice roller. There will be a learning curve, but I think we could manage.

I thought about Tavern-Keeper, but god damn you need to be on the spectrum to find that intuitive to use.

System: Pathfinder 2e
Source Materials: Any commercially published source (stuff you find on DriveThruRPG is ok; stuff you find on a homebrew wiki is a no-go)
Player: Max of 6 with an occasional guest star if it comes up
Where: Obsidian Portal
Frequency: Must be able to make a post AT LEAST once every 36hrs, but mind you I will do anything I need to do to keep the game going. We aren't going to sit for ages waiting on one person. I will play and roll for you if necessary (I won't be a dick about it tho).
Campaign: Here is where I'm open to ideas. The world of Golarion is a horrible mess (pic related; that map understates things), and won't be used. I have a homebrew world in mind, but I need to know what kind of game people want to play.
Would you guys want to be mercenaries?
Want to be caravan guard?
Want to be some drunks in a backwater tavern?
Let me know!

If we can keep the game going successfully for 6 Months I will commission character portraits for the whole party. If we can keep it going for a year I'll do a whole party group portrait.

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