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File 164322465795.jpg - (163.48KB , 863x506 , Minecraft Turner Building.jpg )
59458 No. 59458 ID: a7ed57
Do any of y'all operators remember the old Opchan Minecraft server?
Do any of y'all operators still play Minecraft?
Do any of y'all operators wanna play Minecraft?

General minecraft thread. Haven't played this cunt in about three years, not surprised but also can't believe how much it's changed. Come & join my friends server. We're currently migrating to a new host, will post server info if there's any interest. Pic related, my lighthouse from the old Opchan server.

Also, dead board lol.
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>> No. 59459 ID: a0e564
File 164548729678.png - (2.32MB , 1920x1080 , 2022-01-29_15_10_51.png )
>> No. 59460 ID: 9c0b57
the first minecraft server we had was an old dell p4 running in my closet. when it got too big, we migrated to a virtual server, and it got paid for like a year, then everyone stopped playing it.

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