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File 142684858692.jpg - (114.82KB , 640x477 , truth-test-airborne-army-military-funny-1371164928.jpg )
11893 No. 11893 ID: 555ae6

I might soon be sent to the Airborne School (NATO combatant here). Now here's my question to the graduates:

1. is it physically demanding?
2. any words of advice?
>> No. 11895 ID: 885afe
Saw your post in /t/. This is a better location for it.

1) It isnt really that bad to be honest. If you can pass the army PT test, you should probably be ok. When I went through it back in 07 it was basically the standard army PT test, a 10-20 second hang (basically do a pull up, stay in the up position for 10-20 seconds), and a 5 mile leisurely jog.

2) Dont be ashamed to have a tube of bengay/icy hot/etc cream. They have you doing the PLF for hours and hours and hours and it eventually starts to fucking hurt. Also, Listen to your fucking instructors. Instructor told us a story of a dumb ass LT who jumped with his rifle slung like he was in formation. Bang end dug into the ground, buttstock tucked under his arm and ripped his arm out of its socket.

Really, if you can handle passing a PT test with even mediocre scores, youll be fine.
>> No. 11898 ID: 2fddc5
Went to Airborne School back in '04

Physically it's... kinda demanding I guess. A lot of running. Lots of running. Become familiar with ways to mitigate and treat shin splints.
>> No. 11951 ID: 74b6fe
From what i hear it's easy as fuck high-speed

All you got to do is jump, gravity does the rest of the work
>> No. 11952 ID: 74b6fe
From what i hear it's easy as fuck high-speed

All you got to do is jump, gravity does the rest of the work
>> No. 11971 ID: 7d63bf
I went in 09

1: not really that demanding if you can run, besides PT in the morning you run everywhere, every time; and you run to the airfield for your jumps

2: Just go through the motions, the school isn't hard, and you'll get off at a reasonable time everyday and weekends. Jumping is extremely easy and your first five are a joke, only 10 people in the air at once. I wouldn't drink at the bar that is like 1 block away from the barracks, but that's just me
>> No. 12686 ID: 1304b9
Went back in '12. School isn't hard but just make sure you can pass an Army PFT.
>> No. 12693 ID: 1240df
went to airborne school in 2014.
over weight girls pass it, if you can run a 8 minute mile you'll do fine.
just don't freak out on the bird and its a 3 week vacation

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