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File 139217910119.jpg - (27.45KB , 389x250 , supersoldier.jpg )
10082 No. 10082 ID: af2e4c
I just want to be a solider. I have all kinds of health shit.

mental: bipolar diagnosis when young; seeing therapist; no medication, also went to rehab for alcoholism at 19, sober since.
physical: astigmatism, partial tear of rotator cuff, asthma
criminal: arrested for shoplifting at 18 but charges were dismissed and sealed.

Can I ever join any military? I am fit otherwise, I can run for miles, I can lift etc.

also i am an ameriburger. I know i cannot operate with the US armed forces.
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>> No. 10086 ID: 36f7f6
Maybe in 2003, if you lied about a bunch of stuff. Doubt you could get in now though, my buddy had a minor surgery on his lower back to remove a small mole and had to lie about it because he would have been medically DQ'd for it.

You don't have to be a soldier to be a badass. Go to college, get a degree, make shitloads of money, go on adventures.

Also requesting mods move this to /t/ or /w/.
>> No. 10087 ID: af2e4c
i cant even get into the FFL? what if I dont tell them about my health crap?
>> No. 10088 ID: af2e4c
what about Israel's foreign service?
>> No. 10089 ID: 36f7f6
FFL is really only taking a handful of people these days, usually people who already speak French, already have infantry training from their home country's military, and they really like people from 3rd world shitholes with zero opportunity, the logic being that someone with basically no other choice will be more than willing to play bullet sponge for shitty wages. If you're a white kid from American suburbia, chances are you're going to be way more likely to dessert since you'll have plenty of other options that likely pay better.

You have to be a legit Jew (so you'd have to get blessed by a legit rabbi), live in Israel for IIRC 3 years, and enlist before your 21st birthday (might be 23rd, I can't remember). So yeah, good luck with that...
>> No. 10090 ID: a6b3ce
/t/ and /w/ are -->
>> No. 10091 ID: af2e4c
I will never operate :(
>> No. 10093 ID: 36f7f6
File 139218416874.jpg - (232.81KB , 891x1140 , Sean Flynn Dana Stone.jpg )
Welcome to real life. You can either man the fuck up, get an education, do something with your life and be a badass motherfucker. Or you can sit home, jerk off and cry yourself to sleep every night because you didn't get to follow your dreams.

I know you probably spent your entire childhood being told you could do anything you wanted when you grew up, but guess what? It was bullshit. I wanted to be a fighter pilot but I have shitty eyesight so it'd never happen. Then I wanted to be 11b but I have childhood health issues that pretty much guarantees I'll never be able to enlist unless we start a new war. You know what I'm doing? I'm making my own adventures. My goal is to go to school for journalism and spend my life traveling the world and seeing/doing all kinds of cool shit that 90% of people only see on TV or read about in books.

Revived once told me "Being a man isn't about wearing a uniform, carrying a gun, or killing people. It's about being successful in life, taking responsibility and providing for the ones you love."

So are you going to cry about not getting to be a soldier like a child who didn't get a candy bar in the checkout at Walmart? Or are you going to be a man?

I suggest you read about Sean Flynn and Dana Stone if you need some inspiration for how to be a badass without being a soldier. Pic related, the last picture taken of the two on April 6, 1970 before they rode off towards the front lines of combat in communist Cambodia before never being seen again.
>> No. 10094 ID: 3cafac
File 13922279589.jpg - (782.99KB , 600x5920 , 13316079731.jpg )
Don't bump the thread 3 times in a row.
And post your questions in the right board (moved to /w/).

Nobody likes an annoying little kid and this reflects really badly on yourself. So get with the program or gtfo.
>> No. 10095 ID: 7d9fe3
Boo fucking hoo, you can't go inna army and vacuum parking lots all day while hoping you remember to get your haircut on time and maybe occasionally actually training.
Terrible, truly.
Instead you'll be stuck making far more money, for far less risk, less stress, less long term damage to your joints and back, and you'll probably even get to actually do what you get hired for.
How awful. I weep for you op.
>> No. 10096 ID: 327d7b
Just be glad you're not in my unit.

We basically clean 4 days a week and do PMCS on Monday. Yippee.
>> No. 10100 ID: a548fd
>hurr be a man
This isn't the '50s you fuckin faggot, fuck off with your homosexual fantasies.
>> No. 10104 ID: ebcfe0
This, do other shit.
Be successful in a different venture.

Don't shitbird yourself for no fucking reason.
>> No. 10119 ID: 154a4f
Oh. My. Fucking. God. It has been years since I saw this image. Please sir. I require sauce. Please. sage for irrelevant.
>> No. 12492 ID: f0df0e
File 144436693462.png - (1.91MB , 1234x904 , usmc apeal.png )

Refer to FMFM1-0 chapter 3 page 66 and 67
>> No. 12495 ID: b18ee2
File 144445988389.jpg - (65.06KB , 624x416 , liberia-monrovia1.jpg )
What is it about being an American soldier that appeals to you? Would you like to deploy to challenging environments here and abroad? Do you want to help people in their most dire hour of need? Do you want to be a commissioned officer in in the uniformed service? Do you know how to place a central IV line?

>> No. 12532 ID: 832f77
>I know you probably spent your entire childhood being told you could do anything you wanted when you grew up, but guess what?

Question: how old are you?

Most of my generation grew up being told to throw everything into college prep and that if you don't get into college you're doomed to either minimum wage forever or the military (so you can pay for college). So telling millennials that we've spent our entire childhood being told we can do anything we wanted is fucking laughable. We've been told we can do anything we want with a hell of a lot of conditions and are then told to major in something "employable" regardless of what we actually want because otherwise loans will never get paid.
>> No. 12533 ID: f0df0e
heres my take

when shits hits the fan for real this time, all the good soldiers go first, after most of them have been killed off whats left are the lines and lines of factory fucking regects nobody wants that a toxic civilization has been shittin out for decades.

Then theyll probably be begging for you to join.

Either that or without remorse kill all you off an all life on Earth turn the entire surface into an open mass grave, and then have a mass incest party.

lets face if your not a fighter with a gun , your either target practice, or a lampshade, nobody is gonna help you, nobody loves you, not your mother and not god.


You put that hippie cosmic consious bullshit in your pocket, burn your fear, and kill everyone that stands in your way, man, animal, machine, angel, demon, alien, et cetera. they all got one thing in common, ther dead.
>> No. 12534 ID: f0df0e

a small mole?

okay somethings wrong
>> No. 12543 ID: 5073b3
I wanted to be a Marine. Didn't take me. Meh, no big deal. Nut up and do something with your life fgt.
>> No. 12594 ID: 1e7925
>> No. 12613 ID: 0dcdc8
File 144924104212.jpg - (515.16KB , 644x745 , stack-of-papers.jpg )
Your stack of waivers to join would look like this.

Of course you could just opt not to disclose anything and get in as long as you do not go for a job that requires a clearance you would be fine.
>> No. 12614 ID: 7443a9
File 144930995285.jpg - (340.22KB , 1378x1800 , 1402753425190.jpg )

Almost every job requires a clearance of some sort. Also lying at MEPS fucks you once you try to do a VA claim when you are getting out. The QTC guys are damn good at figuring out if something is actually service related or if it was preexisting and you lied about it. Their job is to be merciless with their reports to the VA as well. I actually kinda admire them.

I DEP'd in 2010 and by the time I went to boot camp in 2011 my waiver stack looked like that. Half was drug related (not criminal convictions) because I was honest about my usage history and the other was related to my acquittal (the USMC views an acquittal of a felony as being that you are actually guilty of a felony BUT they couldn't present enough evidence to convict). I got in on the very end of the "WE'LL WAIVE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING" bandwagon. Had I waited even another year I wouldn't have gotten in.

The good thing about being honest was that doing my SF86 was stress free. The government already knew that I smoked pot, dropped acid, ate A LOT of shrooms, snorted coke, and chased the dragon. It as actually funny because I can be open about it at work and people are like "bro you can't be saying stuff like that" and I'm like "bro the DOD already knows".
>> No. 12684 ID: ab4830
How to operate without being mil:

Become a cop (despite your history you have a better chance of this happening than the military, though it is still pretty slim)

Become a firefighter (seriously we never sit down to admit these guys are fucking amazing)

Become a paramedic (you'll do more important shit than most medical jobs in any branch and deal with a wide range of scenarios, from mild CPR cases to being shot at potentially, money can suck in some areas but can be fairly decent in the right markets)

If cop is impossible just like soldier, there is always bail bonds. Getting into that business is about connections, but you might get fortunate enough to have an experienced guy take you under his wing. A lot of guys in this industry have criminal records worse than yours but grew up and stayed on the right side of the law.

It sounds like you care less about being a soldier and more about experiencing action. Let's get real, combat is horrendous and most people who have experienced it will tell you you're fucking stupid if you think you want to hit the sand get into firefights with nameless brown people who have never lived with plumbing before. There is enough you can do as a civilian that will still give you an important, respectable job in society and let you deal with action and tense situations, if that is what you really want.

Oh and the pro route is to become both a paramedic and a firefighter. Each job by itself has limited income potential (probably won't break 40k a year), but having both will pretty much double this income, paramedic-fighters often make 70k+ a year, you become extremely valuable if you can get yourself trained and certified to do both at once.

And then fuck with your guns and gear on your free time. You'll be seen as important and badass and all that stuff you seem to want etc. You'll be in deadly situations on possibly a daily basis with the upside that you aren't at constant risk of instadeath from snipers and IEDs.
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