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File 144273419084.jpg - (957.38KB , 3872x2592 , 1357344164151.jpg )
12228 No. 12228 ID: 53f71d
So next week I need to pick my final branches for the Army since it's my senior year.

I've narrowed it down to MI (which is probably out of my placement on the order of merit list), Armor, Infantry, and EOD officer (branch Ordnance with the potential to be pre-selected for EOD - but if not selected you're gonna be Ordnance)

Does anyone have any experience with these branches? Pros and cons? If I want to go and do a branch like CA or PSYOP (or is it MISO?) which of these branches would be most beneficial?

Thanks operators
>> No. 12229 ID: 2404e6
I dont think there is many of us with officer experience in the military.

Id say it depends on if you are making the military a career. If you want it to be a career I would suggest a combat arms (Armor or Infantry) or MI.
>> No. 12512 ID: 0dcdc8
I have been told that you never get your top pick, always your second choice and rarely your third.

That is the extent of my knowledge on this.
>> No. 12687 ID: 135da5
Try sucking your PMS's dick, that might help

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